Calendula in aqueous solution was used in every case as a mouth wash and not a single case ever came back with any sloughing or infection. The healing of the wounds was faster than one would ordinarily expect to see, even in people of better circumstances. Many of these people were under-fed, under-clothed, under-housed and more or less vicious in mind and body.

CASE I. Boy of twelve.

Upper right cuspid not erupted, all other teeth in the mouth fully erupted for a year. X-ray no mechanical obstruction. Three doses a week apart of Calcarea carb. 6X. potency. Did not see him for a month after last dose, at that time cusp of tooth was nearly through. Three months later tooth was practically fully erupted. The boy is a redhead, obstinate, snarly, gives sharp answers; has red and inflamed eye lids, sour stomach and frequent attacks of vomiting. Nine months later a very great improvement in general. Happier disposition and is growing like a weed.

CASE II. Small child.

Dirty mouth, black crescents at cervical margins of all teeth, labial surfaces of incisors black spots. Cleaned with pumice, black areas returned in several months. The childs mother brushes the teeth with power with no results. One dose Kreosote 1000. Teeth cleaned again with pumice. Six months later, mouth cleaner, teeth smooth and no sings of return of black areas. Enamel slightly stained.

CASE III. Police officer.

Mandibular nerve black, two days previous to my meeting him in a drug store, where he was cursing, swearing, thrashing around, hanging on to his face, asking the druggist to give him poison. He just couldnt stand the pain. Loaded to the gills with aspirin and bromide. Took him to my office where I gave him Chamomilla 6x. in hot water and some black tablets to chew on. As I expected, he lapped them up one a minute. Fifteen minutes later he was much quieter and said that he could finish his tour of duty. Saw him the next day and he said that the pain was practically all gone in two hours.

CASE IV. Myself.

Mandibular nerve block one hour previous. Pain almost unbearable; irritable, peevish, erratic, weepy, restless, waving of arms, cursing everything and everybody. Could not keep still, trembling upset my coffee cup, didnt care. My sister said, “Dont make a fool of yourself; why dont you take a remedy?” I got my box of remedies and upset the whole works, felt like throwing them out the window; but four little letters on the cork of a bottle were starting me in the face, CHAM. Chamomilla: Childishness, peevishness, irritability, pain. One dose, dry power, 1000th potency. I lay down on a sofa and in fifteen minutes I was asleep. Awakened in an hour, sore but no pain.

CASE V. Man aged thirty.

Mandibular nerve block two days previous. Called me at two a.m., could not get to sleep, restless, pain increasing. Came to the office carrying a small pail of cracked ice. Pain in socket rather than in ramus of jaw, no swelling, good clot, gums not mutilated, x-ray showed all of tooth removed. Sat bolt upright in chair, eyes almost popping out of his head, he was so wide awake. Could not wait an instant after ice in his mouth had melted before placing another piece in his mouth. This is how I treated his case homoeopathically. I noted that he was wakeful, uncommonly so, mind and senses were very acute, his movements were very quick.

The pain he had was in and around the area of injury; this pain was relieved by cold, intense cold, i.e., ice. Look in the repertory and see what remedies have wakefulness greatly marked and pain, especially a sore pain, if it can be so described, which is relieved by application of ice, and Coffea cruda is most prominent. I gave him a single dose (probably the 200th potency). I sat down and pretended to relax but was watching him; soon I noticed that he used the ice less frequently and that his head was back in the head rest. In about twenty minutes so half an hour, he made the remark that he could go to sleep if he were home. Naturally I suggested that he go home and try it.

CASE VI. Homoeopathic physician, age fifty.

Two or three similar previous experiences from the injection of novocaine. Pain, soreness, swelling, lameness in the tendo Achilles of the left foot. He is one of the best known homoeopathic physicians in the country. When he called me up I could tell that he was quite disturbed and I thought it strange that he, with his knowledge of homoeopathic materia medica, should ask me to suggest a remedy. I went on the assumption that he was somewhat stirred up and irritable and suggested Chamomilla. I have used Chamomilla so many times after the use of novocaine where there is pain, seemingly caused by the drug rather than from the surgery, that I think that Chamomilla is a specific.

John S Coxeter