Allan D Sutherland




Science deal with effects alone, and material; it has little knowledge of basic causes. Homoeopathy, alone, most nearly reaches that coveted goal by practical application of the knowledge gained through drug proving, which it is producing, proving and verifying daily. It comes nearer, to true science than any other so-called branch of science, for it has and can prove its ground. Therefore it has a right, as a peer of all other branches of science, to take its place in the very first rank of recognized modern sciences.

We can never teach homoeopathy and have it stick unless we, ourselves, thoroughly understand it. From our diversified opinions and expressions of it is self-evident that we do not thoroughly understand it and its workings.

Homoeopathy will grow and spread if we will only give it a chance and properly cultivate it; but no plant will ever thrive while being fertilized with a substance adulterated with a poison inimical to that plant. By our actions, our indolence, our indifference, and our apparent avaricious financial greed, we so- called homoeopaths are denying to a suffering people the greatest medical gift ever given by the Creator to man, and we are apparently neither moved to pity nor to shame by our acts, but rather busy ourselves with finding excuses for those acts. As has been truly expressed-“We are great for originality and science, until it comes to doing something simple, sensible, and obvious. Then we balk”.

As intelligent men let us pass beyond the school-boy age and be not afraid to face the truth and profit thereby.-A. PULFORD.


To Samuel Hahnemann was given the insight to rediscover and establish the most priceless of medical gems the world will ever know-HOMOEOPATHY-founded on a natural law-the law of similars.

Is it to remain our property? It is fast slipping away from our grasp. Why? It is because we have not the intelligence to sustain and propagate it? Is it because we are too indolent to try to understand it? Or is it purely on account of pecuniary gain?.

Homoeopathy does not, and will not, lend itself to the spectacular, hence does not appeal to the ignorant. And, as has been stated, 90 percent of the people are ignorant, it is going to be a man sized job to educate them. Especially is this so when our own members openly declare they are “tired of hearing about pure homoeopathy”, while others think the doctors could be educated in a proper environ. Suppose we went to a French school, in France, to learn French, would we expect them to teach us “pidgin English” and then turn us out as French scholars?.

We are informed that the New York Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital is to receive a bequest of some 17 million dollars. Will our lack of-whatever it is, allow this to turn out as did the California bequest of 70,000? If they get it, what will the do for homoeopathy with it ? Will it only prove to be another feeder for allopathy as all the rest of our institutions have done? Will the new million dollar Fitkin Memorial Hospital at Neptune, N. J., remain homoeopathic, and if so, who is going to man it?.

While WE are going down for the third and last time, Europe, Germany especially, is rapidly forging ahead and fast taking from us the honors and respect our superiors had gained for us. A letter to us informs us that “even in Russia there is a strong probability of official recognition of homoeopathy. South American is forging ahead, only America lags”. Think of it! Only America lags! And we have not pride enough to feel ashamed. We Americans, in everything, have boasted and lauded it over the Europeans much too soon, we are still trailing in their dust in everything, except financially, this latter seems to be all that we have to boast of. Again-IS HOMOEOPATHY TO STAY WITH US? Homoeopathy alone

can furnish the answer.-A. PULFORD.

Allan D. Sutherland