There is some pain in the intestines, not very severe, cramp-like, which comes and goes, with much gas in the intestines. Intestinal pain is better by deep massage, pressure against something, from motion and decidedly better from heat. There is gas “with everything eaten” and with the gas tendency to nausea which is better after the gas comes up.


I should like to see the following case worked out briefly by the Kent, Boenninghausen and Boger synoptic methods. The patient is well known to me and I can vouch for the correctness of the symptoms, mentals, generals and particulars given. All are marked. The case was taken carefully with a blank question form before me so that nothing would be left out, and is as complete as I can make it, perhaps too much so. I should like to have many analyses of this case by many homoeopaths.

The rubrics taken and why, the method used, the chief remedies considered, the remedy chosen and why. I shall be very much interested to see how many different remedies come in answer to this case. I suggest rereading the short article entitled Who Are the Regulars? on page 346 of the May 1932 Recorder.

The patient is a woman of 43, slender, medium height, brunette. She suffers from colitis which she has had ever since an attack of typhoid at age 14. The attacks come on at any time, usually when fatigued. As she is on the go all the time she is constantly tired and when this tiredness increases a bit an attack of colitis follows. As she expresses it during the attack there is a “steady go to the bathroom”, the discharge comes with a splurge and is very watery, with mucus. Always there is a “terrible hurry”. There is no odor, no particular pain on expelling, and the color is normal yellowish-brown.

There is some pain in the intestines, not very severe, cramp-like, which comes and goes, with much gas in the intestines. Intestinal pain is better by deep massage, pressure against something, from motion and decidedly better from heat. There is gas “with everything eaten” and with the gas tendency to nausea which is better after the gas comes up. In general better after gas comes up. The last attack of colitis drove her out of bed early in the morning and there was herpes on the lip before the attack. Neither of these symptoms have occurred before.

She also complains of “a tendency to arthritis” in the hands. They get lame in the joints, particularly on waking in the morning, hurt on moving and are all right after she gets going. Worse damp, too much exercise, after sleep and rest, better after using a bit.

Between the shoulder blades and in the upper back region near the neck there is a feeling of excessive fatigue, but no pain. Many times I have seen her stretch her neck or have her head twisted and lifted because of this fatigue.

She often has severe “migraine” in the frontal region over the eyes, which extends to the back of the neck. She often wakes from a sound sleep with this pain over the eyes. A “blinding” pain which comes suddenly and goes suddenly. She forgets it sometimes when she is working hard. Worse during the day. Worse during menses. Nothing helps it.

She is a very sensitive person, sensitive to people, has quite violent likes and dislikes, is vindictive, gets angry very easily, is a bit selfish, always in a hurry and always late to every appointment with other people. Expects appointments with her to be prompt. Snappy, very irritable, easily our of patience with others, and is extremely disagreeable in what she says to them. This impatience is a marked characteristic. Very sensitive to people, odors, touch, noise, jar, and especially so to vibration, particularly of a boat (not the motion of the boat). Noise drives her crazy. Worst time of day on getting up, worse in cold weather and rain. Used to hate the sound of wind, made her irritable. Sensitive to draft. Better in hot weather, very cold blooded, “the hotter the day the better” she likes it. Much better out of doors, wants much fresh air. Loves bathing, salt and fresh water.

Sleeps well, on right side and stomach. Needs much sleep. Never dreams.

Appetite fairly good, not a big eater, easy satiety, “a little goes a long way,” “crazy for salt”, “loathes hot food”, fruits containing mallic acid makes her ill, apples, pears, grapes. Chicken and turkey also make her ill. Worse also from cauliflower. Very thirsty.

Feet sweat easily, clammy, no odor. Must sometimes change stockings. Foot sweat bad in childhood. Sweats a great deal all over, “to beat the band”, she says. Neither better nor worse from it.

Not subject to colds but has difficulty in “shaking a cold” when she does have one.

Menses established 13-14, preceded by acne. Now regular every 25 days (a little early), duration 21/2 to 3 days, always used to be three days, flow scanty, color normal, no clots, some cramps, not severe, worse during an attack of colitis.-x.


In studying Kents Repertory and two other smaller ones I am unable to find the similimum for the following case. A solution to this case will be much appreciated.

A man, age 33 years, psoric in type, suffers from headache. Aggravation yearly, for one month only, depending on the degree of the sun. With or without rhinitis and coryza; yellowish colored secretions from the nostril of the side where the pain exists; the other nostril is dry. Begins on the right side and spreads over the whole head. Time of aggravation, as soon as he gets up from bed, which is about 6:30 a.m., increasing to 3 p.m., lasting to 9:30 p.m. Pain supra-orbital, burning, lancinating, stitching; in the temples, thrusting, pressing; in the occiput, dull, aching; in the neck, rheumatic-like; in the vertex, bruised; in the teeth, sensitive and feel long; in the ears, internal pressive; in the eyes, pressing inward, sensitive to light; the brain has a band-like pressure, and cutting feeling. I have warded off the headache by giving Lachesis 200, 1M and 10M, before the beginning of the pain period.

Analysis, using last edition of the Boger Cards and Kent. The values are: equals 1, + equals 2,0 equals minus 2.

Band-like, card 50

Head, card 126

Periodicity, card 197

Increasing and decreasing gradually, card 139

Right to left, card 240.

Natrum mur. is the remedy and has a fine record for these symptoms as well.- C.M. BOGER.

Who will write on the following subject? I have observed that some cases do not tolerate the repetition of the same remedy when symptoms requiring its repetition again appear and time for the second prescription seems to have arrived. In such cases I invariably find the patient worse after the second dose. I have the impression that in spite of the return of the symptoms and, therefore, necessarily for the same remedy, that I have repeated too early and should have waited six months , one year or longer.

Such waiting, however, is quite impossible in most cases. Remedy has to be given and some of these, though not the similimum, give results. Tubercular individuals, especially seem to me to belong in this class of patients. Is it possible that their sensitiveness is so excessive that rules laid down for the repetition of our homoeopathic remedies do not apply to them? People, apparently healthy, but suffering from mediastinal, tuberculous glands, with or without sub-febrile temperature are also of the type. Never have I found this condition in people with too high a blood pressure, but I have found it often in those with too low a pressure.

The remedy should be stepped up two or three points and then repeated every three or four days until a slight reaction appears, then wait. – C.M. BOGER.


Would the indicated remedy lead you to the particular miasm that was causing the trouble?

-Sometimes.- C.M. BOGER.

I am particularly interested in your articles on tuberculin testing of cows. Could anyone tell us what happens when Tuberculinum and Castor equi meet and why the action of Castor equi is so long delayed when it is given to a tuberculin tested cow?.

Because Castor equi is held in check by a stronger miasm.- C.M. BOGER.

I have the pleasure of mailing you a package of periodicals, called Porvenir, which gives a discussion of the board of health. Dr.Vela Gonzales affirms that cancer is not curable with homoeopathic remedies. The public in this city (Monterey, Mexico) does not know whether the cancerous cases which are homoeopathic are curable or not. Will you please bring this matter up for discussion.

-Cancer is curable before it becomes too strongly pathological.- C.M. BOGER.

What is the minimum dose?

-Read the Organon.-C.M. BOGER.

Why can we not standardize the minimum dose?

-Because you cannot standardize patients.- C.M. BOGER.

H.A. Roberts
Dr. H.A.Roberts (1868-1950) attended New York Homoeopathic Medical College and set up practrice in Brattleboro of Vermont (U.S.). He eventually moved to Connecticut where he practiced almost 50 years. Elected president of the Connecticut Homoeopathic Medical Society and subsequently President of The International Hahnemannian Association. His writings include Sensation As If and The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy.