From N.H.Z., translated by S.W.S.



Aurum muriaticum 4x.:…

From N.H.Z., translated by S.W.S.

Aurum muriaticum 4x.: Has prominently congestions to head and chest; high blood pressure with headache and insomnia. Frequently severe palpitation not synchronous with pulse. For the aged. Patient is said and has suicidal inclinations.

Plumbum iodatum 4x. to 6x. : Is indicated in the wiry pulse (40 to 50 very hard b eats) which patient of ten feels in the fingers. Much headache and vertigo. It is the main remedy in accompanying chronic nephritis (contracted kidney). Cramps in extremities with jerking. Tabetic conditions.

Strontium iodatum 4x. : Threatening apoplexy with hot, red face. Head congestion and occipital pain with desire for warm covering. Formication. Aortic aneurism.

Arsenicum iodatum 4x. to 6x.: When lung or kidney pathology is also present with asthmatic symptoms, dry cough and angina pectoris; heart insufficiency and oedema.

Secale cornutum 4x. to 6x.: Is the chief remedy when patient also suffers from neuralgic pains in extremities and when fingers are at times pale and cold with numbness and pain (Raynauds gangrene).