Disease,through the accumulated miasmatic additions from the remote past,has givens a wrong idea of love. That which is falsely named, upon analysis,is found to come under the repertorial groups of avarice, in insolence,rage, anxiety and fear, the distress signal of the mental state reaching out for healing through the dynamics of the similar.

Man by nature is a gregarious being. He wants to associate with his fellow-man. Association means understanding,which in turn brings love. The love of home, the clan, and the nation is the result. It is a basic principles in he expression of life phenomena,it pervades nature, it breaks through all artificial barriers invented by man,it is the redeeming feature amid the perversity of the ages in which man has had and intense passion for good,through which it may for a time open the portals of Elysium.

Love is the dynamic back of the desire to improve,to be of more value to the community to lessen the discordances of the ever day life. As we grow in knowledge we appreciate that in proportion as we enhance the peace of those around us we gain the larger life. Man,in his slavery to classification, endeavors to distinguish between the various types of love. No objection is offered,nevertheless it always runs true to a natural selection in expression. Often unrecognized, it largely shapes the destiny of those influenced by its its subtleties,and never fails to add its beneficent quota of happiness to the recipient.

Disease,through the accumulated miasmatic additions from the remote past,has givens a wrong idea of love. That which is falsely named, upon analysis,is found to come under the repertorial groups of avarice, in insolence,rage, anxiety and fear, the distress signal of the mental state reaching out for healing through the dynamics of the similar.These distortions in the history of the race has developed habits of wrong thinking and action in the social state. The recognition of the fundamental homoeopathic law of attractivity in group contact has been obscured. Society endeavors to supply the deficiency by standardization.

The growing fascination in our philosophy lies in the naturalized answer it gives to these perplexing questions to the citizen , statesman,and physician. It teaches quietly, gently and persistently to correct the individual from within out, thereby lifting the miasma of psycho the warped understand it to the fuller appreciation of the larger opportunities of life. It renews the suppressed possibilities to enjoy refreshing experiences which being to us along the way we Events do not merely happen. There is a harmonious relationship between cause and effect.

Love contacts have wore or less degree of attractivity,which by association should become potentized into a large one of understanding. the process may not be rounded or symmetrical due to the particular miasmatic complex influencing the lives of the contract. There is an impairment of functional or organic health, or both. This irregular development does not signify a lack of the similarity, which would be the usual judgment. The avenues of a natural expression have become distorted, fail to function rhythmically, and we see about us unmistakable evidence of family and social incongruities.

Desire sand aversions,not natural to the setting of the lie in question,unreasonable and inconstant, manifest themselves truthlessly destroy and happiness attainable through any in particular,or combination of,experience we may through any particular, or combination of, experience we may through any particular,or combination of, experience we may wish to use as an objective lesson. The dynamic similar remedy, in a strange and uncanny manner, produces in its larger aspect a growing reasonable understanding of the environment in which the individual is placed, an increasing natural self-expression.

No one except a very superficial observer can practice a reasonable number of years and fail to see the constitutional curse from parent to child potentized, more complex and requiring earlier and more persistent treatment. Youth obscures its viciousness four many years, and if it were not for a return in a measure to more naturalistic methods of diet, physical culture, expansion of hygiene,etc., which is being advocated and applied to the young we would be compelled to take more notice of it. the efforts of social welfare methods are an indirect recognition of this self-evident fact.

There is a new approach, necessity for re-education of the individual. In proportion as the unfoldment upon the plane of our treatment proceeds the a patient gains the expanding adjustment which delights the heart of the student in social science,. New avenues of usefulness come into the picture of prospective activities,and the Love Impulse in Homoeopathics is in the ascendancy. the underlying concept of homoeopathics is in the ascendancy.

The underlying concept of Homoeopathy, like universal love,never dies, the naturalness which fired the masters in t the early glimmering of history,the love of David and Jonathan, is similar to that expressed by the immortal Hahnemann and his illustrious students. Advanced economic development has done much no stimulate association without a corresponding modification of deeper disease states. Homoeopathy offers a definite means to study restricting causes due to disease and form a nearly discernible picture for remedy selection.

If we have an accurate technique the search will often reveal one or a group of symptom upon which the mind of the patient is centered. this represents the miasmatic grip in the particular case,which may temporarily act as an abstraction to results from the indicated remedy.

If may be more or less continuous pain, an anxiety definitely localized in some organ, a distinct fear or elusion,overwhelming desire or antipathy,etc. the major symptom to the patient represents the extent of the disease, and in proportion to the character and length of duration is of importance to us. It presents the form of active expression the condition in the patient has assumed, whether simple or complex, and is a needed part of our case record for study. To assume success we should skillful weave this evidence into the ground-work for proper correction.


The symptoms of the sick man and drug proving are the foundation,and similia similibus curentur the key stone to the arch, but high above the arch are other important symbols-the illuminated windows,the carved cap stones,the decorated cornice and the ever-shining dome.

The true homoeopathician does not halt at the threshold, but advances partially , loyally and earnestly, to the consideration of all questions which hear upon the noble cause he has espoused. Potentization, repetition,etc., instead of bugbears., become subjects of liberal and candid thought and experiment- A.R.,ORGAN. M.D., 1866.

J.W. Waffensmith
J.W. Waffensmith, M.D. 1881-1961
Education: Cincinnati College of Medicine & Surgery
Author, Distinctive Phases Of Kali Carb. and Homeopathy , the medical stabilizer