Dr. Belting deserves a lot of credit for his efficient management of our wonderful trip. His charming personality, unselfish thoughtfulness for our comfort and enjoyment endeared him to all-in fact, a suggestion was made that two years from now we charter the Belginland and make a trip to Belgium under Dr. Beltings capable arrangements. “So say we all of us”.


To those of us who fortunate enough to be aboard this magnificent ship as she sailed away from the pier in New York Saturday morning at 12.10 A. M., May 21st, with the American Institute of Homoeopathy aboard bound for Nassau, Havana, Panama, Canal Zone, Kingston and Santiago, the thrill that come once in a life time was realized.

To those who did not take the trip, we can only say, that could they have been made to realize what a wonderful trip it was going to be, we venture the assertion that the boat would not have been able to carry them all. It really was an opportunity of a life time. A wonderful trip, everything of the finest, everybody congenial and happy, a great big family out for a picnic with the “Laplands wonderful food, a substitute for the proverbial hamper.

We feel that we cannot be too generous in our praise of Captain W.A. Morehouse and his chief mate, J.H. Doughty, in fact of the whole crew, who left not a thing undone for our enjoyment. Even the weatherman was interested and furnished sunshine every day and a smooth sea both ways. The outdoor swimming pool was one of the most popular spots on board the ship. Unusual hospitality was offered at all the stops, our one regret being that we could not linger longer at most of them.

Our first stop was Nassau in the Bahamas. Entering the beautiful harbor and gazing into the exquisite coloring of the water, a picture never to be forgotten was presented to our view. There was a large crowd of people waiting for us at the landing, the “Lapland” being one of the largest ships to enter their harbor. We dropped anchor and were taken ashore on tenders, where waiting autos took us around this island with its semi-tropic beauty; with a stop at the Country Club, The Old colony Club, for refreshments.

We next accepted an invitation from Mr. Bethel, a member of the club, to visit his lovely country home, which adjoins the Country Club. Here we had literally showered on us all kinds of refreshments, even champagne. Mr. Bethels hospitality will never be forgotten. We next drove to the Hotel Ft. Montagu where a Buffet Supper was served at 7.30 followed by an informal dance until 10.30 and then returned to the ship and sailed at midnight.

After two days sailing with very good attendance at the various lectures and visits to the exhibitors, we landed at Havana at 8 A. M. where tenders brought us to shore, with waiting autos to drive us all around this beautiful and busy city. We visited the largest cigar factory and them went to the capitol where the president received us cordially and shook hands with everybody. We then drove around the city and suburbs and visited their famous tropical garden where ice cold beer was served free to everyone, it being piped from one of their largest breweries (the doctors surely did want to linger here awhile). We then drove to the Plaza Hotel where luncheon was served on the roof garden of the hotel. The afternoon was open for shopping and we left Havana at 8 P.M.

After sailing two more days, having a very good attendance at the lectures and also in the exhibit room, we arrived on Saturday morning, May 28th, at Colon, Canal Zone. Our usual automobiles were missing and a train was waiting for us to take us as far as Gamboa, where we embarked on Government boats that took us through the Panama Canal, and saw for ourselves its much talked of wonders. We viewed the locks from our train as our ship arrived too late to take us to the locks. We left the boats at Pedro Miguel where once more autos were waiting for us and we drove all through Baloba, Ancon, where a fine bronze tablet was presented to the Ancon Hospital by the A.I.H.

A trip through Panama City and back to Ancon to the Tivoli Hotel where luncheon was served completed the days sight-seeing, the afternoon being taken up with shopping. At 5 P.M. we left Panama City by train and arrived in Colon again at 7 P.M. and sailed at 7.30. After sailing another day, we arrived at 7 A.M. in the beautiful harbor of Kingston, Jamaica, with the beautiful flowers all in bloom in the distance. A three hour auto tour of the city, which is surely beautiful, followed.

Visited the tropical garden, had a fine luncheon at the Myrtle Bank Hotel where the famous planters punch was served and at 7 P.M. sailed from Kingston and arrived at Santiago, Cuba, the next morning. As no tenders were in the harbor, the crew lowered the life boats and we were taken ashore in them. We had a two-hour tour of the city and a visit to San Juan Hill. At this city Dr. Jaun Antiga, who boarded our ship at Havana and was one of our guests, left our party to take his train back to Havana.

We left Santiago at 12 noon on our last lap for New York City. The evening of May 31st was exhibitors night in charge of Dr. R.H. Street. Moving pictures were shown of the Walker-Gorden Laboratories Company, Canada Dry Ginger Ale,m Incorporated, and the Camerons Surgical Specially Company. Other exhibitors who gave short talks were Dr. W.A. Hobart with Horlicks Malted Milk Corporation, Mr. L.H. Ashe with E.R. Squib & Sons, Mr. J.R. Siebrandt with the J.R. Siebrandt Manufacturing Company, Mr. T.F. Newman with the Denver Chemical Company. Dr. Gertrude Burgess, who represented the Nujol Laboratories, thanked her firm for the opportunity of being with them.

Dr. Street expressed my appreciation to Boericke & Tafel for the opportunity of attending the “Lapland” meeting and the likewise gave Boericke & Tafel a nice little “boost” on quality, which, of course, I modestly believed to be well deserved, having been with them for 25 years. I thanked him, however, for his hearty commendation. Boericke & Tafel were the only homoeopathic pharmacy represented and I believe our faithful attendance as exhibitors at the A.I.H. meetings is appreciated-for Dr. Belting was quite enthusiastic in his remarks about our being the only homoeopathic pharmacy aboard.

Every doctor that visited our exhibit seemed glad to have Boericke & Tafel represented, including Dr. A.W. Belting and Dr. Richard Haehl. Dr. C.R. Miller, of Harrisburg, Pa., said he never fails to bring an order for Boericke & Tafel to the convention as he knows they will be represented. Heres hoping he will live to take in many convention.

DR. A. W. Belting was presented with a fine wrist watch from the convention party on the eye of May 28th at the formal reception to the newly elected officers of the American Institute of Homoeopathy.

A large, blue banner with clear, white letters A.I.H., which floated gracefully from the “Lapland” attracted the attention of passing ships and kept the wireless operator busy telling what it stood for.

Mr. F.B. Waterman, who was in the party, was very liberal in passing out some fine fountain pens with the inscription “American Institute of Homoeopathy on Board The Lapland.

Our farewell dinner on board ship Thursday night, June 2nd, was most elaborate, the dining room all decorated with American and English flags. Everyone received fancy paper hats, fans, horns and other noise makers.

On the evening of june 3rd we sailed into the New York harbor after having the most enjoyable trip, which to our sorrow was too short. Several of our doctors had mentioned they had taken many trips and sea voyages, but never met a party like this where everyone was so congenial and happy.

Dr. Belting deserves a lot of credit for his efficient management of our wonderful trip. His charming personality, unselfish thoughtfulness for our comfort and enjoyment endeared him to all-in fact, a suggestion was made that two years from now we charter the Belginland and make a trip to Belgium under Dr. Beltings capable arrangements. “So say we all of us”.

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