To me these case reports show careful perusal of Kents Repertory, which is of course gratifying. the doctor has presented them in such a such a sketchy way that we have to read between the lines to get Kept in some places yet I know his training and I can see from the symptoms that Kept has been his guide.


Mrs. A.L., age 55,May 15,1925. Climacteric at 52, periods before, dark, offensive. Since this time severe eczema of both hands, dry, scaly, with deep fissures in palms, hands double in thickness, unable to close for two gears inspire of hospital treatment of eight months, ointments and light. There is burning, numbness, stinging, soreness on touch, with former itching worse during the daytime. She is aggravated in general from heat and summer weather, craves air depressed and melancholy. sulphur 10M.

May 29, a little improvement. Sac.lac.

June 19. Decided improvement. Feels fine, herself,. Some return of cracking in palms with itching worse at nigh. Several movements a day. Sac.lac.

July 20. The hands are healed, but now the trouble has returned, worse ion rising, or water, cannot sleep with the itching, again depressed. Sulphur 50M.

Aug 18. Improve, can close hands. Sac.lac.

Sept.15. Slight return on one hand but feels well in general. Sac.lac.

Dec.10.Reports herself cured.

No return to date.


G.M.AGED 22. Jan 26, 1930. Eczema of two years duration on back of hands, both wrists and fingers. formerly oozing, now dry the year around, with intense burning, and at times itching. Only constitutional symptom obtained < heat in general. Sulphur 1M.

Feb. 9. Worse after remedy, with cracking of hands. Prominent today, with itching but less burning. Sac.lac.

Mar.16 Left hand clear but right is worse. Sac.lac.

Apr.27. Improved a week ago. Itching severe Sulphur 10M. June 10Slight scaling. Physically better, he states. Has gained weight. No prescription.

Oct.19. Trouble has returned in last few days. Sulphur 50M.

Dec 5.Feels fine.

Jan.15, 1931. No trouble.

Mar.15.Slight return to eczema base of right thumb. Sac. lac.

May 7.No eczema seen.


H.W.age 18. Dry eczema of left armpit, sole of left foot., toes and right arm. Of three years duration, following suppression of an eruption behind the ears. Burning and itching,
chilly type. Fear of thunder storms., Easily offended. She craves sweets and is averse to milk and fats. Feet and hands.

perspire easily. Menses two to three months late. Nose bleeds. profuse, bright.

May 16, 1930. Sulphur 200.

May 16, 1930.Sulphur 200.

May 27. Armpit oozing, less itching Sac.lac.

June 11,Left axilla raw looking, oozing, less epistaxis ,some eczema on body, sac.lac.

Aug 6, Armpit was better, but now worse. As arm improves feet are worse. Sulphur I.

Aug.4.Armpit. Reports period in early June and late July sac.lac.

Sept.28., Looking wonderfully well. Slight patch in left axilla, another under hair bob., Sac. lac.

Oct.20.Large area of eczema back of heat with offensive oozing. Disposition less agreeable. Sulphur 10M.


Dec.10. Head nearly clear. Left armpit again slight patch. Sac.lac.

Apr.28 1931. Haws been fine except for left arm which persists. Menses are better. Sulphur 50M.

June 1. Came in to say was in fine condition for graduation.


V.S.age 21., Aug 3, 1930. History of yearly and long protracted eczema since age three. She had been operated for cervical glands when one year old. Her present condition reveals the entire face, neck and scalp, and both arms, to the finger tips. entirely covered with an eczema, a exuding a thick yellowish discharge with resultant crusts. She cannot close her hands and is She is warm blooded; could cry and moment from discouragement; is jealous fearful of thunder storms, the dark or robbers; sensitive and enjoys sympathy. there is craving for sweets, aversion to vegetables, frees, milk and fats. Her periods are early, scanty, clotted, offensive, She dreams often; these dreams are foolish and repeating. Sulphur 200.

Aug 1o. a portion for the face and back of he hands has cleared. Numerous small boils are annoying. Her mother states that there was marked perspiration o the head as a baby, and frequent nosebleeds in the summer even last year. sac.lac.

Aug.23. Marked > following many boils, can close the hands, face is clear. Sac. lac.Sept. 15. hands Have again broken out, with itching and cracking, but less oozing. Sulphur 200.

Sept 28., Improved.

Oct.18. Still clear. Will be marked this mouth.

Nov.16. Has gained five pounds. No eruption.

Jan 4, 1931. Slight patch between the fingers. Boil on the right arm. Sac.lac.

Feb.20, No sign of eczema, feels fine. No medicine.

Apr.14. In last week eczema, is appearing on one hand with oozing, Sulph 1M.

June 2.Reports herself fine. Menses snow normal.

These cases of eczema all hand suppressive treatment, and this many have had a bearing on their working out to Sulphur. I am not seeking to emphasize this remedy to the exclusion of others in eczema. It was interesting to note how the 200the potency held over such a long period in, the last case. At least two of the cases will probably need further treatment at a later interval.


Epilepsy. H.H., age 25. March 4, 1925. History of frequent epileptic attacks since childhood. Regular school treatment until now.

He is excitable, < excitement, a great worrier, easily tearful, wants no sympathy, is nervous and hurried at his work, wants to go to bed on reaching home, but is often wakeful. He has frequent nosebleed for seven gears. Feet perspire on the daytimes, summer and winter, Face flushes on least excitement. Warm blooded.
May 16. No spells.Better in general.

Aug.9, 1926.He is amazed to have gone so long without an attack. Nervous and hurried Natr. Mur. 1M.

Oct.27.Very tired, no ambition, nervous and shaky, face flushes, fearful of spell. Nat.mur. 10M.

Mar.14, 1927. Some return of nosebleed, cannot sleep, hurries his work, is irritable. Nat.mur. 20M.

Aug. 24, Had epileptic attack four days ago. Vomiting followed, which >.

One week late repeated Natr.mur. 50M.

Oct.16. Jumps in sleep. easily offended, sensitive, conciliation aggravated at fist buys now ameliorates. Strong in his likes and dislikes; noise or talks prevent concentration. He has be come suspicious, and is fearful of a spell after eating a little at supper time. While symptoms have altered it was thought well to wait lounge before giving a remedy.

Mar.1.Constipated badly.Sac.lac.

Sept.3, 1928. Series of boils and carbuncles, much depressed, with hot flushes. Calc. sulph. 10M..

Dec.,21.Old feeling returned last night, but he was able to fight if off. He is tired, exhausted, jumps in his sleep, has cankers in his mouth, and pain in the region of the frontal sinus. He was now given Sulphur 1M.

May 12, 1929. Better in all ways. Declares he never felt better. No attacks since August, 1927.

Nov.13, 1930. Reports condition still good.

Apr.10, 1931. Feels fine. No fear of spells, and is enjoying life.

A case of asthma. M.O., age 56. June 26, 1929. Venereal history 30 years ago, followed by rheumatic fever. He then had asthma over a period of 18 years, but was relieved after an attack of pneumonia three years ago. The asthma has returned and is severe. He is nervous, fearful of suffocation. Open air, which he craves, relieves the attack. Hot drinks ameliorate. He is worse during humidity or in damp, rainy weather. Dread of chilly type, irritable in nature, flies off the handle, is abusive and then over it. Rushes after his work. Fearful it s not done right, or soon enough., He looks for trouble. Craves sweets and fats. Grinds teeth at night and talks about work in his sleep. Kali carb. 10M gave relief.

Sept.15.Similar attack,. Kali Carb.10m Again benefited.

March 20, 1930.General improvement has ceased. Kali carb. 50M. An aggravation of asthma followed immediately, but after ten days of Sac.lac. this subsided. He now walks to work,. has no great amount of worry, and his wife reports his disposition exception.

There have been no further asthmatic attacks to date, but with his history I rather expect we have not seen the last of his troubles.


The following case is of a girl, age 15, in high school. She has reached such a nervous state she must be kept at home. She worries constantly over her studies although an honor pupil Her eyes are wild and staring. she awakens at there in the morning and cannot sleep. She dislikes restrain, is impatient, critical and obstinate, easily hysterical, and fond of argument. She wants to be let alone and feels better at night. As a child she was sad and melancholy, talked to imaginary dolls and of attending her own funeral. She was a fat, heavy baby, walking late. Menses protracted, preceded by preceded by irritability and weeping. Dreams are crazy and mixed. she awakens unrefreshed. Sensitive to music. < hot rooms, if stuffy. Averse to meat. Chilly type. She received Sepia 10M on Oct.1.1930.

Nov.18. Says she hates family at menstrual period. Sac.lac.

Dec.22.Sensitive,easily tearful., self centered, feels she is nagged, annoyed by what others are saying or doing. Sepia 50M. Feb.21, 1921. A different child. she is taking interest in things and is happy. Sac.lac.

May 31, 1931.Improvement holds.


The last case is L.D., a salesman, age 33, who despairs of recovery. He gives a history of nausea and vomiting for the past five years, worse in the last two. At present, Dec.24, 1930, he has vomiting daily about two hours after eating. He has consulted specialists, had x-rays, been three times to prominent hospitals for observation, finally having an exploratory operation in May 1930,.which was negative. He is taking narcotics to sleep and comes to homoeopath without much hope. He talks of suicide, if no help can be had, in order to relieve his family, but still loves life. He has lost 25 pounds. During the attacks he is irritable. Some > hot drinks. Vomiting at first ameliorates than becomes bitter and aggravates. Sleep ameliorates.

He dislikes consolation or a crows. He is fearful in severe storms. Craves acids. Must have tobacco. Is averse to cheese. Must has be air. Hot stuffy room aggravates. Frequent nasal catarrh, thick, greenish-brown, with past pharyngeal dropping. Wet weather aggravates the catarrh. He had taken to much drugs that a dose of Nux vom. 200 was given.

Jan.10, 1931, he as given Natrum mur. 10M. This held him without attacks until. April 15, hen nausea returned. He was then given Natr.mur. 50M. He has had no attacks to date, is able to attend to duties, and has a very wholesome respect for Homoeopathy.



DR.C.A.DIXON.To me these case reports show careful perusal of Kents Repertory, which is of course gratifying. the doctor has presented them in such a such a sketchy way that we have to read between the lines to get Kept in some places yet I know his training and I can see from the symptoms that Kept has been his guide.

There is another thing that is that gratifying about those reports. A man who can restrain himself from repeating his remedy, as has been done in these cases, can often to wonderful things in those old chronics. It takes lots of training to do it. Must of us have to get gray hair before we learn to restrain ourselves, and some never do learn.

He mentions in one case “As a child, she talked to herself”:. This is so often an illumination that comes through a table of mistreated cases. I am sure that was the angle where Natrum mur. showed up.

I have only one further comment to make. Be sure that you have your picture before you prescribe. These old chronic cases which, as Dr.Spaulding says, come to you after suppressing treatment, give us much confusion unless we can wait. Waiting often means the difference between success and failure.

Dr.B.C.WOODBURY:These cases of eczema treated with Sulphur called to my mind a case I had in a woman about forty years old, who had had chronic eczema for many years. Like some of those cases, rather than go chronic eczema for many years. Like some of those cases, rather than go about with the hands in that sticky condition, she worse gloves. I looked up her case and gave her Graphites. In one morning I think I gave her two doses. I have seen that woman since that timed, on two or three occasions, the first was probably nearly ten years ago. She has never had a single return of he eczema. This is the most striking case of eczema cure I have ever seen.

Dr.Spauldings way of treating chronic asks reminds me a great deal of Dr.Sloans way of prescribing. Dr.Sloan is a grate man of Sulphur. Certainly Sulphur in Sulphur cases will do the work. I think if we had more men coming along in the I.H.A. who had the methods of Dr.Spaulding, we would not be at a loss to fill out Translations with valuable material.

The advances in pathology, great as they have been, have not altered the relation which the phenomena of natural disease bear to those of drug disease. These phenomena respectively, whether rudely apprehended or clearly and fully understood in all their relations to each other expressed by the law similar similibus curantur. And we can imagine no possible development of the sciences of pathology and pathogens which could alter this relation-CARROLL DUNHAM, M.D. These characteristics are unquestionably the most import element in the choice of the most appropriate remedy; and nothing attests more surely and conclusively the skillful readiness of a homoeopathic practitioner than the faculty of brings to light, in his examination of the patient, those symptoms which, while they are of are occurrence and belong to but few remedies-yet and for that very reason, furnish definite and unquestionably indication of one single drug-BOENNINGHAUSEN, 1866.

Ray W. Spalding