I did sometimes find occasion for the internal use of Nitric acid. Now and then I had a case where Nitric acid seemed indicated, and I generally found the discharge let up with a snap.

It wounded my conscience because I wondered if it had a styptic action. I am not sure about that yet, whether the Nitric acid had styptic action on the mucous membrane. The author of this paper may have an answer to that, or an idea about it.

DR.BELLOKOSSY: The quickest cure of a wart in my practice was produced by Nitric acid. A girl had a wart on her lip. I gave her Nitric acid and the wart fell off on the third day.

DR.SHERWOOD: I want to cite just two cases several years apart, but very similar, where Nitric acid was the remedy. Both of these cases were elderly men with ulcers on their feet and ankles so pronounced that they couldnt put on their shoes or walk. They were in the house all the time and not at all ambulatory. They were typical Nitric acid ulcers with punched out appearance, and a history of suppressed syphilis. Nitric acid got both of them on their feet.

I would like to call Dr. Moores attention to the fact that he can get some more aphorisms out of the first part of that paper.

DR.BONNELL: Dr. Trevino said Nitric acid was better adapted to dark-haired people. I have found it works as beautifully in some of the light-haired people as in the dark, if you have the symptoms calling for it.

DR. GARCIA-TREVINO: I want to apologize to Dr.Farrington for not including Ignatia. The fact mentioned by him that there is a lot of pain after the stool that lasts for quite a while. That resembles Nitric acid. At the same time, that differentiates the nausea from Nux vomica, although both are very similar. Nux vomica, as mentioned in the paper, has a marked amelioration effect after the stool, while the Ignatia the pain lasts after the stool.

I dont think any homoeopathic dilution will have any styptic effect, for the alcohol, if used that way, on the mucous membranes, unless it is very low potency, and even there I dont know whether it would really have a styptic action.

All these characteristics have remedies. Nux vomica and Pulsatilla should be taken into consideration when the symptoms are there., It doesnt whether they are fair or dark-complexioned people. I think if they symptoms are there the remedy will act. We have seen that in regard to Pulsatilla patients and Nux vomica patients. I think that can very well be overlooked.

Eliud Garcia-Trevino