A review of the symptoms of the different remedies we have given above, with a recollection of what we have said of generic and specific symptoms of the disease and the drug, will make easy a clear understanding of the true nature of the specific treatment of this and other diseases. It will be in these groups of the symptoms of the different drugs, that there is little of resemblance between those of one drug to that of either of the others. There are almost no repetitions of the symptoms of one drug in those of any of the others. this makes certainty of knowledge of the true remedy, under the guidance of the Law of Similars, a comparatively easy matter.

That which is like, in the disease, to either of these groups, is not like to either of the others. Look at the symptoms of three first remedies in the list, Aloes, Arn. and Ars. There is no resemblance. Take the generic symptoms of this disease as they stand represented in the same drugs, and the resemblance is so great as to make uncertainty inevitable. It is still worse if we take that other most important group in the treatment of dysentery, Caps., Merc. and Nux v. It is next to impossible to distinguish between these symptoms as they are found in the pathogenesis of these drugs. But with the peripheral, or specific, symptoms, there is no difficulty at all, and it is chiefly under the guidance of these, according to the Law of Cure, that we secure the greatest safety and success.

P P Wells