X-ray showed osteomalacia under part of right great toe. History of painful callouses of feet; had been trimmed by chiropodist. Pain like a toothache, fiery red, discharging greenish pus mixed with both blood. Began treatment two years ago. Hecla lava 10M. Healed perfectly; no return.

CASE 1. Mrs. C., age 46.

November 14, 1930. Vomiting of blood on many occasions. Began at age 11. Feeding at that time very frequently on fried ham and potatoes. sick after every meal; vomitus streaked with blood.

In 1906 eight weeks in bed; copious haematemesis; fainting. Very anemic as result. 1906-1917. On five occasions during this period had attacks of haematemesis.

After marriage fairly free from stomach trouble, until 1928, when there was vomiting but no haematemesis, had malaena instead.

Never hungry. Used to live on milk when she had stomach trouble; now can drink milk but cant take milk puddings. Can;t tolerate smell of stewed apples. Aversion to oranges; used to make her dizzy. Cant even peel an orange; makes her shudder. Desires salty things, vinegar and pepper, but not mustard. Fatty foods disagree.

Generally > cold weather. Hot weather causes lassitude. Faintness in warm room; after warm bath, irritation all over body.

Feet always cold, even near fire.

Sleeps well. Dreams every night; “silly dreams. Wakes with palpitation usually once during the week.

Worries when she cant get through with her work. Worried and upset if she thinks she has offended anyone.

Sensitive to bad odors, which cause nausea.

Cheerful, gentle disposition.

Easily startled; cup falling causes palpitation.

Pulsatilla 30 (4) 4 hours.

November 27. Palpitation ceased. Not dreaming so much. No choky feeling. Had warm bath Nov. 23, after which irritation of skin just the same.

Pain in stomach. Always comes at first frost of winter, and first heat of summer. > after food and while eating. Takes a long time to a meal because of relief while eating. Sac. lac.

December 12. Stomach “splendid” for ten days after last visit. Bad for last 14 days. Burning and shooting pain in lower abdomen. Intense nausea during night for last three nights. Worse from least movement. Feeling like “something churning in stomach”. Taste of blood in the mouth, as if she would vomit blood on least movement. Today feeling better in lower abdomen. No appetite. Constant “grinding in stomach, like toothache; < bending forward or backward.

Sleeping well. No palpitation. No headache. Feeling of “empty hole” in chest. Puls. 200 (3) hours.

January 2, 1931. Burning and shooting in lower abdomen gone. Stomach has troubled since the 26th. Pain and vomiting of food alone; no blood. Vomiting once each day. Pain relieved by eructation of wind. Constant gnawing pain in stomach; not at night for the last week. Only time free from pain is when eating. > sipping hot water; never takes cold water. Graph. 200 (2) hours.

January 8. Very severe vomiting on reaching home on 2nd. Had taken one powder in my surgery. No vomiting since then. Reports that pain in stomach was very acute, day and night, on the 3rd and 5th, > taking hot water. On the 6th better also during night; 7th scarcely at all.

Palpitation very bad on afternoon of the 7th. Pain left shoulder, neck, and back and and front of ear. Shooting pain < from warmth of the bed; > sitting up in bed. Burning pain in lower abdomen gone. Full feeling in stomach gone. Very slight gnawing in stomach. Sac. lac.

February 9. For week after last visit no complaint; “just splendid:. Grinding pain in stomach since then; does not keep her from sleeping. No vomiting. Palpitation absent. Burning in lower abdomen last day or two. Stools brownish with yellowish streaks. Taking food well; appetite good. Puls. 200 (3) 8 hours.

May 10. Pain in stomach for 14 days after last visit; since then “splendid”. No complaint except slight neuritis in right upper arm. No medicine.

March 23, 1933. Appears much fatter in face and generally much improved. Has no complaint regarding stomach; taking food heartily.

Constant burning pain in bladder last two days; burning on urinating; constant burning after passing. Canth. 200 (2) hours.

March 28. Pain on urinating much better on 23rd; completely gone by 26th.


February 17, 1932. Complained of pain in left chest; anxious about his heart. Heart perfectly normal; pain found to be situated in insertion of pectoralis major. Pain also in region of left elbow, and contiguous part of forearm. Pain on movement, > after moving. Rhus tox. 200 (3) 4 hours.

February 20. Returned saying he could not stand the pain any longer; he had had no relief, and had been unable to sleep for several nights.

Further investigation revealed the fact that the pain had come on after a visit to the Royal Infirmary, where he had been hastily summoned to see a niece who was dangerously ill. On arrival at the hospital he was told that the girl was dead. He experienced a great shock and felt very faint. On returning home he began to complain of the pain in the chest.

On this history of a definite emotional cause of the pain, I gave Gels. 200 (3) with instructions not to repeat if the pain abated.

February 21. Returned today with a smile to say that the pain had completely gone within an hour of taking the first (and only) powder. He had had a splendid night and felt perfectly well.

CASE III. Mr. B., age 52.

November 20, 1933. Duodenal ulcer, 4 years ago. Nineteen years ago operated for “obstruction in stomach”. This came on very suddenly. Four years ago ulcer burst in stomach; vomited much blood, like coffee grounds. August 25, 1933, ulcer burst again. Fulness and heaviness in stomach before onset. “Knows when it is coming on.” Began to vomit at 10 p.m., at 2 a.m. vomited dark coffee-like vomit. Quite all right after that. Sent to Royal Infirmary where he remained four weeks; treatment, “McLeans Powder”.

Heaviness in stomach always comes on after tea, about 5 p.m. Constant dull aching in stomach; severe for last 14 days. Sore feeling and heaviness after food. Last night slight pain > by drinking hot water. Wakes up 12.2 a.m. with pain in stomach. Frequently becomes yellow in face, with sunken eyes.

Aversion to fish, tripe, rabbit; hot food, greasy or fatty food. Desires sweets. sugar, ice-cream. Heartburn after food; swollen feeling after food.

Bowels generally regular; present tendency to constipation for the past 14 days.

Inflammation of kidney about ten years ago.

Feet always cold. > cold in general. Phos. 200 (I).

December 4. For first there days after last visit sharp pains in stomach. Was fairly well for six days. After that, stomach swollen up after meals, especially after tea time. Pain usually about 9 p.m.; dull pain in stomach; lasts the whole night, > in morning. No vomiting. Burning feeling in stomach.

Bowel action sluggish; has been compelled to take cascara but not the last three days. Sleeping well. Piles for a week before last visit for 14 days, bleeding. No pains in stomach for last three nights.

December 18. No aching or pain for last fortnight. During last three days has been able to take a little mutton and has felt “neither up nor down”.

Patients specimen dietary:.

8 a.m. Breakfast: Porridge, cup of tea; slice of toast and egg, or fried ham and egg.

12 noon. Soup; potatoes and mutton; milk pudding.

4 p.m. Cheese and toast; cup of tea.

9.30 p.m. Plain biscuit; cup of milk.

Seems very happy and satisfied with himself. Yesterday morning he had fried bacon and egg. Bowels are acting well; no need for medicine.

January 15, 1934. Feeling quite well; no pain whatever.

Taking food well; no vomiting. Burning feeling in stomach, about an hour after meals. Phos. 200 (I).

He has not reported since, so I presume he is well.


Mrs. F. X-ray diagnosis, necrosis of right lower jaw bone. Pains like a toothache for about half an hour, a growling, dull pain. When she lies down, it pulls three or four spells every forenoon. Pains start and stop suddenly. None of her lower teeth have been pulled. Begin treatment in March, 1933, Hecla lava 10M.

All disturbances of jaw ceased after several months treatment.

Mrs. L.T., age 52. Saleswoman. Has a pull in the chest since her diaphragm was torn in Nov., 1933. Ptosis of stomach; sensation in stomach; sensation in stomach as soon as she eats.

Wakes forty or fifty times in the night. Gets worn out. Cant hurry; legs refuse to move.

Bowels do not move for three or four days; had to take mineral oil.

Joints have a feeling of heat. Fingers hurt when she opens and shuts them. Legs hurt up to the middle of shins, always; feet hurt also. When she stands after getting out of bed, sensation as if there were needles and pains in them.

On Congo red 200 she had improved much.

Mrs. M., age about 70. Beauty parlor operator.

X-ray showed osteomalacia under part of right great toe. History of painful callouses of feet; had been trimmed by chiropodist.

Pain like a toothache, fiery red, discharging greenish pus mixed with both blood. Began treatment two years ago. Hecla lava 10M. Healed perfectly; no return.


Correction. First Quarter 1935, Page 43. Dr. Boger speaking of Plasmodium; it should have read that the received this remedy from Dr. S. J. Guzdar of Calcutta, India.

Thomas Robertson Sinclair