There are many diseases that cannot be cured instantly. Symptoms that come on suddenly can be cured suddenly. Cramp conditions, spasm, sudden pains, vaso-motor disturbances, all respond instantly to the similimum. Typhoid can usually be aborted in ten days; intermittents in from twelve to twenty-four or forty-eight hours; diphtheria within twenty-four hours, etc.

I was led to write on the subject of this paper by a casual remark made by one of the ardent members of our Society. He stated that he “had never witnessed any of these miraculous one minute cures reported by homoeopaths”. That was a very frank statement. It certainly was an admission that he had never made such cures.

Without going into the psychology of such individuals, who are ardent homoeopaths and who have fought the legal battles of homoeopathy for years, but who, nevertheless, rage at miracles and high potencies, I will present a few cases fro my own practice-personal testimony that would be accepted in any court, and I am sure no member will challenge my veracity when I attest to these facts that I am about to set forth.

But first let me remind you that our literature is filled with records of miraculous cures, some of them rivaling the masters cures. I will not burden you with a bibliography, for such a record would require more than a days time to read. I will take time for only one quotation and that from my former teacher, the late James Tyler Kent, in his lecture on Ipecac, recorded in the second edition of his Materia Medica, page 576, as follows: “A single dose of any of these medicines (Acon., Bell., Ipecac., Phos., Scale, etc.) when indicated and placed on the tongue will check a haemorrhage…The haemorrhage will be checked so speedily that in your earlier experience you will be surprised. You will wonder if it is not possible that it stopped itself.” That is pretty strong language.

I can testify from my own experience to that statement. A patient with uterine haemorrhage who has a sickening faintness with every gush of blood with perhaps a severe backache, will respond almost instantly to a high potency of Ipecac 30th, 200th, 500, 5M, 10M. The 3 will act but not as quickly, because it is on the low, food plane.

I will digress for a moment to explain the fact. Man is a trinity; a physical, mental and spiritual concatenation. He is fed and nourished on the physical plane by all articles of diet, which are digested, prepared for entrance into the blood stream, and then distributed by the system of arteries, capillaries and veins. So too the nervous system is one of circulation but not of liquid, but a form of energy. That is why we require the potentization of medicines. They do not act so readily through the blood stream but, like electrical energy, through the nervous system. Even crude medicines have some of this dynamis.

No other explanation could account for the instantaneous action of hydrocyanic acid and the venom of the coral snake. A fraction of a drop of hydrocyanic acid placed on the tongue is fatal almost instantly. Perhaps that is why vitamins and hormones are so essential-they are necessary to feed the vital dynamis required of the nerve circulation. So too the spirit man needs food and is nourished not by blood nor by dynamic forces, but by the Word.

Getting back to miracle with homoeopathic medicine. I was called one evening to a patient in the country, with a ten-mile horseback ride before me through muddy black jumbo roads. Therefore it was late when I arrived, 11 p.m. The priest had already been there and departed, having given the unconscious man the last sacrament. A dead child lay on a pallet on the floor. Another child about twelve was still breathing-diphtheria. The mother sat on a chair in the corner dazed and helpless. It was the saddest picture in my experience-all living in a two-room prairie shack, a remnant of early days.

They were Bohemians and I could not understand the language. I had no one to interpret for me. The man who came to my office asking me to go on this visit said, “In two days they all get sick and die”. Symptoms were scarce. Sudden rapid prostration-I made a guess of Arsenicum, giving both patients the 500 (B. & T.) in water, and by pointing to the clock made the mother understand to give a teaspoonful every fifteen minutes, leaving just enough for eight doses each.

The next morning I returned to find quite a commotion. The neighbors were there from miles around, for the priest had been there again, and one of my patients, the husband, greeted him at the door. The good Father “threw up his hands”, so I was told, and exploded, “A miracle, a has been performed!” when they told him what had happened, that the “sugar doctor” was there the night before. Of course the neighbors all wanted to see the miracle.

The dead child had given antitoxin. If you know your materia medica you will despise antitoxin. If you dont know your materia medica you may save your patient with antitoxin-that is, be may get well. It is also a fact that you may kill you patient with the so-called antitoxin; (it is not anti but toxin.).

But let me assure you that when I am hunting big game I want a high power rifle and not a shotgun. And I also want to warn the hunter of dangerous game that if he is not a crack shot he had better stay out of the bush, at least until he has mastered the use of his weapon.

An emergency prescriber must be a “crack shot”. He has no time to change weapons. Dont “shoot” until you are sure of your remedy when treating diphtheria. Better wait twenty-four or thirty-six hours until the symptoms are clear rather than spoil your case and lose your patient. If there is not vitality enough for the symptoms to be manifested there is not vitality enough to cure anyway and you have the consolation at least that you have not destroyed the last chance of curing by spoiling the case. The late George Thacher was up against that problem with his own and only child. But he waited and waited, until some of his people were “up in arms” to “do something” (even if it kills, but do something, is the cry).

He answered them, “It is my boy and I alone bear the responsibility”. It was thirty-six hours or longer before he finally saw the remedy unfold, and then it was only a matter of minutes until his boy showed rapid improvement and got well. The doctor told me he was sure the boy would have died had he not remained firm. We lost one of our best prescribers, friend and credit to our profession, when George Thacher was called.

I once asked Dr. Kent what results he had treating diphtheria, and he replied with a smile on his face, and how his countenance lighted up when anyone hungry was seeking information, “Why, Schwartz, I have not even seen a case in person for possibly twenty-five years. I have prescribed for most of them over the telephone, and I have not lost one although I have treated many” Is that not miraculous?.

But to perform miracles with homoeopathic medicine one must know disease! Which means ITS NATURE; its onset, pace, velocity, periodicity and the trend in ultimates-its pathology. Then one must know his medicines; their nature; their pace, velocity, violence periodicity and physiological correspondence to the patient and the patient and the organs involved. Is the disease rapid or slow; violent or indolent; remittent, intermittent or continued; is it septic; what is its periodicity or cycle; what is the thermal state (is the patient chilly from uncovering, worse from hot or cold); what are the physical desires and aversions or aggravations as well as mental likes and dislikes; is he restless or quiet and why; do the pains ache, burn, sting, throb, stick, etc.; what is the color and odor of the discharge? If the symptoms are mental are they of the intellect or will?

If you know the organs affected it may help you to find your remedy among the corresponding organ rubrics in the repertory. Symptoms are an orderly cross-indexed puzzle from which the remedy may be worked out from many angles of attack, and sometimes by short-cut keynotes, but the technique of Kent, working from generals down through the particulars with their modalities is the sure method of procedure.

No one is fit to doctor unless he understands, these basic principles of homoeopathy and is well grounded in them. That can scarcely be achieved without expert training. If he does not doctor that way it is little wonder that he has never seen miracles nor one minute cures. No wonder he must vaccinate and ease his conscience with antitoxin.

Who has not seen instantaneous cures?.

The other evening while sitting at dinner we were alarmed by the terrible and repeated outcry of one who proved to be a Mexican laborer living in one of the outhouses to the rear of my residence. Someone was in pain. I was about to investigate when the wife of the patient came begging me to come at once as her husband was in great distress. I found him throwing himself all over the bed, in too great distress even to answer my questions. He was in a copious cold perspiration crying out with every contortion of his body.

Having had a similar case the preceding day due to drinking copious draughts of ice water, and knowing the laborers were served with ice cold water, as the weather was extremely hot, I gave the man a dose of Arsenicum 10M (Kent), Instantly the man was relieved and did not utter another cry. He needed no second dose and received no more. Morphine could not have been prepared as quickly, nor would it have relieved so quickly as did the Arsenicum.

As a student I took care of an “old school” doctors practice for two weeks during his vacation. He was a graduate of Yale and a neighbor of mine. When he asked me to help him out I told him I would have to rely on my “sugar powders” and he said, “I expect you to”.

Among the patients was a young lad I judged to be about ten years of age who came in the drug store asking for something for pink eye, with classic symptoms calling for Belladonna, and I gave him a dose of the 50M (Skinners potency, I believe it was), on his tongue, and several more doses in powder form to be taken half an hour apart. In less than an hour he was back again with the two remaining powders and said, “My mother said, “What kind of a fool doctor are you giving medicine on my tongue for pink eye?” He demanded that I should give him some medicine for his eye, not his tongue.

I replied, “Son, do you remember that when you first came the light hurt your eyes and they were watering so that you held a handkerchief to them? In fact you could hardly see out of them, and now you come back and have been reading that magazine on the counter?” “Why, yes,” he said laughing, “they feel much better”. Then I explained that the medicine was for his eyes and that it worked through the blood, and incorrect statement, but even doctors cant understand how medicines work through the channel of nerves, much less the laity, so I sometimes use their own language and just say “through the blood”, It raises no issue and saves talk.

My daughter was suffering from a cold; finally after more than a day of sneezing and fluent discharge of the nose she said, “Daddy, why dont you give me something for my cold?” Because we have no medicine for colds, but if you have any symptoms tell me and then perhaps I can give you the remedy.” “Well, my throat is terribly dry and the teeth on my left side ache.” I gave her one dose of my favorite potency of Lachesis (200 B. & T.). The next morning she exclaimed in rapture, “Daddy, my cold is entirely gone; why did you not give me that medicine two days ago?” I answered, “Why did you not give me your symptoms two days ago?”

For two years she had been under the influence of Natrum mur., twice going through the series from 200 to CM. This was her first call for an acute remedy, and Lachesis was indicated. Will you pardon me for saying that she is a B.A. graduate from Rice Institute with honors in history at 19, selected as one of the prettiest five girls in college-another miracle of homoeopathy; health, beauty, brawn and brain. Health makes for beauty. And a healthy brain functions. For three successive nights one of my children suffered from a nagging toothache. I first gave him Aconite 200 without much relief, but the child finally dozed off to sleep.

Next night the pain returned. I then gave him Cham. 1M as he was rather cross and irritable, and for the second time he again dozed off to sleep after an hour of the grumbling tooth. “Daddy, you must take this child to the dentist tomorrow.” “But he saw the dentist just two weeks ago”, I replied. The third night he was worse than ever. Lower left bicuspid, better from warmth; worse early part of the night. Why, Mercurius iodatus ruber, of course; and in five minutes he was asleep with an end to his ache.

Mrs. E. called me to her residence where I found her in great distress and humility. “Doctor, I have been suffering now for three days and I can stand it no longer, so I sent for you. Can you give me some morphine to put me to sleep?” “Perhaps you wont need morphine. Tell me your troubles”, I said, “I have a large abscess that feels as large as an egg” (on what I noted as the left labia majora). “And oh! how it pains! It even hurts my left thigh and left arm.” She received a dose of Lachesis 200 and in perhaps a minute she said, “Dr. Schwartz, do you think your medicine could work this quickly?” “Why, what makes you ask?” I replied. “My arm and leg are easy and I dont suffer any more.” It was amusing to see her bewildered expression.

So I left her, saying that she would need no more medicine, but that if the abscess did not break by morning I would lance it. She told me the following day that the abscess broke within an hour. With that experience with Lachesis for abscess I was ready for another Lachesis patient suffering from abscess of the lower part of the left breast that was terribly sensitive, blue and accompanied with severe lumbar backache which gave her no peace for nearly a week of suffering. So they brought her to Houston, a distance of sixty miles, for treatment. I gave her Lachesis 200, one dose, with instructions to call me if she got worse. I received no call that night but the next morning she came to my office all smiles- and no more backache. The abscess broke about two hours after the Lachesis was administered. I am glad that I have another lance besides Silica.

I do not agree that “a miracle is a violation of all the laws of Nature”. I agree with the dictionary view that a miracle is “something wonderful; anything which excites wonder, surprise, astonishment; a marvel”. Foods perform miracles. Homoeopathic medicines work miracles; and I believe (after much research through Swendenborg; psychology; Hindoo philosophy first hand through the medium of highly developed Yogi teachers; and the science of the emotions by Bhagavan Das; and the Holy Bible) and I am satisfied that Christ was right when He said that “even greater things than these shall ye do”.

How? By treatment on the Spirit plane of mans trinity. That does not include hypnotism and hysteria. It does not mean Christian Science nor Unity, but by a special science of occult development, i.e., development by scientific procedure of the hidden, latent forces inherent in all of us. The centre is, of course, in the brain, but it has its correspondence in the endocrine glands. The Holy Bible is a scientific text-book on the physical, mental and moral regeneration of the whole race. I am of the opinion there is enough literature extant to outline a course of study and training to enable the doctor to so build up and develop himself that he can within himself generate healing powers as Christ said he could. This truth has, almost, made a Christian out of me-with a few falls, and some hurdles yet to take.

As yet, not all sickness can be cured by homoeopathy instantly. The time required to cure depends on the duration of illness. Chronic cases usually take from two to five years, if curable. That depends on heredity, environment, vitality and degree of tissue change. To cure I mean taking the chronic case backward through its present life history; bringing back the old symptoms in orderly form, the original symptoms being the last ones to again come into view, and therefore the last ones to respond to the remedy. For you cannot get the spoiled potatoes out of the bottom of the barrel until you take off the top first layer, then the second layer, and then the third layer; and so on down to the bottom layer of the barrel.

There are many diseases that cannot be cured instantly. Symptoms that come on suddenly can be cured suddenly. Cramp conditions, spasm, sudden pains, vaso-motor disturbances, all respond instantly to the similimum. Typhoid can usually be aborted in ten days; intermittents in from twelve to twenty-four or forty-eight hours; diphtheria within twenty-four hours, etc. That does not imply that it takes that long for relief. Relief is a matter of minutes usually in all sickness, providing the right remedy has been administered and in suitable potency; but it is not so much a matter of potency as the proper remedy. However, the potency must be sufficiently attenuated to reach the plane of disease. Sugar or salt must first dissolve before it will be diffused in a liquid.

I have many times wired to the late Dr. Kent for consultation in my earlier days of practice in desperate cases, and if we had the time it would be profitably spent in listening to some of these experiences-miraculous results by a master who understood disease and understood the nature of his medicines, and the results were often uncanny, savouring of Divine guidance.

I cant recall a single failure in cases both acute and chronic; so-called surgical cases when surgeons refused to operate, so you know they were bad cases; typhoid, diphtheria; impacted gall bladder; gall stones; kidney stones; abscess of vital organs; chills and fever; every case consulted recovered! Dr. Kent would see the remedy from my telegram when I could not see the remedy with the patient before me. Can you deny that such results are miraculous? It is beyond human belief to those who have not seen for themselves.

I will rest my case with you, my professional colleagues, with one more personal experience that is of such import that I feel it should be placed on record as it is official.

Scene: Washington, D.C. The week of presidential election in 1916. Case: United States Postal Department vs. the Ensign Remedy Company. Battle Creek, Mich, Dr. Ensign was cited to appear before the postal department to show reason why a fraud order should not be issued against him barring him from using the mails on two charges. 1st, that homoeopathic medicine, or rather his medicines, contained no medicine; and secondly, that no medicine can cure. (The Ensign literature, some of which circulated through the nails, claimed that his homoeopathic medicines cured sick folks, to which the government took issue maintaining that no medicine ever cured. That being the position of allopathy.).

The trial of the case took five bitter fighting. Indeed, a biased government prosecuting attorney was so incensed during the trial one day that he had a very severe attack of acute indigestion on his return to curt after eating dinner in that angry stage of mind. They were about to adjourn court, when having my pocket case of 60x (B. & T.) with me, I offered to prescribe, which assistance the lawyer very graciously accepted while the dozen or more government physicians and other physicians called to testify from Washington and elsewhere, looked on in amazement.

For several days I had been of the opinion that this lawyer needed a dose of Nux vomica for his disposition and now I knew he needed it, so I gave it to him on his tongue, and so certain was I of the result that I stated aloud so that everyone could hear that that one powder would relieve him within five minutes. One of our defense witnesses (an ex-president of the American Institute of Homoeopathy) arose from his seat and exploded, “Dr. Schwartz, I would not say that”. “Why not?” I asked in reply. “It cannot always be done”, he answered, “Oh yes”, said I, “when you give the right medicine”.

I had hardly more than reached my seat when the government prosecuting attorney called across the court room, “Dr.Schwartz, I am entirely relieved”. It is needless to say that homoeopathy itself won her own case although the statutes still forbid the word “cure” on bottles of medicine or advertising matter sent through the mail. And the government chemist from the Department of Agriculture is still wondering why he could not find any medicine in Ensigns homoeopathic sugar. “Believe it or not”, it is a matter of record.


I still maintain that our conceptions of disease are vague. We are always tending to get away from the law which is the foundation of our method, and from everything that the law implies.

William H. Schwartz