Then poor old obstetrics neglected and shunned by the Hahnemannian ! “Obstetrics Made Easy” could be the slogan for the homoeopath who does that work. The correct remedy shortens labor in the aggregate by untold hours, does away almost entirely with anaesthetics and instruments and prevents all sorts of partum and post partum complication and annoyances.


Have had three other severe cases of meningitis where Hell. given, especially on the urinary symptoms, brought complete recovery. Another unconscious with hemiplegia, where Bell. 2M, was the curative remedy. And one more of a boy of twelve whose pain was in the upper occiput. Here, after failure of several remedies, Lyc., 6M, two doses, cured”.


The heat-regulating, or thermogenetic, centre maintains normal body temperature at 98.4F. It is located in the hypothalamus. Afferent nerves in the skin and mucous membranes carry sensations of temperature to the cerebrum. The vasomotor, cardiac and respiratory centres, as well as the metabolic centres and sweat centres in the cord, all receive impressions of temperature from the external nerves.


NITRIC ACID. In the female there is yellow, acrid, offensive leucorrhoea, that follows the menses; and ulcerations of the cervix having a watery, offensive, excoriating discharge. From these erosions and excrescences we may have persistent haemorrhage, or haemorrhage from the uterus.


THUJA. Asthma of sycotic children. Respiration short and quick, worse from deep inspiration and talking, relieved lying on affected side. Convulsive asthma. Cough in the morning excited by a choking sensation. Sputa green, tasting like old cheese. Spasms of lungs from drinking cold water.