The action of this element is known through the proving of Kali bichromicum, which has a special affinity for fat, light-haired people. The great sphere of its action is on the mucous membranes, from which are discharged tough, stringy mucus which adheres to the parts and can be drawn into long strings. The complaints tend to appear in hot weather.


Now then, there was another symptom which was so peculiar and striking, if not characteristic, that whenever present it would certainly demand the remedy whether the patient had the symptoms or not and I know by later even that she did not. But I thought that she ought to have it ( can even J. H. beat that ?) and prescribed the 10,000the accordingly.


In health the sinuses are sterile, being able to expel or destroy germs, but if the body resistance is lowered by cold or if neighboring tissues are inflamed, the sinus mucous membrane may become infected. Occasionally also infection is due to traumatism or the presence of a foreign body.


These two examples connote a law of drug action. Innumerable case records corroborate these statements. So what? Can our cases be managed without these pitfalls? Is it possible by drugs plus cage management to bring recovery from skin disease, metrorrhagia, exanthemata to bring recovery from skin disease, metrorrhagia, exanthemata or most any curable disease with no hang-over?


The etiology is unknown, pathology still a subject for investigation and speculation. Treatment a varied one, medical and surgical. The surgical measures proposed are total section of the acoustic nerve, differential section of the vestibular portion of the nerve or a division of the auditory nerve.