Captious critics and bumptious students have long made merry over the large number of peculiar, and, to them, trivial symptoms which appear in the materia medica, and also in the clinical records of homoeopathy-symptoms which appear no where else in medical literature, and which have not received the stamp of approval of the ruling authorities.

It would be alike impossible and unsuitable in a paper of this character to include the whole range of action of the remedies proposed for study. Their contrasts in many respects are so marked as hardly to be better expressed than by saying that one has that which the other has not. But there are certain points of resemblance, if not lines of parallelism, and it is not seldom, I believe, that in prescribing we have to say mentally why one is more suitable to the case than the other. And then I believe the study by comparison is the most effective way of approaching the mastery of the multitude of medicines which the law of homoeopathy makes available for cure.

It is, perhaps, needless to say what will so soon be evident that I have attempted little more than a complication from various accredited sources of the knowledge already in our hands. The beneficent works of Gross and of Boenninghausen have so often made clear the course through a maze of symptoms that I would indulge the hope that the guide to the student, but also humbly serve for trustworthy reference in the presence of disease and pain.


Upper left, lower right.


Upper left, lower right (Sulph. has the same)

Dark hair

Obesity predominant

Rending pain upwards

Constriction internal

Moist eruptions

Induration of cellular tissue

Sweat lessened indoors

Chill generally without thirst

Drinks often, without at once

Changeable mood

Anxiety and fretfulness

Delirium and activity of mind

Memory active or weak

Vertigo falling to left side or backward

Averse especially to candle light

Eruption on upper lip

Averse to acids; craves lemonade

Nausea more in throat

Nausea in abdomen

Odorless flatus

Diarrhoea generally painless

Complaints most in upper chest

Complaints most on shin of leg

Generally better bending diseased limb

Worse at the full moon

Worse in the twilight

Worse sitting erect

Generally better stooping

Generally better sitting bent forward

Generally better sitting bent forward

Generally better stretching out diseased limb

Generally better from change of position.

Cough with constriction and redness in throat

In eyes superficial inflammations, suddenness of attack, violence of symptoms

Uterine flow bright, or it dark offensive, with sudden pains and sense as if all would come out of the forehead

In fever startings, delirium violent

Meningitis as primary disease

Intense cerebral pain and irritation

Mastitis, with redness in radii from central point and throbbing pains

In measles sweat attends the heat

Scarlatina with smooth skin and hallucinations

Tongue red at tip

Peritonitis with sthenic symptoms

In typhoid in beginning, with violence of symptoms, as delirium, headache, startings and jerkings

Fluent coryza

Alternating color of face

Eruption in corners of mouth and on upper lip

Tongue white with red edges, striped with white

Acid taste in mouth; acid vomiting

Eructations, spasmodic or incomplete

Constipation with distended abdomen

Stool small in size

Painful affections of the kidney

Sexual desire diminished or sometimes increased

Urine turbid when passed

Breathing oppressed, irregular

Cough with sneezing and fluent coryza

Expectoration of bright blood

Affections of the larynx

Acts on external throat more than on the nape

Acts especially on the patella and hollow of the knee

Generally relief while standing

Tenesmus after stool

Relief from walking.


Upper right, lower left (Calc.carb. has the same)

Light hair

Emaciation predominant

Rending pain downward

Constriction external

Dry eruptions

Suppuration of cellular tissue

Sweat increased indoors

Thirst predominant, not constant

Drinks rarely, much at once

Peevish, sad

Anxiety and mistrust

Delirium and difficult comprehension

Memory weak

Vertigo falling backward

Averse especially to sunlight

Eruption on lower lip

Desire for acids

Nausea more in the stomach

Also nausea in the abdomen

Foetid flatus

Diarrhoea generally painful

Complaints most in lower chest

Complaints most in calf of leg

Worse bending diseased limb

Worse before a thunder storm

Better in the twilight

Better sitting erect

Generally worse stooping

Generally worse sitting bent forward

Generally worse bending head backward

Generally worse stretching out diseased limb

Generally worse from change of position

Cough with irritation in the epigastrium and sharp, stitching and aching pains

In eyes the deeper affections and from metastasis of rheumatism

Uterine flow dark or suppressed with vicarious haemorrhages

In fever lies quiet, delirium mild

Meningitis from suppressed eruption

Shrieking from pain at slightest movement, benumbed sensorium, the face alternately red and pale-after Belladonna.

Edward Rushmore