Nothing very original about the paper. It is simply a compilation of as many ailments from as I can find, not only to name the remedies but also to show philosophical emphasis. How could I write a paper for the Bureau of Philosophy where it contains so much materia medica? But it seemed to me as I went on with it that I learned something.

We list various Ailments from and mention some prominent remedies by way of suggestion and comparison. The distinction is emphasized between ailments from and aggravation by. A simple example of aggravation might be asthma worse in damp weather, whereas ailments from dampness might result from direct exposure to the same. This does not preclude a modality of aggravation as well. Ailments from are not classed as modalities. Finally simple philosophical relations are pointed out to direct the subject of the paper from the materia medica aspect to realm of case taking, hence germane to this Bureau of Philosophy.

Ailments after anger, vexation, etc.: Acon., Bry., Cham., Cocc., Coloc., Ign., Ip., Nux v., Op., Plat., Staph.

with anxiety: Acon., Ars., Ign., Nux v.

with fright: Acon., Ign.

with indignation: Coloc., Staph.

with silent grief: Ign., Lyc. Staph.

Ailments from emotional excitement: Caps., Coff., Coll., Gels.,, Puls., Staph.

Ailments from fright: Acon., Ign., Lyc., Nat.mur., Op.,, Phos., Puls., Sil., Verat.a.

Ailments from grief: Aur., Caust., Cocc., Ign., Lach., Nat.mur.,, Staph.

Ailments from indignation, bad effects following: Coloc., Staph.

Ailments from excessive joy: Acon., Coff., Op., Puls.

Ailments from disappointed love: Aur., Hyos., Ign., Nat.mur.,

Ailments after mortification: Coloc., Ign., Lyc., Nat.mur., Pall.,, Staph.

Ailments from abuse of iron: Ars., Puls., Sulph., Zinc.

Ailments from drugging: Nux v., Sulph.

Ailments from excessive loss of fluids: Calc.c., Calc.p., Caust., Carbo v., China, Chin.s., Graph.,, Puls., Sel., Sep., Staph.

Ailments from exposure to cold dry air: Acon., Bell., Bry., Caust., Hep.s., Nux v.

Ailments from damp ground: Calc.c., Rhus t.

Ailments from haircut: Bell., Hep.s.

Ailments from exercising in sun: Ant.c.

Ailments from sun: Ant.c. Glon., Nat.c., Nat.m., Puls.

Ailments from getting wet in storm: Calc.c., Caust., Puls., Rhus t., Sep.

Ailments from getting we feet: Puls., Sil.

Ailments from getting wet head: Bell.

Ailments from getting wet during perspiration: Acon., Colch., Dulc., Nux m., Rhus t., Sep.

Ailments from working in cold water: Calc.c.

Ailments from recent or remote effects of injuries: Arn., Ign.,

Ailments from blows, falls, bruises: Arn., Con., Hep.s., Hyper., Puls., Rhus t.,

Ailments from injuries of bones: Ruta.

of glands: Con.

of nerves: Hyper.

of periosteum: Ruta.

of soft parts: Arn., Con.

of tendons: Anac.

of the head: Arn., Nat.s.

of eye: Arn., Euphr., Led., Staph., Symph.

of spine: Hyper., Nat.s.

of shoulder: Ferr.m., Rhus t.

of wrist: Arn., Calc.c., Rhus t., Ruta, Spong.

of the hand: Arn., Calend., Hyper.

of fingers, painful amputation stumps: Phos., Staph.

of nails: Hyper., Led., Sil.

of thumb from cat bite: Lach., Led.

of hips: Con., Rhus t., Sil., Tarent.

of ankle: Arn., Calc.c., Rhus t., Ruta. Stront.

shocks from injuries: Acon., Arn., Camph., Hyper., Lach., Op., Verat.

Ailments from intoxication: Nux. v., Op.

Ailments from abuse of mercury: Aur., Carbo v., Hep.s., Kali i., Lach., Nat.s.,, Phyt., Staph., Sulph.

Ailments from excessive muscular exertion: Ars.

Ailments from overheating in the sun: Ant.c., Gels., Glon., Lach., Nat.c., Nat.m., Puls., Stram.

Ailments fro perspiring, i.e., complaints from: Bell., Bry., Calc. c., Cham., China, Colch., Dulc., Psor., Rhus t., Sep., Sil., Stram., Sulph.

Ailments from suppressed perspiration of feet: Bar.c., Sep., Sil., Zinc.

Ailments from bad effects of quinine: Arn., Ars., Calc.c., Carbo v. Ferr., Ip., Nat.m., Puls.

Ailments from rich foods, etc.: Puls.

dietetic errors: Bry.

Ailments from loss of sleep, night watchings, overwork: Cocc., Cupr.m., Ign.,

Ailments from stings: Led., Urt.u.

Ailments from suppressions: of disease: antipsoric, antisycotic or antisyphilitic drugs.

of ear discharges: Aur., Carbo v., Graph., Hep.s., Merc., Puls.

of nose discharge: Bry., Calc.c., Merc., Puls.

of exanthemata: Apis, Ars., Bry., Puls., Zinc.

Ailments from suppressions of foot sweat: Bar.c., Graph., Psor., San., Sep., Sil., Zinc.

of gonorrhoea: Calc.c., Clem., Med.,, Puls., Sars., Staph., Thuja.

of menses from anger: Coloc.

from bathing: Aeth., Ant.c.

from chagrin: Chin., Coloc., Staph.

from chill: Bell., Puls., Sep., Sulph.

from cold: Cimic., Cocc., Con., Dulc., Puls., Sep.

from cold wind: Acon., Bell.

from hands in water: Con.

from dampness: Dulc., Rhus t.

from emotion: Cimic.

from exertion: Cycl., Nux m.

from fright: Acon., Kali c., Lyc., Op.

from grief: Ign.

from overheating: Bry., Cycl.

from disappointed love: Hell., Ign., Nat.m., Phos.

from thunderstorm: Nat.c.

from working in water: Calc.c.

from being wet: Acon., Calc.c. Hell., Nat. m., Puls., Rhus t.

of lochia: Bry., Dulc., Puls., Pyrog., Sulph.

of sexual passion: Camph., Con., Lyss., Puls.

of skin eruptions: Ars., Caust., Graph., Psor., Sulph.

Ailments from vaccination: Apis, Ars., Echi., Hep.s., Kali chl., Malan., Sil., Sulph., Thuja.

Ailments from weakening of vital forces: Carbo v.

Ailments from wet weather: Dulc., Nat.s., Nux m., Rhus t.

Ailments from sexual excesses: Agar., Calc., Con., Kali p., Lyc., Nat.m., Nat.p., Nux v.,, Phos., Sel., Sep., Sil., Staph., Sulph.

Ailments from wounds: Arn., Led., Staph.

bites of poisonous animals: Apis, Ars., Lach., Led.

Freely bleeding: Lach., Phos.

Constitutional effects: Arn., Carbo c., Lach., Led., Phos., Staph.

crushed finger ends: Hyper., Led.

cuts: Arn., Staph.,

dissecting: Anthr., Apis, Ars., Lach., Led., Pyrog.

slow healing: Hep., Lach.,, Petr., Sil., Sulph.

painful: Apis, Hyper., Led., Staph.

penetrating: Apis, Hyper., Led.,

splinters: Cic., Hyper., Sil.

stabs: Apis, Staph.

These listing of Ailments from with abridged consideration of remedies suggest the following philosophical emphasis:.

1. The great majority affect the patient as a whole rather than his parts.

2. Eight rubrics are classified under Mind, i.e., Mental Generals.

4. These are not keynote symptoms for short cuts in prescribing, but are arresting pointers when taking the case on the totality of the symptoms.

5. Many Ailments from profoundly affect the vital force in disease, but are subject to symptoms evaluation in any given case. BOSTON, MASS.


DR. WAFFENSMITH: I enjoy very much the way this paper is gotten up, and I would suggest that it be put in pamphlet form, the same as Gibson and some others, so we can keep it handy in our desks. It is mighty valuable to reach for when you are endeavoring to make a rapid prescription.

DR. DIXON: I think “Ailments from grief, joy, disappointed love,” is especially apropos at this time. I mean the conditions that our country is in, with out mother and fathers and husbands and wives of the Armed Forces. I know I am not exceptional but I have had a lot of cases just where those mentals seem to control the whole situation since this war is on. Stressing that one point will help you in some of your melancholy and depressed cases.

Dr. SPALDING: Nothing very original about the paper. It is simply a compilation of as many ailments from as I can find, not only to name the remedies but also to show philosophical emphasis. How could I write a paper for the Bureau of Philosophy where it contains so much materia medica? But it seemed to me as I went on with it that I learned something.

DR. HUBBARD: The only one I could think of in “Ailments From,” was sitting on a cold stone, which wasnt there so evidently he doesnt haunt grave-yards. [ Nux vom. Ed.].

Ray W. Spalding