[Read before I.H.A., Bureau of Materia Medica, June, 1944].


[Read before I.H.A., Bureau of Materia Medica, June, 1944].



It seems an act of impertinence to prove a drug which has already been proven by Hahnemann. As a matter of fact, however, every reproving should be of value, as it is a process of precisioning and delimiting. On one side is the Law of Similars. This is like charity. It never faileth. By a reproving we are attempting to get out the symptomatic indications in the same category. Here are my findings in the 30th potency.


1. Felt a good bit stronger. 2. The prover becomes very discouraged, “blue” and tearful. 3. Tired. 4. Tired. 5. Tired on ascending steps. 6. Nervous biting of the lips (?). 7. Nervousness which is worse at night. 8. Asthenia worse in the morning. 9. Prover notes the clear thinking. 10. At first it caused general weakness. On pushing remedy becomes stronger. 11. Tired in the evening and she looks tired. 12. Tired all day. 13. More perception is noticed on playing bridge at night. 14. When she sits still she imagines that her feet are moving. 15. So sleepy could not get awake in the morning. 16. Very weak on walking; out of breath on walking. 17. Asthenia. 18. Asthenia worse in the morning. 19. On walking up and down the steps, weak spells. She felt smothery and all gone.

20. Very exhausted in the evening after a trip to the city. 21. Very drowsy all day, not relieved by a nap. 22. Awakened feeling very weak, the pulse is 80 and it is very weak. 23. The prover felt dizzy on walking. It lasted ten minutes. It was about 5 p.m. 24. The prover wanted to cry. 25. Weakness at 9 p.m. 26. Awoke at 6:30 a.m., was giddy and real tired. Amelioration from coffee drinking. 26. Tired. 27. The weakness after breakfast improved. 28. Tired on walking. 29. Tired during the evening. 30. Dizzy when she lay down at night. 31. Felt rather weak with a slight dizziness. Felt as if trembly. 32. The proving developed a bit of temper.

Ordinarily she can control it. 33. Felt very tired constantly for two days. Felt heavy all over and weak with it. Was worse late in the afternoon. Rest did not seem to help the weakness. There was a sense of chilliness all over when she was weak. 34. So tired could not go to sleep at night. Tired in the morning and felt like sleeping then. Pulse at this time 84, and temperature 97.1. 35. A prover begins to feel stronger and the heart is less rapid. 36. Shaky all over when she first arose. 37. The head is not quite clear. 38. Dizzy on arising in the morning. 39. Prover feels as a whole a lot stronger.

It produces a subnormal temperature, however, with a normal pulse. 40. At 6:30 p.m. felt like fainting. 41. Very very tired after doing some work. After 3 p.m. felt better, which condition continued. 42. Weak all over. 43. Proving ran the pulse to 85 and dropped the temperature to 97.6. 44. Weak all over. 45. A very nervous trembling all over. 46. Dizziness in the middle of the day. 47. Very tired. 48. At 8 a.m. she arose and was dizzy. It lasted ten minutes. It was better by lying down. 49. Less tired. 50. Vertigo in the evening. 52. Feels stronger. 53. Stronger. 54. Felt nervous from a thrilling movie which kept her awake. 55. The dampness seems to make her worse.


1. A vertical headache is produced. Constant all day. 2. A nervous biting of the lips (?). 3. Frontal headache. 4. A steady frontal headache all day long. 5. Dull frontal headache in the morning. 6. Lips feel sore on the corner. 7. The lips are cracked and feverish. 8. Sharp headache through eyes (and in back?) and in the forehead. 9. The lips are cracked and feverish. 10. Small fever blister on upper lip (?). 11. The headache is dull, constant, and generalized. The next day, the same headache, more severe in the late afternoon. 12. The headache is relieved in the back of the neck by massage; grating sound pronounced in back of neck and than relief. The frontal headache continued. 13. A jerking and trembling of the neck continues.

14. Awoke with a headache, which was short-lived. It was dull and frontal. 15. Two fever blisters on lip. 16. Fullness in head. 17. More pallor for two or three days. 18. Slight flushing of face and a little warmth of the face. 19. Flushing in the face lasted one half a day. A feeling of weight on top of the head with it. Two days later, flushed face after the evening meal. It lasted for two or three hours. A puffing around the eyes noted with this. 20. Quite pale in the face. 21. A very bad head cold, very loose. 22. Frontal headache is dull and constant. 23. A little flushing of the face. 25. Fever blisters on her lip and at the end of the nose.

26. The skin is red and sore under the nose. 27. The head felt full. 28. The head is not quite clear. 29. Helped the feeling of big head. 30. Frontal dull headache, better from coffee. Worse after sleep in the morning (?). 31. A sudden severe and constant headache. 32. Headache but not so severe. 33. Dull headache all day. 34. Headache all day. Dull headache. 35. Headache dull and generalized. 36. Neck muscle very painful, with sharp stabbing pain at the base of the skull. 37. Headache and neck pain severe.

38. The face on the right side is sore to the touch. It is an aching. 39. Headache dull and generalized continues. It is like a cutting knife in the back on the least movement. Each day it becomes worse in the evening. 40. Dull continued pain up the back of the head, right side of face, across the forehead, and through the eyes. 41. A sleepy headache but did not rest well until Friday night. 42. A big fever blister develops on the right corner of the mouth.


A prover sat in a draft. It started up sinus trouble and the right ear ached, caused by an infected tooth, so she had very little sleep. 2. The left ear feels full, and it is sore to the touch, it is like a boil. 3. Some pulsation in left ear, especially when holding the head down. 4. Fullness in head and throbbing in ears. 5. The left ear feels stuffy. 6. Ringing like a bell tolling in left ear. It lasted all night. 7. A beating in the ear, worse stooping, worse in evening. 8. Earache on the right side. When pain went into ear, it was sharp. Sometimes it is only a few minutes, sometimes a good deal longer.


1. The eyes watered freely all day. 2. Sharp headache through eyes. 3. Vision is not good. Blurring in both eyes all of the week. 4. Puffing around eyes is noted with a flushed face. 5. The vision is much clearer by the proving. 6. The eyeballs ached last night in a dull way. 7. Vision becomes unusually poor, and worse from every headache. 8. Black spots before the left eye. 9. Dull continued pain through eyes. 10. Vision is only fair. Not as clear as it should be.


1. Had a great deal of mucous discharge from the nose. 2. Bleeding from the left nostril at 11:30 a.m. 3. Fever blisters in the nostrils. Soreness with it. 4. A very bad head cold, very loose. 5. Rhinorrhoea like water, worse in daytime. 6. Frequent sneezing, worse during the day. 7. “Fever blister” develops at the end of the nose. 8. The nose is running just like water. 9. The skin is sore and red under the nose. 10. Stuffy in nose. Then a sneezing started at 4 p.m. 11. The nose runs like water, worse in a hot room. 12. Constant running from nose, but it is getting thicker now and yellow. 13. Constant running of nose like water. 14. Cartilage of the nose is very sore to the touch. 15. In morning, sneezed about six times.


1. A nervous biting of the lips (?). 2. The lips feel sore on the corner. 3. The lips are cracked and feverish. 4. Mouth is dry in the morning with thirst. 5. Does not have to strain to raise mucus when he coughs. 6. The mouth dry with thirst. 7. The proving helped his voice to become stronger. 8. The throat very low down, on the left side mostly, feels very rough. 9. Felt as if a tight band were around the throat. 10. A burning sensation on the tongue with the throat condition. 11. The lips are cracked and feverish. 12. Small fever blister on upper lip (?). 13. Thirst. 14. Thirst develops with a very dry mouth. 15. Two fever blisters on lips and one under tongue. Painful on eating. 16. Dryness of mouth with thirst, worse at night. 17. Tickling in throat.

18. Sore throat on left side and throat was red. It lasted a couple of days. 19. A fever blister on her lip. 20. More thirsty than usual in evenings. 21. White expectoration and not very thick. 22. Awake at night with a dry mouth. 23. The throat is sore on the left side. It hurt to swallow. 24. Tickling in the throat. 25. The expectoration was at first white, then yellow. 26. The throat is sore on the left side and it hurt to swallow. 27. Tickling in throat. 28. Expectoration is first white, then yellow. 29. The throat burned as if on fire. 30. Tickling in the throat. 31. Spitting up heavy mucus, worse at night on lying down. 32. Dry in throat, worse lying in bed. 33. An aggravation from talking (the cough and the tickling). 34. The proving affects the womans left tonsil. 35. The mouth is uncomfortably dry today. It even feels hot. 36. White mucus is raised in throat in morning. It is thin.


1. Shooting pains all over the chest in the afternoon. 2. When she breathed, catching pain in the left chest. Cannot breathe well. 3. An aggravation from coughing. 4. Unable to lie on the left side, on account of the pain. 5. Dry tickling cough. 6. If ascending the stairs, two or three times, out of breath and pain in the midsternal area. The pain is dull and steady and better by pressure. 7. Cardiac palpitation after ascents. 8. It is difficult to take a full breath. 9. Out of breath on walking. 10. Worse on ascents as regards cardiac palpitation and breathlessness. 11. On walking up and down the steps felt smothery and all gone. 12. Through the center of the chest sore on breathing. 13. Palpitation noticed several times but not heavy.

14. Palpitation heavy but not rapid. 15. Sudden development of hiccups. 16. The heart seems to throb a lot. 17. Heart developed a slow beat when lying on the left side. 18. The heart beats rapidly on fast walking. 19. Off and on, for three days, the heart beat rapidly. Would feel it in bed at night. 20. Deep sighing noted by an old woman. This is a persistent symptom. 21. Pressure around the heart. 22. More palpitation of the heart than usual, worse in the afternoon. 23. Pressure around the heart. 24. The heart felt very sore in afternoon and that continued throughout a day. 25. The heart beat very weakly. 26. A sense of oppression in the central sternal area. It was worse from a long breath (the oppression). 27. A dry racking cough. Not productive. Coughs at night but did not keep awake long. 28. Heart is less rapid and feeling stronger.

29. Cough dry and worse at night. 30. White expectoration and not very thick. 31. Helped tickling cough. 32. Helped night cough. This was dry. 33. Cough dry. 34. Pain or soreness in the left chest over the heart area. It is dull and intermittent. 35. The cough makes her nervous. 36. Heavy in lower and central anterior chest. 37. Coughed all night. It was loose. 38. Worse from talking as regards the tickling and the cough. 39. More often short of breath. 40. Pain in left chest after walking upstairs with packages. 41. Shortness of breath, worse on walking. 42. Short of breath and pain when walking rapidly. 43. She is awakened with heart beating heavily in the morning. 44. Constant severe pain in left side of chest and through the breast when walking down grade. 45. Left chest around heart felt congested and white mucus came up. 46. Pain inside of left chest, better by rubbing with a liniment.


1. Changed stool from a dark color to an olive green. 2. Created an appetite and an occasional hungry feeling. 3. Stopped a natural hunger all the time for food. 4. Vomits potatoes and bread only. 5. Caused hunger for all meals. 6. Sharp pains came and went in the abdomen. It causes the bowels to be open four times in the day. The motion ameliorates the pain. The stool is normal, however. 7. Appendix pain was very sharp for a while. 8. Acted much better after patient moved his bowels. 9. Severe, sharp constant pain in right upper abdomen. 10. Gas. 11. Unusually hungry for evening meal and for breakfast. 12. Gas formed in abdomen and then suddenly developed hiccups. 13. Awful gas. It would come up when she talked.

14. Had stool at 4 a.m. and then again at 8 a.m. It was mushy. 15. Nausea about 11:30. It lasted fifteen minutes. 16. Slight nausea in afternoon. 17. Worse after evening meal (flushing of face). 18. A little costive with the cold. No desire for food when she had the cold. 19. Gas on her stomach and she had nausea after 2 p.m. It occurred two days in succession at the same time. 20. The bowels are tighter. A firm stool now, it was mushy before. 21. Bowels are more active; twice a day instead of one. The stool is softer and more yellow and less offensive.

22. Not quite as much gas. 23. Soreness in the ovaries. 24. Nauseated and it would come and go. 25. Pain in left side of the abdomen. 26. Slight constant nausea. 27. Sharp constant pain in abdomen intermits in daytime. 28. Gas; more severe passing it. 29. Slight nausea. 30. Pain and gas. 31. Pain and gas.


1. Can hardly stand on feet because of sharp pains in renal regions. 2. Shivering cold in the back. It comes on after break- fast, better in the warm sun out of doors. 3. From 2 a.m. until arising, pain over the back of the neck (a dull aching but sharp at times). 4. A tired feeling across the back. 5. Backache, some- times sharp, sometimes dull (?). 6. The backache is worse on stooping. 7. A peculiar feeling as if the kidneys were being tapped (touched). 8. Backache and kidney ache, better from pressure. 9. The backache is so bad she could not sleep. Feels as if weighted down with lead. 10. Chilliness all over the body in afternoon. Felt better covered up. It lasted nearly all afternoon. Chilliness was worse in body. 11. The pains are nocturnal. Better getting up, worse lying down. The pains are sometimes sharp, sometimes dull.

12. Constant sharp pain in lower back under the ribs. 13. Grating sound pronounced in back of neck. 14. Jerking and trembling of the neck (?). 15. More pallor for two or three days. 16. Felt heavy all over. A sense of chilliness all over when she was weak. 17. Rather severe itching down both sides of the neck to the point of the shoulder. No eruption. 18. Morning tire and pulse is 84 and temperature is 97.1. 19. Severe generalized aching as if she was beaten. It was intermittent and started in the evening (?). 20. Chilliness and hot spells follow. All over the body at 10 p.m. Craved the warmth. 21. Shaky when she first arose. All over. 22. Around noon the pulse is 102 and the temperature around 98.2. 23. Pulse is 94 sitting, with a normal temperature. 24. Chilly all over the body. It came and went all day. 25. Sore in spots all over the body.

26. Produced a subnormal temperature with a normal pulse. 27. Sharp throbbing pains in same spot in mid-spinal area for a few seconds upon awakening. 28. Sharp pain in back of neck, grating sound when turning head (?). 29. Skin is itching, worse in the back and shoulders. 30. Very nervous trembling all over. 31. Throbbing pain for a short time in the spine. 32. Pain in the neck muscles on right side, very stabbing and worse after walking. 33. Spine is very stiff in early morning. Difficult in bending.

34. Whole back very painful, worse in lower part. 35. Neck muscles very painful, with sharp stabbing pain at the base of the skull. 36. Very sharp pain in spine when bending. 37. Neck pain is severe. Jerking of the neck. 38. It is like a cutting knife in the back on the least movement. Each day it becomes worse in the evening. 39. Severe stabbing pain in the neck at the base of the skull on the right side of the center. Worse upon walking or moving the head. 40. Muscles are stiff and nuchal muscles hard on touch. 41. Feverish in the evening.


1. Shooting pains all over the chest in afternoon. The pains went into the left arm at the same time. 2. The left hand almost constantly shakes. Before, once in a while. 3. The right hand is cured of shaking. Can hold things better with it. 4. In the right hand, the middle finger is quite stiff at night. 5. The hands ached dully in the fingers. 6. The prover felt as if trembly. It was worse in the arms. 7. Some numbness in the left arm. 8. Worse after sleep in the morning (the right hand was quite numb). It went after one hours duration. 9. Tossing in bed at night, the covers disarranged. This is not usual. 10. The hands are cool. 11. Numbness in arms and hands but not severe. 12. Left shoulder is very painful. It is a constant ache. 13. Right arm ached dully and constantly. 14. A bruised mark develops upon left arm.


1. Can hardly stand on his feet because of sharp pains in renal regions. 2. When she sits still, she imagines that her feet are moving. 3. Both legs ache all over. It comes and goes. It is darting and sharp and short lived. The left leg is the worse. 4. It pained all night below the right knee joint in front. It was sharp and intermittent. 5. The left ankle gets stiff. 6. The feet become very cold for three hours. Then they warmed up. 7. The left leg pained up to the hip, worse in the evening. It was a dull constant severe aching. 8. The left ankle was swollen but the right one was worse. 9. On walking, very weak; out of breath too. 10. Worse on ascents (as regards cardiac palpitation and breathlessness, also asthenia). 11. On walking up and down the steps, weak spells. She felt smothery and all gone. 12. Pain sharp and stabbing in right ankle. It came suddenly and caused limping.

13. A sharp constant pain in the left ankle. 14. The feet were cold and the pains went up and down both legs. The pains were sharp and intermittent. 15. Pain in left leg on right side below the hip as if it were crushed, sharp, only present on lying down and better by walking. 16. On walking, the left knee suddenly gave way. 17. The feet hurt dully. 18. Sudden severe pain in the right ankle. 19. Left leg aching from the hip down. 20. A numbness in both feet and legs. 21. Her legs are stronger. 22. Numbness in feet but not severe. 23. Right leg ached dully and constantly. 24. A pain, sharp and occasional in the right knee, but less stiffness than before. 25. The ankles swell just a little in the evening.


1. Made urine lighter in color. 2. It stopped nocturia of twice a night. 3. Had to get up once to urinate. 4. Passed urine more frequently during the day. 5. Helped the nocturia appreciably. 6. Effected a reddish tint to urine from a hydrant color. 7. Passed urine frequently, five times in afternoon. Small amounts. 8. Four times as much urine avoided as the week before. 9. Passed much less urine. Urine quite a little darker. 10. Frequent urination in daytime. 11. The last three nights had to arise twice (rare). The urine is very free in daytime and lemon colored. It is painless. On the whole voided twice as much as usual. 13. The kidneys are more active than usual only during the day. Went oftener. The amount was unchanged. 14. The kidneys are more active whilst awake. 15. The proving dropped the nocturia from thrice to once. 16. Prover arose once at night, at 4 a.m., to void urine.


1. Awakens around 3 oclock. No sleep after that. 2. Sleeplessness. 4. She could not sleep until 1:30 a.m. She was tense in the morning. 5. So sleepy she could not get awake in the morning. 6. Did not sleep well. The dreaming is muddled: about pretty flowers; pleasant dreaming. 7. Very drowsy all day not ameliorated by a nap. 8. Worse after sleep, awoke with a headache which was short lived. It was dull and frontal. 10. Did not sleep soundly. 11. Worse after sleep in the morning, the right hand being quite numb. Went after one hour. 12. Tossing in bed at night. Covers are disarranged. This is not usual.

13. So tired could not go to sleep at night. Tired in the morning and felt like sleeping then. Pulse was 84 and temperature was 97.1. 14. A dream of being choked. The prover awakened with a dry mouth and howled for help. 15. She could not sleep. 16. Worse after sleep in the morning, a frontal dull headache, bettered by coffee. 16. Slow in going to sleep. 17. Worse after sleep. She is awakened by heart beating heavily in the morning. 18. Worse after sleep. She arose at 8 a.m. and was dizzy. It lasted for ten minutes. It was aided by lying down. 19. Did not sleep well at night. 20. Did not sleep soundly. 21. Awakened at night at 1 and 5 and 6:30. 22. Slept better. 23. Felt nervous from a thrilling movie which kept her awake. 24. Slept better.


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