The understanding is coming about through the discovery that the physical is but concentrated energy. The control of the physical will be achieved when man has made its inherent energies his servants and allows them no more to be his master. For a long time man had stood in awe of Natures forces, till some few were harnessed and did his bidding.

Man is a physical being, seeking physical well-being through understanding and control of nature. This is Natures only experiment. The Good Book tells that, at one time, God was sorry He started it and offered a corrective. It seems now that God has turned the whole affair over to man and is allowing him to work out his own salvation. It appears that man is trying to complete the job God started and gave up. It now transpires that after some few million years of groping about without light or leadership, man thinks he has found the way by which he may enter into the age of control and understanding of Nature.

The understanding is coming about through the discovery that the physical is but concentrated energy. The control of the physical will be achieved when man has made its inherent energies his servants and allows them no more to be his master. For a long time man had stood in awe of Natures forces, till some few were harnessed and did his bidding.

The physical man, too, is endowed with inherent and mysterious forces that make or unmake him, as they act and react upon the energies and forces within and without him. And man has found out that the state of his physical is but a representative of and is determined by these actions and reactions. Also it is obvious and most apparent that every psychic exhibition and conscious state is but a representative of and is determined by these induced organic states. So if man would control his physical state and thereby his states of consciousness which determine his personality, he must make these inherent energies and forces of his body do his bidding.

Man had for a long time thought of this body as a group of independent organs somehow performing certain organic functions and so achieving life and providing a residence for consciousness. The evident fact is, man, fundamentally, is a group of related processes acting and being acted upon incessantly. Digestion is a series of fermentation, alternately acid and alkaline, so related that each depends on the preceding one for stimulation. The first is activated by memory, felt need and use.

Thus digestion represents a series of related processes and not a series of unrelated events. And beyond digestion is metabolism, which is but a continuation of the series of fermentative processes that analyze food in order to liberate its energies to animate and vitalize the body. Up out of this cauldron of fermentative chemical activities arises mans sense of well-being or ill-being, his varying states of consciousness in sanity, his fixed states of consciousness in insanity, and he has won or lost the purpose of his being.

The chemistry here brought to our notice is the chemistry of the infinitesimal. This develops for us the idea that life is the chemistry of the infinitesimal. This view brings life within the realm of chemistry and opens an unexplored filed of original research. Now that we have explored the earth from pole to pole, we may feel inclined to turn our attention to man himself, and there find problems worthy of our keenest powers of research.

We are not yet acquainted with all the forces that affect us, or how-impalpable forces that evade to senses, touch the vitality, and in some mysterious way work a work of good or ill. The actinic rays of the sun vitalize living organisms and make possible the processes of life; without these rays assimilation of the cell salts are impossible, and deficiency diseases result. To correct these deficiency diseases Nature makes use of elements so finely divided as to make a usual homoeopathic dose look like a debauch.

After finding everything else in the universe subject to law, it is dawning on the slow intellect of man that he himself is also subject to law. The laws of life are not suspended in sickness or even death. We dont have to know all about life to discover the laws of life. Life can best be studied as a cause, or one of the three natural forces of nature, gravity, chemical affinity, life, producing all the effects of nature.

Health is the end product of normal life activities. Disease is a result of a disturbance in the activities of the life forces. The same force, gravity, is at work when the air moves in gentle breezes as when the winds rage and wreck the landscape.

The failure in medicine today is due to the fact that medical science has failed to recognize that life is a force, subject to law, producing all the details of every varying human experience, whether of health, disease or death. The feeling of well-being, the storm of acute sickness, or the dissolution in death, are all the end effects of life activities in order or disorder. Normal life activities also demand the total exclusion of every extraneous force that does not belong to the aggregate of life forces that belong to the normal human body. The things that give the normal forces the most trouble are the outside forces that get inside and must be expelled or be destroyed. The life forces are unorganized ferments.

The invading forces are organized ferments. These act as irritants, and set up definite reactions that are unwholesome. The vitamins are of the unorganized variety, and wholesome and essential to the life activities, whether in the synthetic life of the plant or the analytic life of the animal. The vitamins are essential to life and their lack in the physical economy causes the so-called deficiency diseases, rachitis or rickets, scorbutic states, scurvy, some forms of goiter, pyorrhea, many other conditions not yet described or identified.

These are cured by corrective diet, or by supplying the deficiency by administering the potentized tissue or cell mineral salts with the food. These conditions are not true diseases. The true diseases are caused by the invasion of the system with specific organizes ferments called bacteria microbes bacilli (all bacilli are not pathogenic). Homoeopathy recognizes three varieties that cause three distinct chronic miasmas. Besides these there are many others that are the exciting cause of the acute diseases and all the septic infections, simple and serious, such as lockjaw, tetanus, and other purely septic conditions.

We wish to discuss more fully the genus of the three chronic miasms: psora, syphilis, and sycosis.

The chronic Diseases, Psora, Syphilis and Sycosis.

The vital force, unaided, cannot cure chronic sickness, nor can it, unaided, cure acute sickness without the sacrifice of a crisis.

The three chronic diseases are alike in that they conform to certain fundamental principles of sickness and differ only in their primary cause and in the detail of their exhibition of effect. Each has a characteristic primary skin lesion, or primary stage, and each develops as a secondary internal malady if the primary lesion is suppressed, and becomes a fixed constitutional state that may be transmitted as a congenital inheritance to the offspring. The danger of congenital infection is present even after all danger of primary infection is passed. The cause and peculiar symptoms of each miasm will be briefly detailed as brevity requires.

The theory of psora grew out of Hahnemanns effort to understand and cure the tedious diseases common to humanity by examining humanitys common experiences in the light of unprejudiced observation. Nothing was assumed. A multitude of common facts regarding life, health had disease were observed and tabulated relating to the experience of many chronically sick persons. Guided by these facts, an understanding of chronic sickness was gained and a method of cure for chronic sickness was discovered.

The skin, in addition to being a protective covering for the body, is an external vital excretory organ. It participates, in a way not fully understood, in the vital activities of the internal organs. Its health is conditioned on the health of the internal organs. Its health is conditioned on the health of the internal organism. In turn the health of the organism is influenced by the state of function of the skin. A healthy skin on an unhealthy organism is inconceivable. And an unkept infected skin menaces the health of the organism. The skin is the only vital organ over which immediate care and attention can be exercised.

Infection may gain entrance to the internal organism through skin abrasions. And that is the route by which chronic sickness invades the organism. Chronic sickness comes to the skin to be eliminated in eruptions. Any interference with these eruptions interrupts the progress of the cure. A permanent suppression of the eruptions affects the internal organism with a permanent internal malady. Destroying the local manifestation does not drive the disease in, but does compel the disease to develop internal symptoms and manifestations.

A malady so manifesting itself is incurable until the symptoms and manifestations can again become local. This can be accomplished only by the homoeopathic art by the restoration of the eruption to its place on the skin. This fact gives rise to the formula, “Disease gets well from within out.” Without the restoration of its primary lesion is no chronic sickness ever healed.

The primary lesion of psora is an itching eruption. Itch is a primary skin pathology and was at the time of the development of the theory of psora a common human experience and the common treatment of it was suppressive. Besides his own observation of instances of internal diseased states following the suppression of the itch eruption, Hahnemann reports recorded observations of one hundred different doctors. These doctors also note that the internal disease was healed only if the eruptions were restored to their place on the skin.

The disease reported to follow the suppression place on the skin. The diseases reported to follow the suppression of the itch eruption were asthma, coughs, bronchitis, pleurisy, dropsy, cataract, constipation, cystitis, nephritis, erysipelas, pemphigus, ulcers, glandular swellings, fever, chills, diarrhoea, mental diseases, anaemia, headache, epilepsy, conclusions, paralysis, hemiplegia, death. Is it possible that one hundred doctors were mistaken?.

Hundreds of doctors in the past one hundred years have made similar observations. The discovery of the itch mite as the exciting cause of itch occasional opposition to the theory of psora, but never discredited it in the minds of those who had employed their knowledge of psora to cure chronic to cure chronic sickness. One of the tragedies of science is the destruction of an old theory by a new fact, but the newer fact that the mosquito carries malaria and the tastes fly carries sleeping sickness and the tapeworm pernicious anaemia may yet lend credence to the idea that the itch mite carries a chronic miasm.

Itch is an experience from which the race has escaped only through improved conditions of living. But the race has not yet recovered from the consequences of bad conditions through thousands of generations. Moreover, the principles of sickness applied to psora can be observed operating in any acute disease having an eruption as a part of its symptom complex. Whatever criticism may be launched against the theory of psora, the remedy psorinum should silence when it is used strictly in accordance with the law of cure.

Homoeopathy has always flung out its challenge, “test its principles and its methods and publish the failures.” Psora does not comprehend all non-venereal chronic sickness. It does not included occupational, deficiency, medicinal, unhygienic, unsanitary disturbances produced by their own peculiar cause.

Psora is in a class by itself just as is syphilis. Psora sets up a conditions of suboxidation inducing what is called the carbo- nitrogenoid state, a metabolism in which elimination is deficient. It perverts organ function made manifest in a multitude of symptoms present in those tedious states of sickness whose name is legion and whose cure cane be accomplished by the restoration of eruptions that have been suppressed in millions of individuals through countless generations.

Only the human kind suffer syphilis and from time immemorial. The wages of sex sin is syphilis. Syphilis may be acquired by infection or by inheritance. The infection, as a rule, is acquired by sexual intercourse, occasionally by contact of an abraded spot on the skin with some article soiled with the syphilitic virus. Once acquired, it may become an heirloom handed down to the third and fourth generation, beyond which there may be no offspring.

The infection is made manifest first in a primary skin lesion, a single chancre, which, as a rule, has all the physical appearances of and stages of development of a single smallpox eruption, or a typical vaccination sore produced by a pure cow- pox vaccination, only larger. For this reason syphilis is sometimes called pock or big pock.

In the second stage, if the chancre ulcer should be healed, a rash-like eruption appears on the skin, mucous patches form in the mouth and throat and the hair falls out. If the chancre ulcer is not restored to its place by the appropriate homoeopathic remedy, the third stage appears, with general poor health, anaemia, malnutrition, bone diseases, gummata or soft tumor-like growths in the deeper tissues. These tumors affecting the nervous system cause locomotor ataxia, paresis, mental defect dependency. Syphilitics become absolutely morally irresponsible, economically incompetent.

Congenital or hereditary syphilis is sometimes called the fourth stage. It is characterized by skin rashes, snuffles, wasting of tissues, eye diseases, malformation of teeth and bones, etc. Should the syphilis affect the nerves, congenital idiocy, or mental defectives, delinquents, unmoral, unsocial, criminal personalities may result. Moral irresponsibility may become a fixed state in the congenital syphilitic.

The recognized treatment for syphilis has been suppressive since 800 B.C. The more modern therapeutic assaults on syphilis devote stream after they had first closed the chancer ulcer that nature made gateway of exit, not the means of entrance, which was an abrasion. The homoeopathic treatment detailed in the Organon is eliminative. Here too the challenge is made, “test the methods and publish the failure”.

The genius of syphilis is to dissolve tissue. It creates the oxygenoid constitution. By virtue of this trait of over-oxidation it becomes the substratum in which all wasting diseases are planted; of these tuberculosis is typical.

Syphilis has another aspect that should not be ignored. Syphilis begins in moral turpitude and ends in moral defect. Strange enough, too, syphilis may produce a genius, like Edgar Allan Poe, a strange personality of excesses; weird poetry, alcoholism and doubtful morals. He is an inexplicable personality on any other hypothesis. With a different trend of intellect he might have been a super-criminal. Lord Byron, another literary genius, descended from a dissolute and degenerate royal strain, astonishes us with his excesses and his brilliancy.


Sycosis, or the venereal wart disease, is the least frequently observed chronic miasm. The venereal warts, as primary lesions, complicate warts is followed by a secondary stage that has not been carefully described. One pathology noted is the contraction of the tendons of the palms of the hands. The warts and moles that appear so frequently without apparent cause may be but mute evidence of hereditary taint acquired from immediate or remote ancestor. The genius of sycosis is to stack up redundant cell growth.

It produces the hydrogenoid constitution which signifies excess of water and by virtue of this trait of stimulating or originating foci of proliferating cells is the substratum of those diseases characterized by exaggerated cell or tissue growth of which cancer is typical.

These pathological lesions do not result from the suppression of gonorrhoeal discharges. The usual case of gonorrhoea is an acute urethritis with a purulent discharge which, if suppressed by any method of treatment, causes acute inflammatory processes, chordee, stricture, orchitis, gleet, sterility, rheumatism, and in the wife, pelvic congestions that induce sterility and inspires the surgeon to perform mutilating and unsexing operations on the innocent and unsuspecting victims of wayward male mates and the unscientific methods of so-called scientific medicine. These ultimate conditions are avoided by primary cure, and cured by restoring primary discharges. Again the challenge, “Test the methods and publish the failures”.

Modern medical schools are teaching their pupils to deal with the ultimate results of disease and not the cause of disease. Physicians who deal with disease from the standpoint of effects only, always become therapeutic nihilists. Therapeutic nihilism is to the art of healing what anarchy is to the state. It subverts all law, all order. It suppresses all intelligible reason in medicine. The Organon champions law and order. It puts of premium on intelligible reason in medicine and makes it capable of infinite progress.

Homoeopathy alone can save clinical medicine. Homoeopathy alone can save the race from the ultimate end products of disease that are baffling the dominant school of medicine, and will forever baffle it. Homoeopathic physicians, as a body, have not yet fully awakened to the real merits of and the far-reaching benefits the philosophy of and the therapeutic law and methods of homoeopathy can bestow on the race. We may not fully realize these ideals, but let us earnestly endeavor to approximate them and be guilty of none of the frightful malpractices of those who can see nothing of sickness but its effects and no nothing for sickness but disorder it.

CA Baldwin
CA Baldwin