EDITORIAL. Eugene Underhill


When will the next meeting of the International Hahnemannian…

When will the next meeting of the International Hahnemannian Association be held? It was stated in the early spring that we were requested and practically forbidden to hold our regular meeting. The annual 1943 meetings of the I.H.A., A.I.H., the California State Homoeopathic. Medical Society, and numerous other homoeopathic meetings were canceled as a result of this request. The newspapers are full of reports of conventions being held, or about to be held, and many are for meetings of far less importance to the welfare of this country than medical conventions.

The National Convention of the American Legion was held in Omaha. It was reported that 25,000 attended the State Convention of the American Legion in San Francisco. Between 6000 and 7000 attended the State Christian Endeavor Convention in California. The various service clubs have held their state and national conventions.

Are the homoeopathic groups the only ones who cannot hold meetings? Are we in the dog-house for some unknown reason? or are the homoeopaths developing an inferiority complex?.

There are at least three good reasons why we should have our regular homoeopathic meetings in 1944:.

1. The good of homoeopathy and the future of homoeopathy demand that we get together in various groups and talk things over and make plans for the future.

2. Physicians need the relaxation, rest and fellowship of such meetings during these strenuous times. Physicians generally will probably never experience a more difficult and trying time during their professional life.

3. The Homoeopathic Recorder and other homoeopathic publications need the scientific papers for publication which would be presented at these meetings.–A.D.S.

Eugene Underhill