There are both constructive and destructive vibrations everywhere about us. When a glass or tumbler can be shattered by a musical tone of a vibratory pitch consonant with that of the glass, as has been repeatedly demonstrated, there is obviously a force present more potent than a mere placebo.


Medical education has become such a tremendous study that in the standard course of from two to three years premedical, and four years actual medical education, the student acquires only a good working knowledge of the fundamentals of medicine and surgery. Upon graduation he is supposed to take from one to three years hospital training, or to enter upon research and postgraduate work with the ultimate aim of perhaps specializing in some particular branch f medical art.


Unrefreshing sleep is generally an indication of an increasing toxemia and plenty of “good nourishing food” is often the cause of the trouble. Many cases will clear up after dietary correction and an increased amount of outdoor activity. Remove the obstacles to recovery and then prescribe the indicated remedy. The idea of letting the remedy do it all is unscientific and in the long run disappointing.


Every time that a physician has a patient before him, whether in the consulting office or at the bedside, there are two problems he must solve, two different studies he has to undertake: to make a diagnosis and to select a remedy. And I say a remedy, diagnosis and to select a remedy. And I say a remedy, meaning internal medication, because it is the duty of the practitioner, in my opinion, to begin his treatment with a remedy even if his case falls within the field of a surgical procedure or any other physical aid.


In the study and practice of homoeopathy we must follow the path of rumination. We read over a remedy; we take it in. Then we must meditate upon it and view it with its generals, its particulars, its relationships, and its sphere of action. But this knowledge is of no use in curing the sick unless it is applied in accordance with the eternal law of cure. this old world has many needs. It moaneth and it groaneth, and little is brought forth.


If there ever was a drug which one might consider suitable for demonstrating the truth of the fundamental laws of homoeopathy, then surely Arsenicum album is that drug. It is known to the medical world for its uses and misuses, to the criminologist for its illegal uses in murder, than which there is no more popular poison, and to the laity for the publicity which crime has given it.


To a slight extent there is a similarity of action between the two remedies. Both act through the cerebrospinal nervous system. Stannum reaches the digestive, sexual and respiratory organs, while Staphisagria reaches the whole gastrointestinal tract, the genitourinary organs, and the skin.


The remedies which follow have all been tried and found to be successful in obstetrical practice, and if the prescriptions are always homoeopathic-that is, according to a therapy strictly orthodox which should be followed by all Hahnemannians-we shall always have intimate satisfaction and shall feel proud to be faithful to the doctrine left us by the genial Samuel Friedrich Christian Hahnemann.


Will you kindly give your readers this postscript to my letter in the November Recorder? Referring to Case V: Having made such a good report there of Vipera torva I was shocked four weeks after the prescription to find that the remedy did not cold.


The onslaught of the elements, imposing the heavy tribute of the law of adaptation, made it impossible for the first beings to continue their line. But one day the once initiated chain continued uninterrupted reaching to out very time, exhibiting man as the product of perfection. But what of the untold sufferings that were necessary to maintain this uninterrupted chain of beings!.