The principal source or error is dud to the fact that mostly sub classifications are used to describe the sphere of action the primary sphere being neglected r not even known;and when we further take into consideration that only four spheres of action are personable,and only three out of these four probably,the primary classification becomes easy and the sub-classification may then attract our attention.

The study of materia medical the analyzation of the patient and repertory procedure are the three legs requisite for remedy selection,and the method employed or systems used differ probably with each prescriber.

Being convinced that many remedies are habitually neglected by showing preference for the polychrests due to stereotaped procedure, a slightly different manner of study will be followed in this paper.

I have read that al disease comes from the moon,arch a statement is on a part with the one, that all life comes of of the ocean., The core of the moon is said to the silver, as that of the earth is said to be antimonium.

In gathering material for prescribing, some points are important. first, the symptom must be reliable,e, and,secondly,the sphere of action between remedy and disease producing cause must coincide, and the symptoms in patient must be consistent with, and logical to, the sphere of action. The principal source or error is dud to the fact that mostly sub classifications are used to describe the sphere of action the primary sphere being neglected r not even known;and when we further take into consideration that only four spheres of action are personable,and only three out of these four probably,the primary classification becomes easy and the sub-classification may then attract our attention.

First of all mist we realize that Homoeopathy is a semi-meta physical study, the term aura of the drug removes the whole subject into the realm o metaphysical. If we next tale into consideration that this aura is capable of a fourfold division,which then can we better follow the reasoning employed.

The silver patient has his consciousness centered in the sec, or, more specially in the sacral plexus. the moon controls conception, ergo sex,and misused sex-function is the cause of all disease,superficial reasoning of the contrary, hence, all disease comes from the moon,and this predicates a very large field for silver.

Our present age is sex-mad, and some other characteristic manifestations are general haste, or restlessness, also pretense and sham. To verify that one needs only to watch the theaters,the night-clubs,the road-houses. Every one of these characteristics has been brought out in the silver proving, only the proper values have not been placed on some of the symptoms and the connection with the sex-function has been kept covered up to a large extent, which is due tooth very nature of silver itselF.

A united States census taken using the world Water brought out the fact that a large per cent of he population are morons. A moron is said to have the mentality of a 12 year old child, and the consciousnesss consequently now situated in the intellectual centers. The striking characteristic of the moron is, that he is completely ruled by sex; in fact,sex is about the only thing he is conscious of.

Now,let us consider a nice woman of a good,yes,even of one of our best families who is afflicted with this devilish condition,never free from it day or night,awake or asleep. She meets some one who is congenial and in consequence becomes a little in discreet. What are the immediate symptoms that follow? First, her conscience, being situated in a higher center, (I am not now speaking of a person whose conscience has been cut off),beings to make itself felt.

She will be forced to admit,at least in her best moments and only to herself,that it was not quite the proper thing to do. Not belong philosophic (philosophy being quite beyond a moron ) she does not succeed in throwing off a certain dense of guilt. She resents it and in order to justify herself puts the blame on her husband, and hates her husband, whom she has injured by her action. This sounds queer, but it is exactly the way it works. We hate those them we have injured,as has been very well brought out in the Christ story.

Now the feeling of guilt,m and the hating of her husband, and the attempt to cover up the whole thing, lest it be brought out into the open,induces her to be exceptionally nice to her husband (Some husbands are pretty good at that same game). Let us keep in mind that she is sweet to a husband whom she hates, and further,let us keep in mind that this hate did not originate in the emotional center, but in the sex center,a very important point, to prevent us classifying it as an emotional symptom. This action I call deceit and it was been brought out in the proving and carb be found in Kents Repertory.

This deceit is by far the strongest and most important characteristic of silver. It sticks out on every corner, but always it is covered up,and a materialistic minded person will probably never see it. I am perfectly conscious of the fact that not all morons, by any means,commander this classification. there are those who have no conscience,but thy is another story.

The great keynote of silver is deceit., Let nee quite a case. A patient with plenty of symptoms, was prescribed for half a dozen times without satisfactory results. On leaving the house one day. I met a mutual friend and asked him, He answered without hesitation, “Deceit. He will hate you like poison yet pretend you are one of his best friends when he speaks to you”. I went home,tool down the Repertory, looked for deceit,found Arg. nit. and gave it on the one symptom with extraordinary result.

Going back to our lady, being a sexual person there will be practices that leave certain imprints. She will be irritable, nervous more or less petulant and impatient, hasty,cannot do things fast enough, or she is so spent that she lies around all day. Her heart gives much trouble. Nausea is a very strong feature, coffee makes her worse, it makes her nausea worse and at the same time will stimulate the sex;and to all this her remorse,and we get a state of mind that is typical but hard to describe, but certain features are rather constant. the face looks old and dissipated and has deep lines. Then there is that apprehension that will never go, the insincerity that one feels is the deceit covered up it is the very opposite of being guileless.

Silver has apprehension on going to church or theater, which becomes plain fear, so much so that they lose control of sphincter muscles A queer symptom,if considered by itself, but perfectly rational and consistent if we realize that she is going to meet her friends and Friends of the family. They probably have talked about her and she wonders how much they know. Then she becomes touchy, feels isolated and probably is. A person in that state of mind is not good company; she insults and hurts her best friends and they naturally stay away.

We read under Arg., “thinks she has an incurable disease” which is quite natural, if we take into account that she has exposed herself. She probably worries also as to whether or not she is pregnant. Of course that symptom will never come out in the proving. Such a state leads to all kinds of delusions and silver has brought our many.

Having tried to give an out like of present day civilization and of a person whose consciousness is situated in the sacral plexus, or, who is typically lunar, let us see in how far we can synchronize the proving of the silver salts with the conditions described.

Silver is cold-blooded, devitalized, as cold as Nux, Hep, and Sil., very sensitive to being touched, not only the head but any part of body; almost an sensitive as Lach; wants to be tucked in up to the neck; and least motion of bed covers chills. Many symptoms run very close to Nux and Hep.

Here are two peculiar symptoms I want to mention is passing. The first in a patient very much benefited by Arg.nit., the other because of its singularity. When we deal with living organisms there are some features we cannot very well overlook, if we are to be consistent. One is the effect of the sun, the other is the effect of the moon on all life. Arg. has a greater affinity for the moon than any other substance except perhaps water, but water is not an element.

As said before, homoeopathy is a semi-metaphysical science; many of the effects are physical out the causes and functions are metaphysical, and the time is not so far off when it will be developed along those lines. We may as well recognize this fact, and when we do we will be forced to take certain other facts into consideration. These to symptoms are definitely along those lines. The first is while chilly, always relieved by heat and from hot drinks, especially the gastric and abdominal symptoms, and cannot hear to have the gastric and abdominal symptoms, and cannot bear t have the direct sun-rays touch her skin. That woman, in less that ten minutes after the first dose or Arg.nit. CM, was able to lie on her back and extend her legs, a thing she had not been able to do in over 50 years.

The proving pertaining to this read, “tension like a cord in abdomen and groin”. The other symptom is even more peculiar. A man I met ion Arizona 20 years ago was so sensitive to the lunar influence that he cold not go out into the moonlight without being covered by an umbrella. This man could go our into the sunshine and was apparently perfectly rational. Had I been more familiar with silver at that time, I could have obtained much valuable information.

Dr.Kent mentions dropsical conditions almost any place. Under Arg. I had one woman, large, fat and chilly with amenorrhoea, who was much benefited by Arg.nit., but most of the others were slender, some even marasmic.

Argentum has many pains, especially nerve pains, facial and sciatic predominating,also left ovary and right testis, which Dr.Kent has so well brought out. He also says, “Arg. is useful in locomotor ataxia”. He probably means for the sharp pains; and again syphilitics are notoriously sexual. Feels he is forsaken, and feels he is despised are very prominent silver symptoms; is afraid to walk on the street and pass corners; hurry,m cannot do things fast enough, walks,eats,drinks, talks fast; impatient time passes too fast; weak larynx; weak chest : hacking cough;expectorates little lumps like boiled starch. It runs parallel to Sternum in weak chest, and throat very sensitive to tobacco smoke. It is useful in epilepsy and in fibroid tuberculosis with great rightness at bifurcation of teaches.

Aggravation at noon is an important symptom.

Fermentation, much gas nausea, very annoying, > from motion, < from looking at moving substance, are symptoms which suggest that it might be considered for sea-sickness. Early morning colic, > by heat, comes on about 5:00 a.m.; colitis with stool like sand:> lying on right side; suspicious, morose, disinclined to work. One troublesome symptom it cured for me was an itching,moist anus.

It desires sugar has glycosuria, but its must important action is its soothing effect in sex Erethism.

The study of our materia medica is very tiresome and difficult, and so are many points in our philosophy, and the law of healing is not by any means as simple as our slogan might indicate, yet they dovetail at every point. I have mixed practice, philosophy and materia medica in this paper,. own order to bring out the rationality of some of the disconnected silver symptoms that have been developed by the proving and appear so queer and irrational.

If we are fortunate enough to have the full confidence of the patient and they allow us to look into their inner life, and we obtain one or two of these extraordinary symptom,s then almost any novice can select the curative remedy,. But we are many times thrown on our own resource4s and on our ability to read between the lines and for this reason we will mention a few more of the main futures of silver.

When pathology affects the cartilages,either in joints,m eyes, ears or larynx, silver is the first remedy to come to our minds, just as Phyt. comes to our minds, if the seat of trouble is at the place where tendons are attached to the bones. Tuberculosis of the larynx in a patient who uses his voice as great deal, with consequent hoarseness, especially if associated with haste, apprehension and neurasthenia indicates silver as the probable curative agency. Invariably they have a dry jacking cough.

In venereal disease,where the discharge remains yellow,thick and tenacious foreman weeks, has been suppressed and thrown to internal structure,s and the tubes and ovaries have become infected, or an epididymitis or orchitis has been established, a few doses of Arg.nit. will help to reestablish the discharge and eliminate the poison.

The silver patient is a notoriously poor “yes, sir but he is famous when it comes to saying “no” I once heard a high-powered salesman say, “if I meet one of those moon-faced people, who looks like a full moon with an almost flat dished in frame, I turn right around and walk away,for he is sure to say no, and stick to it like a mule”. If such a one happens to come to our office, think of silver.

I once had a patient who was an invalid for many years. I sized him up and could see nothing but gonorrhoea. In spite of his most emphatic denials I prescribed a sycotic remedy, which, in the course of 2 or 3 days, established a born petechial eruption al over his abdomen and things.

This disappeared in about a week and finally ended in the complete cure of that patient. This denial is another form of the condition we labelled deceit in the beginning of this paper; it is characteristic of people,e who 2ill not do things in a direct way,but who think it a sign of superior intelligence to mix in any moment of non-important side issues.

I sometimes wonder in what degree, if any, it differs from the symptoms called “liar”. In the Repertory only two remedies are mentioned under that heading, namely, op. and Verat. I think Arg.nit. should be added. Dr.Kent moonshined a case that describes this point very nicely. A nursing baby had a greenish diarrhea, Merc., Ars. and Cham. had made no impression. He asked the mother if she was found of sweets. She said, “Oh no” but the husband said, “Oh yes you are, I bring you a pound of candy every day”. That baby did not get well until it got Arg. nit.

This innocent looking “oh no”, should be in heavy type, for it is quite characteristic of this remedy. We find it repertorized under the designation “contrary” were it is registered in italics.

Dr.Kent, in describing silver, says, :”it affects the brain in a very profound manner, bringing about changes of a gradual softening”. Again he says, “a strange feature is that it singles out the intellectual faculty,which is disturbed increasingly to imbecility. It scarcely affects the affections”

Not many surpassed Dr.Kent in the knowledge of our philosophy, in the scope of remedies she had at his command, or in the remarkable cures he effected, and Dr.Kent was not the type of person who could have left the regular school of medicine to join the ranks of Homoeopathy unless he was fully convinced expression of silver selecting the intelligent is not well put, in that he stresses a negative feature instead of a positive fact.

If we divide man into intellectual, emotional and physiological: materialistic,religious and philosophic; or, sacral group and the effect on the brain is due to the robbing of the brain, by drawing the blood supply to the lower center, depriving the brain of sufficient nourishment, and not because it effects the intellectual sphere.

If we have a patient who is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, several features must be taken into consideration.

First they overwork the brain and tire it out. Second,they do not sleep enough. Third, the worry and eat every irregularity Then they table recourse to stimulants, coffee,whisky, cigars, and sedatives to make them sleep mights, and aspirin for pain,completely demoralizing the physiological mechanism but not by any manner or means affecting the intellect per se.

Argentum nitrate is one of the best remedies for nervous breakdown. Argentum nitrate and Nux vomica.

H C Schmidt