The following proving of Ruta was made from collected observations. As with other potentised drugs I write up, under the different heads, my findings over a period of years, a mass of data is gradually built up. In passing I have often made a short proving on one human being. The health and well being of that person in always enhanced.

The following proving of Ruta was made from collected observations. As with other potentised drugs I write up, under the different heads, my findings over a period of years, a mass of data is gradually built up. In passing I have often made a short proving on one human being. The health and well being of that person in always enhanced. I constantly take dynamized drugs myself and it gives me a maximum of personal well being. In making observations it is fascinating to feel your knowledge expanding each day.

It seems to be a filing in of a cross-word therapeutic puzzle with human blocks. You become as familiar with certain drugs and their sick-making powers as with the intimate and individual quirks of your best friends. It is a veritable voyage of discovery, but it can only be of great interest to one type of man or woman. This type must have persistence, must be intellectually curious, and must have pleasure in bringing health to his fellows from the work in which he is interested. Here are my findings with Ruta graveolens in the 6th potency. Take them for what they are worth.


1. Very tired in the morning, better as the day advances. 2. Trembling. 3. Lackadaisical.


1. A tickling sensation in the nerves of the right neck. 2. A headache all day is sharp and constant, < on the right side of the head. 3. The eyes are blurred and the vision is affected. 4. The right eye is blurred and there is a slight film over it. 5. Everything is blurred and indistinct and the right eye lachrymates. The right eye pains and burns. The prover feels like shutting it all the time. It droops a little. 6. Blurring vision comes and goes; < in the right eye. 7. The head feels hot and feverish. 8. Headache on vertex and in occiput. 8. Amaurosis. 9. Bruised back of the eyes. 10. Occipital headache, sharp and intermittent > taking coffee. 11. The lips are blue. 12. A greenish color. 13. The face is puffed and red.


1. The mouth and tongue are dry, with thirst all day (off and on). 2. Slight rawness of the throat. 3. Huskiness in the throat, < in the morning on arising.


1. The stomach has wind and gas (it is bloated and heavy). It is > going without eating. The stomach feels feverish; the prover wants to drink water to allay this. 2. Very sore to the touch over McBurneys point (?) 3. Nausea in the morning. 4. Fearful pain low down in the belly (hypogastrium). 5. The food is vomited as eaten. 6. White stools. 7. Burning in the bowels. 8. The pain before the stool is sharp. It is about ten minutes before and always after the midday meal.


1. Pain in the back is dull and constant and < in the morning when working. 2. Tingling down the back, like cold and hot water; it is < when sitting quietly, and also if music starts (in the middle of the day). 3. Sore back, < in the morning when she gets up. 4. Stiff and painful neck. It is sore. 5. A generalized bruised feeling. 6. A burning inside at the left renal area (?).


1. Severe left-sided sciatica. 2. Fingers are all blue in the right hand, in the warm weather. 3. The legs are cold and numb with tingling. This is when riding in a trolley-car. 4. Pain in the right leg, aching to the knee, > by drawing it up, but it is < on motion (tender at that time). 5. The ends of the fingers of the right hand tingle, > by catching hold of something. 6. The leg is very sore.


1. Between the breasts at 6 p.m. very sharp pain. It hurt her to breathe and it lasted thirty minutes. 2. The heart was so slow at 7 a.m. it felt as if it would stop. There was consensual shortness of breath. 3. Worse when breathing at night (sharp pains at the cardiac area).


1. Awoke at night about 3:30 a.m. 2. Took a long time to get to sleep. On awakening, very tired. 3. Marked drowsiness.


No symptoms were noted in my provers.


1. A very strong odor to the urine. 2. Passing more urine in the mornings. 3. Frequent urination at night (3rd potency). 4. Frequent urination between 3 and 4 a.m. 5. The prover cannot hold urine a long time (if this is done, it burns in passing). 7. Burning at the end of urination. 8. Frequent urination in the morning. It is a matter of every five minutes. 9. Burning micturition. 10. Passes urine 8 to 10 times on getting up in the morning (every 5 to 10 minutes). 11. The proving helped a burning sensation. 12. Passed good amounts.


1. Thirsty off and on all day, and the mouth and tongue are dry with it. 2. Thirsty when working around in the morning. 3. The lips would get dry.


No symptoms in my provers.


No symptoms in my provers.


1. Worse on lying down. 2. Worse breathing at night. 3. Worse touching (?).



DR. WAFFENSMITH: I want to verify the symptom of the proving of sleeplessness, particularly difficult to go to sleep.

DR. ALFRED PULFORD: Dr. Macfarlan has several splendid provings that I wish he would have printed in book form, and I will give him the first subscription for it.

DR. MACFARLAN: I have made extended provings of nine drugs and worked them out in all spheres like that in descending order of importance, and there are about ten little rubrics, and it is very, very short, and I should like to give them to the society. I am not interested in people who dont believe in dynamized drugs. I have taken about twenty-five years at this very interesting work, and if the members of the society would like it, I could fix them up in a little book like that and I should like to send it to the different members of the society. I would be willing to pay some money myself to see that you all get a copy. It would be a pity to lose them because I think you could expedite cures. If people arent particularly interested in making provings, you might as well give them up, but I am very much interested in making provings. It takes a good deal of time, but it is fascinating.

DR. GRIMMER: I should like to make some sort of motion, if it is in order, to have those reprints made for the benefit of those that want them, and let them defray the expenses of printing and so forth. I should be glad to subscribe to that work because it is certainly valuable.

DR. MACFARLAN: I could have them done like Dr. Bogers booklet. I dont believe it would be more than thirty pages. You have to get about five or six hundred symptoms to get a good proving, and according to the scheme I worked out, it takes about half a year to make a proving. It has taken me about twenty-five years to get this bunch out. You can do two a year.

If anyone would like to have it, I will be only too glad to give it to you. I would work it out in a little book and have it made up and sent it to the members. It would You could send it to the members. It would cost maybe fifty cents or so. I could send them to Dr. Boger and he could have them printed in a book like this (indicating Dr. Bogers pamphlet on Samarskite), but these cost a dollar.

Donald Macfarlan