DR.C.M.Boger: There some things I would like to say in connection with this paper.

This Society was organized by Dr.Lippe and Dr.Guernsey organized to keep alive the homoeopathy of Hahnemann because it was felt that the Institute was black sliding, to use the expression that Dr.Krichbaum just employed. We have been engaged mostly in keeping the homoeopathy of Hahnemann alive. If there had been no I.H.A., homoeopathy today would be ahead. The Institute,m so far as homoeopathy of a hahnemann alive. If there had been no I.H.A., Homoeopathy today would be dead. The Institute, so far as homoeopathy is concerned, is about four- fifths dead now. the ordinary medical education-by that I mean in all school is stamped alike. They are all standardized, every one. If you want to get away from standardization. , if you want to get away from standardization, if you want individuality, you have to each individuality , you have to instruct individually.

Now I come to the other point. We have been a failure as missionaries. We have been so much engaged in keeping ourselves alive that we have forgotten that there is such a thing as missionary zeal.

At Atlantic City after the great trouble we had a Watch Hill there were only seven members present. I was among the seven. Dr.Water James and Dr.T.J.Clark of New York water there. They have both passed on. At that time we, as an infant,almost breathed our last, because of scandal.

When we had the other trouble with Swan and osteopathy. the almost did something to us,gave us diphtheria, or something, but we got through with that. And here we are today facing the electronic treatment. That is the coming storm on the horizon and we will have to dispose of the shortly. But homoeopathy is the only solid ground and the only solid basis upon which we have to stand.

The criticism that havent been much as missionaries is probably deserved, but were are making strong effort on boston to overcome that, and I hope we will succeed if we succeed it will be because this Society stands have to get Homoeopathic instruction and we have been put through in schools. They havent been standardized. that is what is the matter.

A few years ago the United States government tried to make an experiment of feeling the solidities on cubes of prepared food. In a few weeks the solidities were hardly able to stand. That is what is the matter with the medical profession today. they have been fed on standardized food so long that the medical profession is hardly able to stand.

Looks at the assaults on the profession today we people who are not doctors. Think of that. A large part of the profession is held in open derision today. If we are going going to amount to anything we have to stand by our colors, and I think the school in Boston is one of the best means of doing that.

We have been few in numbers many times. We have had large meetings and we have had small meetings,but the closer to keep to Hahnemanns law and what Hahnemann told us the more nearly we will he presented.

Dr.H.A ROBERTS;In the possession of he I.H.A.we have kept a clear and shining light of the truths that Hahnemann gave us us. there is no question about that. there is a necessity and a great necessity, and a great necessity, for the missionary spirit to go on and promulgate this and carry it forward, and I think the I.H.A. has taken steps that are particularly apropos in this direction.

Take, for instance,the journal that we are publishing. Look back the time when we took cover that journal and look at it today. It can hardly be recognized as the same sheet. it has improved very much it us teaching good homoeopathy. You can call it “pure” if you wish. It is Hahnemannian homoeopathy as exemplified by many if the masters who are gone, as exemplified by some of the masters who are still living, and there are a good many.

I want to make a suggestion in connection with the Boston Post-Graduate School which is teaching the Hahnemannian ideals of Homoeopathy. We dont pretend to teach anything except homoeopathy as its individual who is seeing to learn. How many of the young have improved in Homoeopathy in the last twenty-give years? Would you recognize yourself back twenty-five years ago? This leads me to the though I an trying to carry on. I have six or seven your men with whom, I am in constant touch, writing to them, trying to direct then in to homoeopathy, and they are becoming apt students. Sooner or later they will go to the Boston Post-Graduate School. You would be surprised at the progress that some of those young men are making under direction as t what books to get, what books to study, how to study and how to help trying cases.

That is the only way we can do it. If every one of our two hundred and six members in this Association would take some young man, just one,and guide him, in five years we would have bigger membership.

DR.J.M.GREEN: On of the things we ought to do is discover where the ignorance of homoeopathy lies,both in other fields of medicine and among the laity. I do believe that ignorance is homoeopathys greatest enemy at the present time. If we would find our what our neighbors are thinking about and then try to meet that need we would recuperate our own ranks at a faster rate, and we would do away with the idea of being called “pure? or ?exclusive” faster than we have been able to do in the last ten or fifteen years.

DR.G.ROYAL:I want to try to answer some of the points that have been raised and to elucidate a little more some of my own statements.

Dr.Green asked three very prominent, very pertinent questions: What doe the laity thin of us? I dont thin I need to answer that. What does the l;city think of us in Des Moines or in lows or in Ohio or in Oregon today? By us I mean all homoeopaths, more necessarily this society, but I will include you, and you may answer the question.

Now, then why do they think w3hat they do of us.? has said. I am going to tourist that subject next Wednesday. Instead of referring has said. I am going to treat that subject next wednesday. Instead of referring to its as ignorance we are going to call it misconception of Homoeopathy. And where doe the public get its misconception? Through the public press, through the pamphlet, through the magazine, through the journals, through this journal.

I understand there are about two hundred and sixty members of this society and a great many of those didnt even subscribe to our journal. Doesnt that help answer your question somewhat?.

The next question is, How are we going to overcome that misconception How are we going to get them interested? We have to take the law of similia. We have to take the law of similia. We have to to do by them as others do. We have to use the press, the journals, the magazines,the pamphlets,and everything over going to reach them,. in any other way. When two hundred and sixty members, we will say, get two hundred copies of the journal, how many of our one hundred twenty- five or one hundred third million people are we going to reach?.

Dr.W.W.WILSON;How many of the daily papers would publish it if you have it to them?.

DR.G.ROYAL:There again comes in our personal influence. I lives in Des Moines and have lived there thirty-one years. I never have presented to the Des Moines Register a single article on cancer, of a notice of a homoeopathic meeting, or my views on anything else, that they have rejected. And a good newspaper that reaches the masses and does it intelligently will publish what they recognize as the truth, and many of them will recognize us.

Your question implies one thing,which is lamentable which is that much of our press. Our newspaper,s is controlled by the A.M.A.I know that. But there is a division coming in the A.M.A. There is a division coming in the ranks of the American Press Association that we can take advantage of, and we ought to do it.

Now I come to what you have to do Dr.Boger touched on it and the rest of you touched on it. Suppose we had ten women here,pure, perfect intellectually, spiritually and physically. Here are ten men. they are the only ones in existence. Suppose these ten women say, “No, if we marry them, we cant transmit in its purity what we have.” They remain unmarried, unmated, childless. Which would you rather have? At the end of thirty days after that decision is made what good are your books and everything else going to do? We have to mate. We have to propagate. We must have children, and we must educate them.

George Royal
George Royal M. D, born July 15, 1853, graduated New York Homœopathic Medical College 1882, served as president of the American Institute of Homœopathy, professor of materia medica and therapeutics, and also dean of the College of Homœopathic Medicine of the State University of Iowa.