The Editors assume no responsibility for opinions expressed in this department.

The Editors assume no responsibility for opinions expressed in this department.

48 Chaulpati Road,.

Bhowanipore, Calcutta, India.

Esteemed Colleague:.

You are probably already aware of the position and status of Homoeopathy in India. There is no common bond of fellowship among the homoeopathists of India; no real friendships among them; no organized attempt to push the claims of homoeopathy before the government. In the name of homoeopathy vagaries and abuses are being practised by so-called homoeopathic institutions.

To remedy the evils mentioned above an all Bengal and Assam homoeopathic medical conference was held in Calcutta on May 17 to 19, 1931, amidst great enthusiasm. Over 450 delegates, all homoeopaths, attended, many from remote parts of Bengal; many not known to each other by any contact. The conference was formally opened by the most educated and richest landholder of Bengal, Maharaja Bahadur Srish Chandra Nandy, of Kasim-bazara.

The Indian homoeopaths always look upon you as their sincere supporter in their struggle for the cause of homoeopathy, so I am writing to ask if you will have this published in the pages of the Recorder. We have decided to start forthwith a homoeopathic society entitled The Indian Institute of Homoeopathy. As soon as it is matured I shall send you a full account of the same.

With my sincere and cordial fraternal greetings and good wishes, I am,.

Yours cordially,.


Allan D. Sutherland