Thus we note how little is known in medicine today; how medicine is pursued along wrong lines, and that by supposedly learned doctors; how the above outline reconciles and co-ordinates disease, its nature, cause and cure, and makes Hahnemanns homoeopathy the only truly scientific system of medical healing.

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Disease: Its Nature, Cause and Cure


One is rather amazed when one reads of listens to the discussions, the dissertations and theories propounded by the supposedly most highly learned of the medical profession in their futile attempts as solving the mysteries of subjects about which they are so badly uninformed, always arriving at their destination-the starting point. After over 2600 years of that effort modern medicine has really made no progress except in a circle, with each move changing dress but not method. The latter is rigidly retained.

It is the purpose of this article to bring in the matter of disease in its true light in a manner to reconcile and co- ordinate the nature of disease with the nature of the remedy as they fit into the Law of Cure; and to show positively why Hahnemanns homoeopathy is the only logical, truly scientific method and system of medical healing to the final eradication of disease; the reason for the natural demand that the agents be attenuated, the true reason for the single dose and the rigidly careful selection of the remedy.

On August 15, 1919, I wrote in a book I was publishing: “All forms of substances are but gas in various stages of density.” I was dubbed a fool by the wise ones in the books review. Note these from Science News:

Science finds, by the aid of the spectroscope, everything in the universe is composed of the same material; water exists as gas, fluid and solid, depending on temperature and pressure; every particle of our earth, from chalk to diamonds, was once only gas; our earth was once only a gaseous mass.

All this during the last four years of progress.

The entire universe is composed of but two elements: gas, which is its attractive form of condensation forms material as we understand it; and universal polarized vital energy, the activating force of attraction and motion. These two basic elements are combined into cell form, and these cells differentiated in classes, each group always retaining its own characteristics These cells can neither be destroyed, divided nor lost. They can only be modified. Their different combinations from the different materials, which our senses and are able to grasp.

The air (ether) is the great reservoir in which all cells are stored and preserved. When new forms are to be constructed it is from that reservoir the required cells are drawn. Likewise, when the object for which these cells were withdrawn has served its purpose and fulfilled its mission and the cells forming that object have been dispersed and freed, it is to that reservoir they are returned, there to wait Natures call to withdraw them again to ether into other combinations.

Now we learn that before we can comprehend the human and his ills we must understand the composition and construction of the universe, the basic factors that enter into it. Since man is an integral part of that universe it is but natural that the composition of the human body shall contain exactly, and only, those two basic elements, and be affected by the very same causes that affect that universe. Now that we have learned the composition and construction of the human body, let us turn to the form of that construction.

Just what is the human body, and what is the form of its construction ? We have had various versions and diversions on that question, but nothing either logical or definite. The human body may be likened to a huge cable, filled with invisible “threads” ramifying from a central organization, the seat of vitality, to the most remote parts of the anatomy. These “threads” are composed of ultra-microscopic, nucleal, vital cells which form lines of communications with those remote parts and the central organization. When all those “threads” are properly united and working in harmony a perfect state of health maintains. The body serves at once as the jail, the home, the home, the convenience and the protection of that living soul.

Understanding the composition and the construction of the body, it gives us a better opportunity to understand disease, its nature, cause and cure. When all the lines of communication are in perfect order there can be no such thing as disease and that is our natural immunity to disease. It puts us in a position at all times to adjust our internal relation to the external relations, as well as to superintend the removal of all superfluous accumulated foreign material to any given part. that other wise would cause a state of uneasiness, ultimately resulting in tumors, cancers, abscesses, eruptions, bone diseases, morphology, etc., all dependent on the power of the attraction of the cells concerned.

Understanding the nature of disease, its cause should be in keeping with disease itself, and once understood we will see the reason. There can be, from the very nature of disease, but one basic cause, according to the composition and structure of the body. That single cause is shock. There are innumerable exciting causes that may produce shock, but if they fail to produce shock, they fail completely. Whether this exciting cause be chemical, mechanical, mental or physical matters little, they most produce shock or no disease will follow.

The question arises: Just what does this shock do to create such an upheaval in the body? It disturbs or cuts the lines of communication in the body, the character and severity of the disease ensuing depending entirely on the “thread” or lines affected and the importance of the office that particular “thread” has to serve; the more important the office the more serious the disease. Just what takes place from this shock? Usually a cell in a given “thread” is either disconnected or lost. Before the resultant disease can possibly be eradicated that particular missing cell must positively be replaced by one wholly similar. That is mandatory (thus the Law of Similars) !

What constitutes the radical cure of disease? Just one, and only one thing-the replacement of the missing cell by one absolutely similar, not most, similar, but an exact counterpart. How shall we find and know that exact counterpart? Every therapeutic agent carries with it an exact counterpart of cells corresponding to some “thread” cells, and when either poisoned by a drug, or when that drug is given as a proving, it will only affect that “thread” whose cells are similar to those composing the drug.

Each “thread” when affected gives off its own individual pathogenesis, thus furnishing an accurate guide to the selection of the accurately similar remedy. This gives us two ideas: first, the necessity for accuracy; second, the vast number of remedies required to practice strict homoeopathy; and shows us how derelict we are in failing to prove thoroughly more and more therapeutic agents.

Should all therapeutic agents be attenuated, if a radical cure is our goal? The answer is emphatically yes. Why? You have learned the composition and construction of the human body as well as the character of the cells concerned which must be replaced when lost to the part. Then why try to stop a pin leak with a telephone pole? Whenever one is compelled to use a physiological dose of a crude drug no cure can possibly be expected, since disease is never eradicated in that way.

In just what way dose attenuation affect the remedy ? It affects the agent in one way only: to separate the closely united cells, It affects their cell contained power in no way; it makes the cells more readily available, and apparently therefore more powerful. The moment the cell is replaced the power is turned on, the debility gives way immediately to strength, and the system at once begins to clear away the obstructing debris. The central organizations acts at once.

How often should the remedy be repeated ? According to the composition and construction of the body the single dose is entirely sufficient. It requires but one perfect plug to stop a leak; all the repeating will do no good if the plug dose not fit. If the plug fits perfectly why try to push in more? If you are sure you have the right remedy, wait for a complete reaction cycle before repeating.

Thus we note how little is known in medicine today; how medicine is pursued along wrong lines, and that by supposedly learned doctors; how the above outline reconciles and co-ordinates disease, its nature, cause and cure, and makes Hahnemanns homoeopathy the only truly scientific system of medical healing.

N C Bose