The ulcers had spread to the face,beck and arms, they still had there crusts. were rather deep, very irregular in outline, itching, turning blue when in water; a red cellulitic process was spreading across the face. not sure but followed up by the steadily encroaching ulcers. One wing of his nose was already gone. A sister and visitor of of the family had also contracted the disease.

Whatever of interest there may be in these few reports might come out better in the racing than in the reciting. they are simply a few of those rather spectacular cures that result occasionally from a combination of lucky prescribing and responsive patient, some of those that remain in the memory and encourage us while perfuming more tedious or more tedious or more ordinary work.


Boy aet. 10, chorea; abject and helpless, unable to rise from bed six week; complete amnesia; head lies always to the left loud material murmur, pulse 60; crack in enter of lower lip; gnashing of teeth during sleep; craving sweets, marked emaciation though eating well. Eczema suppressed when a baby. Sepia 10M. Fink.

Three weeks later he could talk threw himself on the floor and crept like a baby. From then on he improved so well that I did not see him until three years later when he needed another administration for a slight return of teaching.


Woman, aet.67. Had fallen four years previously and hurt her back at the right sacral region and had been incapacitated for work since. She could not rise along and could walk but little and that with much difficulty and assistance because of the continued soreness. She complained for soreness and a dislocated sensation,hurting with every steps, ameliorated while lying with the thigh flexed, unallocated by warmth, aggravated by first motion and relieved by continued motion but aggravated by osteopathy, aggravated by story or damp weather. Severe catching pain when attempting to move will flying but relieved by change of position.

After four years of this she was brought to the office with a cane on one side and her dither on the other, scarcely able to lift the feet from the floor. Calcarea Fluoric 12th taken every 4 hours for five weeks. Three months later she could do everything and even run when necessary.


Boy aged 11; acute encephalitis lethargica. Headache relieved by cold; liked to have the head drawn backward;fidgety legs; general tossing from 12 to 4 or 5 a.m. Talked complainingly of work;answers often irrelevant; grateful for cold drinks. noise annoyed him. The characteristic faces very marked.

Phosphorus 10M. Skinners was given. His countenance was brighter the next day, the following day he spoke of his own incentive. As he improved copies drawling appeared while asleep. He was sitting up in a week and on two weeks walked about the house.


Girl aet.4. Throat specialist said adenoids, the writers humble digit concurred; also large tonsils, nasal intonation,. etc. She was appalled, blinking,always pretty, rising easily, no appetite; history of many colds and bilious vomiting. PSORINUM 50M, Skinners.

Twelve weeks later she was taken to the specialist wrong diagnosis:”it met have been something else”.


Woman aged 49. Gallstones out fifteen years previously, malarial chills five years before that. Having distressing colic again, always after eating. the X-ray showed an adhesive band from the stomach to the liver.

Bryonia relieved enough for two weeks so rouse hopes and three meals were digested without army pain. The pain is referred to the sight of the gall bladder, much worse after eating,like a weight pulling across the abdomen and stinging aggravated by deep inspiration conscious of “motions about the gall bladder” aggravated in the evening; full smothered sensation after eating. Sharp pains up chest. Chilly sensation inside the stomach and empty, gone sensation in stomach. Sensitive to cold and dampness., She came to the homoeopath hoping to escape the needle and operation.

Four administrations of Carbo veg. during nine months cured most of the pain. Then the malaria returned and was gone after Natrum muriaticum. Calcarea cost. cleared up the few remaining discomforts. Nothing worth mentioning the last three years.

Girl of three,diphtheria; tonsils and adenoids cut six months previously; marked stiffness, swelling and pain of the neck, so that she had to turn the whole body to get the head around; feet and hands cold;super; craving cold drinks but vomits them. Averse to noise or any disturbance but wants company. Very restless at night. Transparent pinkies pallor (observed clinically in some Phosphorus condition).

This cure was not spectacular for having noticed Beggars admonition as to aggravations from the 1000th of Phosphorus in some patients,. it was tested and it made a rather exciting case out of an apparently simple one. At first she was much worse al day and night, then the expected improvement came., But it lasted only three days when an alarming relapse occurred Phosphorus 10M improved at once and for six days,then another relapse. The 10M again improved but glandular swelling and stiff neck was still present four days later when Calcarea carbonica cane to the rescue two weeks from the first prescription, at least a week longer than it should have taken, it seemed. Although the culture up to the end of the third week- in fact I became tired of watching it any dismissed myself the case.


Young married woman, suddenly attack of grippe. Aching relieved by change of position;headache severe, with same modality. Had had chill at 3 a.m. Thirst for cold. Rhus tox. was prescribed in the morning, but she continued sores and had another chill in the evening,then came an urgent call at 11 p.m.

More symptoms. Intense heat,intense aching. Had become decidedly worse at 4 p.m. Lying dozing with a peculiar moaning soul interrupted by active delirium-men on the wall, some obstacle preventing her getting away,screaming and fighting to free herself. Throbbing headache relieved by cold applications;l wavering after cold drink.

A trip to look at the repertory was necessary to select the correct remedy., Eupatorium purpureum,the 900th, was used. She was asleep in a half hour and very bright indeed the next morning.


Robust girl aet. 10. Icthyosis nigricans, congenital, of course, with itching from the middle of the torso to the middle of the things. Mosquitoes poison her more than the average person; large tonsils; craving milk ; average to fish; flushed and uncomfortable inward room.

Arced. 20 M. Fincke. As she improved a peculiar odor as of fermentation followed her. In less than two months the skin was become perfectly normal. Weather it will continue so many be a question.


High school girl minus tonsils and history of diphtheria. Recently had toxin-antitoxin followed immediately by “grippe”. Remained very pale, white and exhausted,unable to attend school. The exhaustion was especially sensed in the hands which were also numb. Cramps in the hands when washing them or whenever flexing the fingers; could not lift anything. Constantly splitting mucus from the throat;l easy perception.

Anthracinum CM, Fincke, acted exceedingly well.


Illustrating Echinacea;Farmer of 24. History of meningitis at 14 with three weeks of coma and strabismus; he remembers the intense headaches; never strong since.

Having impetiginous appearing sores on scalp with rated crusts, faint stomach and morning tidiness. Sulphur 200th was given without much benefit and he went from one doctor to another until he landed benefit and he went from one doctor to an other until he landed in the office again three airs later. The ulcers had spread to the face,beck and arms, they still had there crusts. were rather deep, very irregular in outline, itching, turning blue when in water; a red cellulitic process was spreading across the face. not sure but followed up by the steadily encroaching ulcers. One wing of his nose was already gone. A sister and visitor of of the family had also contracted the disease.

He slept badly,. tossing until midnight; “nervous pain in the heart as if he had been running fast”.

He acted and walked like an old man, walking or standing with keens bent, he turned around slowly as if thinking about it, lifted the feet but little walking. Mental processes slow and simple, slow to answer. Mental processes slow and simple, slow to answer. He kept his eye on one as thought he saw something amusing. He was quite skeptical as to the doctor but was always looking for one to perform a miracle. He was possessed, in addition to all the other qualifications, of a contact extension and flexion of the left thigh,day and night.

Dr.Gorton;s “double dosage” was tried, Echinacea 200th one day and the 1000th the next. Three months late the sores were all healing and there were no new ones. Did not see him again until 11 months from the date of the prescription. He was then bright,m erect, strong and the wing of his nose had grown out; but a concave ulcer was now appearing on his neck. The prescription was repeated but we heard some months later that he still had a few sores and was still searching for a miracle.


A young married woman, with epilepsy gravior since appendectomy five years previous frequent attacks, sometimes three in a day. delayed and painful menstruation,no morning appetite, faint stomach at 11 a.m.. Pounding headaches every 8-9 days; weeping spells. Finckes sulphur 5M.

A month later, no headaches;l hungry but too “full” to eat, cannot eat until 10 a.m. Urgent thirst for cold and craving for ice creams and sour things but aversion to sweets. Phos. 200th. Dunhams.

No attacks for a month then one. Phos. 200. No attacks for force months, then three. Sulphur 10M, Skinners. No attacks during the last thirteen years. But she threw out boils., a rectal abscess, and had two attacks of psoriasis, meanwhile having Sulphur again, then Calcarea. Eczema then came out which was cured with Nitric acid.


Girl,16, Goitre five years. Obese, mustache; much perspiration, clammy cold feet, easy dyspnoea. Calcarea carb. 200th cured.

A year and a half later a ringworm about the size of a fifty cent piece appeared on the face. It was surrounded by smaller ones, the whole in strikingly circular arrangements. They were much aggravated by all the applications that had been attempted.

We think of Echinacea in very irregular eruptions but the 1M of Calc. carb wiped out this also.


Miss of 23, goitre 2 years. The gland was moderately but distressingly enlarged and not hard. She was always tired. which was aggravated by even moderate exercise, tired expression, always sleepy, fantastic dreams, talking and striking during sleep. Headaches in left temple beginning in mid afternoon and relieved by open air and by cold applications. Easily excited and irritable and the office nurse says her pulse runs to 135 when excited. Cough while asleep only; canine appetite; thirstless; prefers cold food; averse to salt; nausea and distress in epigastrium, eructations of rotten egg flavor; menses five weeks apart and protracted; heat is exhausting palms perspire when excited.

Calcarea iodata 30th, one administration. six weeks later the size of the the thyroid was normal and of course there was striking general improvement; but a small cystic lump remains.


Man fifty-one, goitre several years; had reduced it some with iodine and thought he was feeling some better. Continual cough and colds several years. Coughs regularly in the morning until he has had his hot drink, relieved in the open air. Tired easily and sweating easily. General amelioration in the open air and after eating; aggravated in warm room, canine appetite Drowsiness. Face often flushed.

Calc., iod. 6x every two hours for five days. In three months the goitre, to all appearance, and the accompanying symptoms were gone.


Royal E S Hayes