All primary symptoms produced were confined to the night, commencing at 6-7 p.m. Not a single symptom developed during the day. The bone pains were most severe the first night, dull, changing from place to place, covering all the long bones and all the bones of cranium, but only in smaller or larger spots, never seemed to affect the whole bone.

Sep. 27th, 1930 I took one dose of Stillingia 45M before going to bed. I am naturally chilly and use much covering up to my neck and even wear a night cap. I am not chilly in the vertical position but do not seem to be able to control heat radiation in the horizontal position. The first night after taking Stillingia I had to throw off some covering, because of feeling warm between 3-4 a.m., the very time I am usually the coldest. Pain in right elbow, severe; pain at both lower anterior shin bones, in the lumbar region, in different places in the skull bones; pains changing from spot to spot all over body; all pains dull but quite annoying. Eyelids stiff on awakening in morning, as if varnish had dried on them.

Skin itchy, mouth dry but no thirst. Dreams annoying and of sex matters.

Sep. 29th, dreams about woman. Eyelids stiff in the morning, nothing else. 11 p.m., pain in finger joints of the left hand.

Sep. 30th, occipital area of head creaks on waking in the morning when moving head, this has annoyed me for several months. Mouth and throat dry. Eyes and lids stiff in the morning. Pains all over the body, moving from place to place, groin to knee, to foot, to kidney or spleen region. Changes are instantaneous and without rhyme or reason.

Dreams: I am always a great dreamer but this beats everything. Dreams of water, of lakes, of immense rivers of sewage, through which I am struggling; being lost n mazes, lost in a red light district; places seemed oriental and all streets were blind alleys obstructed by houses; being lost in warehouse district which was dark and deserted; finding myself in a railroad tunnel that had no ending and being jeered and sneered at by the few employees met.

In that river I was being attacked in the back where I could not defend myself, once I was attacked by a dog who swam at me from the front. The pains were dull but panic creating. I awoke at 3 a.m. with pains in spine, kidney, spleen, a clutching pain in heart, (all new experience for me). Position seemed to have nothing to do with pains; heat relieves. I dreamed about secret organizations and blackmail. These dreams have nothing to do with eating or indigestion. I eat very simply and never suffer from indigestion. Urine clear and normal.

Oct. 1st, chilly and tired on rising, dreamed of people and meetings. Eyes and lids are still on awakening in the morning. Peculiar, spasmodic, contracting pains all over the body in spots, not at frequent intervals.

Oct. 2nd, dreams chaotic, pains contractive in spots on skin and even over skin as if amoebae 12-15 inches in diameter were superimposed on skin but not in contact with it, something like a checker-board floor, but no two touched each other, only about six of these spots noticeable at one time. Contractions were not synchronous, the controlling center being definitely located in the spleen region. (A most peculiar remedy).

On waking, scalp creaking (old symptom); anus dry morning, nasty post-nasal taste, a peculiar and disgusting taste that I think is related to pituitary secretion. Dreamed about wolves, first time I ever dreamed of such things, and have not read anything of the kind lately.

Proving is growing weaker.

Oct. 3rd, dreams not so distressing. No pain, no cough, (have had a nasty hacking cough all my life but it is not constant). Urinated once during night. No post-nasal secretion taste (that symptom occurs only at long intervals). No occipital creaking noticeable. Anus dry.

Oct. 4th, dreams not vivid, not remembered. No urination during night. Slight occipital creaking on first motion after awakening. Practically no stiffness of eyes. Some itching of eyes during the day, especially in the evening. Came home 10 p.m. and worked cases until midnight. Dinner at midnight. Very light lunch at noon. A few (2 or 3) pears in the evening. Anus dry.

Oct. 5th, dreamed some. Awakened 5 a.m. well rested, went back to sleep and awakened at 9 a.m. Sex dreams, emission, some occipital creaking, eyelids a little stiff, no cough, anus itching and moist. About 6 a.m. intense itching of fingers of left hand for a short time. Awakened three times during night. Went to bed 9 p.m.

Oct. 6th, very tired on awakening.

Oct. 7th, eyes some stiffness, some twitching in splenic region about 6 a.m. Dull pain in the right dorsal region on brushing hair.

Oct. 11th, deep bone pains at different places, especially severe in the left humerus and scapula, left neck and left hand, worse on becoming cold and damp. All the teeth ache, getting worse from day to day (a new symptom). No urination at night. Eyelids normal. Bone pains so severe they must be antidoted. Used Mercurius 1M, one dose. No quick relief so took Sulph. 1M. Made a poor job of antidoting.

Oct. 18th, pains still severe but seem to show signs of abating.

Oct. 27, nausea and vomiting without any dietary indiscretion. I am not smoking. It may have been due to a cup of coffee on Oct. 25 a.m., although I felt nausea coming on before that. I used to be much troubled with nausea for years. Bone pain in left shoulder is practically gone.


FIRST ACTION OF DRUGS: All primary symptoms produced were confined to the night, commencing at 6-7 p.m. Not a single symptom developed during the day. The bone pains were most severe the first night, dull, changing from place to place, covering all the long bones and all the bones of cranium, but only in smaller or larger spots, never seemed to affect the whole bone.

Superficial pains were also confined to the night. That panicky dream of being attacked in a river, where I could not defend myself, was probably due to these spasmodic, wandering, superficial pains. They seem to have definitely to do with what is technically called the “etheric double”. The sensation was above the skin and felt like a small circumscribed electrical field. It finally settled definitely at the spleen region, touching the spines left edge, the gateway between “etheric double” and physical body, which deals with the movable ethers. This peculiar superficial contraction makes this remedy very interesting to me.

The secondary action, or reaction, commenced on the tenth day and is especially aggravated during the day time, and from pressure. Resting an arm on the desk will start it at once, but stopping it is a different story. It is a deep seated, spasmodic, wandering, severe bone pain, which in my case finally localized in the left humerus and right femur. The medicine seems to have a left sided preference, the very first symptom was on the bottom of left heel in an area about the size, of a lead pencil, then in the spleen region and left hand. However, the constant exposure of 10 years riding in an automobile, exposing this shoulder to a steady draft may negate that whole idea of left sided preference, were it not for the definite selectiveness of the spleen region. We have not many remedies that show preference for the spleen.

Now comes the, to me, most important thing of the whole proving. I did not record it symptom by symptom, nor day by day, it would have been so uninteresting and almost meaningless, because it would have been practically impossible to reconstruct an adequate picture, so I will give it in my own way to bring out what seem to me to be the most vital points.

At about 18 years I went to a picnic, did considerable dancing, drank some ice cold beer while heated and ruined my kidneys. A week or two after that I was shaved by a palsied barber (he may have been a syphilitic or a sycotic) who cut and infected me. This was followed by lupus erythematosus which covered my whole face, both ears and nose, and which I carried with me for 18 years. It grew steadily worse from year to year, (being pronounced incurable by at lest 40 of the good allopaths of Chicago) until I met my first homoeopath, Dr. Kent. That system of medicine impressed me so much that I immediately took steps to make up the required points for matriculation.

I always had had traces of sugar in the urine; I like candy but cannot take much. I was itchy, supernormal sexually, and for many years now have had some prognathism of superior left maxilla, in short decided pituitary involvement. As long as I can remember I have had a moist, itching anus, and for some years I have been quite alarmed and have been searching for some remedy capable of preventing a prostatic cancer. (I never had gonorrhoea or syphilis, at least not a primary infection).

Something in Dr. Hayes description of Stillingia made me sit up and take notice and I took one dose of that medicine, although I had found a remedy for the condition and was getting well under this remedy.

Taking Stillingia 45M immediately re-established some of the symptoms I had been so glad of having been relieved of. It thoroughly upset my whole economy.

Sex, anus, prostate, occiput, ocular trouble and headache had not troubled me for a month, even cough and urination were considerably improved. Stillingia had such a severe reaction on me that sex dreams came back, even an emission. Prognathism became inflamed, hot, swollen, itching; anus is still upset although comparatively dry; bone pains I connect directly with pituitary activity, the epiphyses are certainly painful, although the pain is not limited to them. Nocturnal urination was relieved from the first night. The prostate shows no indication of having been affected.

These superficial, spasmodic, jerking attacks limit themselves now, as the proving is getting weaker and weaker, almost exclusively to the region of the spleen, the left dorsal region. They come and go suddenly and remind me of a possible usefulness of this remedy in two other conditions that usually remain uncured, namely, epilepsy and congestive chill. This remedy deserves further proving.

Pulsatilla affects the dorsum of the feet.-C.M. BOGER.

Nux vomica is abusive, whereas Mercurius is malign. -G.BOERICKE.

In laryngeal diphtheria with Lachesis symptoms I give Swans DMM every two hours. This is a fluxion potency and is equivalent to about the 8th potency. If you give Lach. 200 or 1M you should raise the potency every 12 hours, the idea being to change the plane of the remedy. After the DMM I am likely to go down to the CMM, as the innermost which corresponds to the higher potency must be affected first.-C.M. BOGER.

H C Schmidt