One feels with them that thee is a tragedy beneath, though they rarely admit it even to their best friends. Inside, they suffer torments; great fear of the present and especially the future, which may drive them to suicide. they care nothing for danger, and are reckless in all ways. They have no peace,are active, restless,always going require little sleep retire, late.

Agrimonia-the Inquisitor. This type is not always easy to diagnose as they mask their troubles. They are often, to casual appearance, genial and full of lifes interest, and decidedly likeable people. They often drink heavily, though not to obvious excess; may be addicts to drugs; and desire excitements and a full busy life. Thus they hide the suffering within.

One feels with them that thee is a tragedy beneath, though they rarely admit it even to their best friends. Inside, they suffer torments; great fear of the present and especially the future, which may drive them to suicide. they care nothing for danger, and are reckless in all ways. They have no peace,are active, restless,always going require little sleep retire, late.

They are usually very much interested in occultism and magic. they are in reality tormented souls who are weary of their suffering,and would prefer death as a better alternative,though outwardly, they put up a brave fight with forced cheerfulness,.

Frequently it is found that they are worried by some tormenting individual , though their persecutor may be on another plane.

the remedy brings peace,removes their torments, decreases the desire for stimulants and gives them calm.

As indicated above (from the Homoeopathic World,Dec. 1930,p. 327), p.327), one of the main keynotes of Agrimonia is the heading of worry and anxiety under the clock of an apparently cheerful and happy character. This characteristic is strongly marked in the five cases given below.

It seems also that most, if not all, of the patients of this remedy have highs colored healthy complexions, such as is usual with people who live an open air life.

CASE I-Female,age 45.

HISTORY:Chronic alcoholism many years, mostly spirits. Very excessive least two months. Last week practically taken no food, and had only an hours sleep each night. Severe bouts associated with worry and anxiety.

PRESENT STATE;Patient semi-delirious, restless, frightened, pulse 120, pupils unequal.

CHARACTER;Patient always full of vivacity and geniality,hiding all worries under a cloak of forced cheerfulness, very active and restless;seeking extent,.

DIAGNOSIS;The character of fighting and concealing personal trouble by external cheerfulness indicates Agrimonia, which was given as follows:.

DOSAGE:Nov.29. Third potency, two doses. The same potency, two doses each, on Dec.18, 24, 31.

PROGRESS;Within thirty minutes of the first dose the patient fell into a natural sleep lasting three hours. A second dose given, and seven more hours sleep obtained. Second day,marked improvement. third day,about the house. Fourth day, the general condition better than for months. since the first dose (five weeks ago) alcohol has been taken in strict moderation,desire for excess having disappeared. The further doses were given as prophylactic, to counteract the effect of serious anxiety and shocks, through all of which the patient has maintained fully the improvement. The patient is clamor and more restful than she has previously experienced.

CASE II-Male,age 40.

HISTORY: Motor accident seven years ago. Fell on left shoulder. Paralysis of left trapezius followed and remained. Left scapula winged, unable to raise left hand above shoulder. Last six months, further wasting of arm muscles , with pain and subsequent loss of sleep. Great worry lest paralysis should spread down arm.

CHARACTER: Living normal life, good cheery companion. Had concealed his infirmity from everyone, except his family, even his own friends had no knowledge of the trouble.

DIAGNOSIS;The cheerful concealment of pain and disability indicates Agrimonia.

DOSAGE:Third potency, third potency, two doses for three days, on Oct. 20, Dec.18.

PROGRESS: All pain ceased five days after the first dose, and has not recurred. After ten days, movement began to improve, and continued until Dec. 16th, After the second dose, further improvement in movement until left hand could be raised with in two inches of the right when held straight up;less winging f scapula; improvement in muscular tone. Has gained marked benefit to general condition,and mental peace and joy from loss of fear of further illness, which would have been serious to him financially.

CASE III-Female, age 37.

HISTORY;Chronic asthma for thirteen years. Compelled to give up business eleven years ago. Condition severe throughout winter, some slight relief during summer. Frequently confined to bed for three week intervals. Condition very poor.

CHARACTER;Courageous, hopeful of finding a cure,. making light of malady. Even during attack attempts to be cheerful and talkative,and to mask the condition by effort to appear normal.

DIAGNOSIS;The brave attempt, even under the greatest difficulty, to conceal affliction and appeal, normal, indicates Agrimonia.

DOSAGE:”Third potency, two doses, on Dec.5, Dec.9, Dec. 13. third potency, one dose, on Dec.16, Dec.21,Dec.25, Dec.28.

PROGRESS;The condition began to improve immediately after treatment started. No serious attack was occurred,and the patient has worked every day since Dec.8th. The weight is increasing and the general condition has markedly improved. She considers the disease is conquered.

CASE IV-Male, age 50.

HISTORY;Chronic headache,and pain over eyes; about two attacks each month, lasting one or two days. Great depression continually, persecuted by vague fears, over anxious, terrible mental suffering,only with greatest difficulty able to resist suicide.

Tendency to alcoholism, but kept under control. Duration of about seven years. Had had many years of domestic anxiety and tragedies.

CHARACTER;Only one or two closest friends ever suspected that the patient had any worries. Always right , apparently happy, full of humor,a good and cheerful companion at all times.

DIAGNOSIS;The magnificent success of this patient,under the cold of anxiety and great loss, to remain outwardly happy and cheerful indicated Agrimonia.

DOSAGE:Third potency, two doses,on Oct.2, Dec.3.

PROGRESS;After three days very marked improvement began,and, with the exception of a slight recurrence on Dec. Ist the patient has been free of pain, and the whole outlook on life changed. He has been able to face all his difficulties without the least depression or worry.

CASE V-Male, age 45.

HISTORY:Chronic alcoholic of over ten years duration; periods of great excess; had been given up by his family, and lost his business appointment one year ago. Last few weeks, drinking until three or even five o,clock in the morning. State of hopeless despair for some days.

CHARACTER:The a patient had years of domestic anxiety and unhappiness,and had fought as much as he could against the habit of alcohol. He had kept his troubles to himself, and always maintained an outward cheerfulness.


DOSAGE;Nov.9.Third potency, two doses.

PROGRESS:Immediate improvement. Desire for alcohol ceased,and none has been taken to present date, seven weeks later. The general condition is much better, and the mental outlook markedly brighter.

Edward Bach