C. E. Prescott, Brookline, Mass.


What is self-control and how may we …

What is self-control and how may we secure it? In one word it is Balance, the condition most lacking in our world today a condition we should all seek with the same determination with which the old crusaders started out for the Holy Land and if we follow their methods of seeking with prayer and fasting, we make a proper start.

Improper diet is as great a factor in making for a lack of self- control as the inherited tendency to a quick temper a stomach where gas is the main output is a background for short tempers and unjust judgements a nagging stomach makes a nagging disposition.

We despise lack of self-control in ourselves as much as we despise it in others, but often can not analyze our basic cause for shortness of temper and mental tantrums we realize each time we give up to our irritations its easier to give up next time and that the attacks come with ever-increasing frequency; its a giving up and an over-doing at one and the same time its lack of adjustment.

Lack of self-control may show in extravagant talk, extravagant expenditure of money or extravagant, wasteful expenditure of nerve force all wasteful and draining factors, sins against wholesome living.

Mental calm and balance are necessary to the healthful life of the individual and the community each individual should be a reservoir of calm strength and forceful balance.

Lack of self-control makes control of helpfulness to others impossible; a lack of self-control diminishes our self- confidence, thus weakening our forcefulness and our power of decision!.

Calm is necessary to express the best and most lasting strength mental calm and balance always make an atmosphere of restfulness, where ideas can be expressed and received at their full value.

There is no better way, I believe, than early morning rising glass of cold water to start the day an open mind and open windows in the room; if possible an eastern room where the rising sun can be watched and power received from the on-coming day there is an influx at this time which it is possible for us all to receive, if we but will do so the making of calm and power the foundation of forceful days.

The habit of receiving inspiration and strength at this time in the day makes a mental radiance possible and is a strength and safeguard against the little irritations of the daily battle of life to be immune to the little things which unbalance and unsettle the great majority is a most useful state of mind balance is the great condition to be sought where self-control reigns supreme and we are able to of our strength to give to others without stint and without diminishing our own strength rather as we give we grow in strength; few know how to receive strength from the limitless power of the Infinite; we can all learn to receive and to give, and in realizing ourselves as nothing in ourselves, but instruments of use; receiving from above something of the undiminishing spirit of helpfulness self- control and a receptive state of mind making the receiving of power possible and satisfying.

C E Prescott