Other changes in the skin are those dependent on a damping down of the hearts muscle by the toxins, and upon a breaking up of the red corpuscles, which is called in the most marked condition “microbic cyanosis.” The limbs become very cold and this coldness becomes exaggerated as the extremities are approached. If the hand be passed over the shoulder it crosses abruptly from an area of warmth to one of comparative coldness.


In its highest expression the true similimum is capable of working a miracle of cure. When homoeopathy is completely unfolded and correlated, when the physician becomes in fact both scientist and artist, then will those sublime acts of healing of two millenniums ago be rendered more fully comprehensible.


Hahnemann, above all others, worked against almost over-whelming odds, obstacles, ignorance, and prejudice. He worked alone on a subject that required not a single person but a hundred. His task was not only gargantuan, but on top of that he was hounded, threatened, persecuted, and driven from place to place. So that any omissions, shortcomings, or things overlooked on his part are most highly excusable.


The therapeutic management of pneumonia is first of all a game. It is often a quick and sharp game, giving an opportunity to stand up and put ones nerve, principles and wits into buoyant use. For this reason it is always best to play the game alone. It is my own rule to refuse consultation and to this rule only three exceptions can be called.


That little child did not need any more medicine. After that I had quite a number of Podophyllum cases, and the 30th did the work to my astonishment. It was different from anything I had ever seen; the cures were almost instantaneous, it seemed as if there would be no more stool after the first dose of medicine.


Some months ago I heard of a London homoeopath, and I consulted him. Instead of examining all my organs, he enquired with kindly sympathy and great thoroughness into every aspect of my life. He then gave me a diet and some sugar pills and I have become a totally different woman. I have immensely improved in every direction.


Homoeopathy was founded on a law and law doesnt change. Law is the same yesterday, today and forever. That is what the doctor brought out in a very nice way, and it is for that reason that we, those of us who have grasped that truth, stick so thoroughly and so doggedly to Homoeopathy. We know we are right. We know that armed with that law we can cure sick folks, and that knowledge brought to the bedside confirms the law. We do cure them. We cure them after the scientific methods are utter failures.


Fluoroscopic science in the pulmonary area corroborates the miasmatic diagnosis of tuberculosis made by the early Homoeopaths from a constitutional study of the disease without the laboratory accessories we possess today. The concrete evidence of drug provings and true homoeopathic treatment actuated an abstract sense which was fine in simplicity and comprehensive in understanding.


Itching and burning, with eruptions, give me the index for success with Graphites. Three doses of the 200th recently cured, by these indices, a bad cases of urticaria (?) with vesicles, suggestive of herpes, in a young and sensitive woman (who has to weep from the distress she endured). There was also retarded menstruation from wet feet.


Taking it from that standpoint, I believe that it is very important, where there is a definite focal infection, to remove it. I will acknowledge that if people lived 100 per cent properly, if they ate 100 per cent properly, if they had 100 per cent efficient medical care, the chances are there never would be such a thing as focal infection, but, unfortunately, we havent arrived at that millennium.


Hence it is that the record of symptoms derived from cases of poisoning are the poorest kind of evidence to record for the homoeopathic materia medica; they are useful only as collateral information, while the finer sensations produced by the slow process of provings with small doses give us sensations, like unto the conditions observed in the sick room, that guide us to the curative remedy.


No man can practice homoeopathy until he comes to a proper meaning of that word. It does not mean the drug. We see that in the drug which God put there for the relief of the sick and suffering, not the drug; experience has fully demonstrated this as a fact; it is not that which makes them sick, it is the immaterial forces which prevail.


A triangle or trinity exists in every case; the mental symptoms, the physical symptoms, and the remedy. Given any two factors and the third may be inferred. The mental symptoms and the physical symptoms will indicate the remedy. the mental symptoms and the remedy will indicate the physical symptoms. The physical symptoms and the remedy will indicate the mental state.


The homoeopaths of Ohio need a renewed introduction to homoeopathy, and Dr. Rowland has given them a good start. It was a severe arraingement of the members, when our only colored representative present arose to remark that “that was the first and only homoeopathic paper he had heard since he graduated.


Sanguinaria is an irritant whether taken or applied, so, as a first effect, we have tissue irritation. The brain is irritated and we have as mental symptoms anxiety, which is always present. There is also irritability, the patient being morose, peevish and excitable. The ears are also irritated, there is redness of the external ear, humming and roaring in the ears. These symptoms are due mostly to the increased and irregular circulation of the blood.