The following observations were made on provers, absolutely incognizant of the fact they were making a proving. How much better such are than those fully cognizant ! This way nothing is imagined. They are hit as if by a natural disease and these symptomatic mirrors tend to occur mentally when its analogue comes along in the office or at the home of a patient.

I am presenting today a re-proving of a well known remedy. Constant re-proving should be salutary in that it tends to flail out the chaff, at the same time bringing in bolder relief the wheat. The following observations were made on provers, absolutely incognizant of the fact they were making a proving. How much better such are than those fully cognizant ! This way nothing is imagined. They are hit as if by a natural disease and these symptomatic mirrors tend to occur mentally when its analogue comes along in the office or at the home of a patient. The remedy is rapidly sought for, given the sick one, and cure results. Its all very simple and very true.

Here are my findings. Take them for what they are worth.

Emotive and Sentient.

Dizziness when she walks, better sitting down (30). Trembling weakness (30). Very tired (30). Drowsy and weak in a warm room (30). The whole morning drowsy and tired (30). A desire to lay around and keep the eyes closed (30). Trembled all through the body with combined weakness and nervousness (30). A drowsy, heavy, sleepy feeling is worse in the morning (30). A heavy, drowsy, feeling without being sleepy, generally comes on in the warm room or when sitting still (30). Awfully weak just before supper (30). Dizziness after drinking cold water (30). Tired in the evening (30). Dizziness is worse at night, could not lie down (30). Very shaky, weak and nervous.


Flying specks in front of eyes (30). Beating pain on vertex. Shooting pain at vertex and back of the head at the same time. At the base of the brain and at the back of the neck very severe, sharp, kind of shooting. In a young lad a headache in the right side — made him a little sleepy with it (30). Eyes feel drowsy (30). The cheeks got pinkish and flushed but they were not hot to the touch (30). A dull feeling and awfully numb in the head “as if asleep” (30). A dull, nagging, throbbing headache from the frontal to the vertical area (3x). The left eye watered worse out of doors (6). Puffiness under the left eye, a bluish red discoloration. Small pimples over the cheeks (itched) (6). The face and the whole body feels hot inside? (30). From the eyes up, and to the back of the neck a headache on awakening in the morning (30). Heavy headache (dull and constant) (30). Nose bleed is light red in the morning (30). Vertex was hot (30).

Mouth and Throat.

The lips are swollen (3). The mouth is very dry (3). The lips are very dry (3). The throat is the sore in the left side (30). Tight cough (30). In the mouth canker sores (30). Dryness of the tongue in the morning (30). Hard, starchy kind of brownish mucus expectoration (30). Raw throat low down (30).

Stomach and Abdomen.

Produced all over the belly awful sharp pains. Great nausea but she could not vomit at all. Stomach is all puffed up. Produced a disposition to vomit when a pressure is applied over the sub- epigastric angle. Very free motions. Bloating after eating. A dull ache in the belly in the morning (30). The diarrhoea is marked during the day, especially in the afternoon. No nightly diarrhea. The stool is partially formed and rather soft (30). Before breakfast, the stomach itself feels tender inside as if a scab had been removed from an ulcerated area (30). Great hunger, not easily satisfied, with trembling weakness (30). Great but fugacious nausea. It lasts about ten minutes (4 to 4.30 P. M.)., worse from chocolate (?) Destroyed a hunger for food; causes food to lose its good taste; fasting now has no power to induce hunger (30). In bed, very bad pain in the belly (dull). Belly cramps. Very frequent call to stool every ten minutes (6). (30). As if she had eastern something that disagreed (30). The stomach feels heavy, puffed up and bloated (30).

Back and Body.

Shooting pains in the back. Pain around the heart, sometimes sharp like a knife when he breathed deeply. Inspiration aggravates the pain in the heart (30). A dull pain around the hart at times (30). Slightly sharp pains about the heart, coming and going (30). A feeling of coldness across the back (30). A heavy feeling all through the body in the morning, better walk in the open air (30). Knife-like shocks in the right side near the waist, going into the body (30). A distressing weight in the central part of the anterior thorax with incarcerated flatulence there (30). Left chest pain and oppressive weight with dyspnoea (3). Pain across the back is sharp and catching. It is hard to straighten up. Catching pain in the left shoulder-blade (30). The backache is sharp lying down on something hard (30). When walking a doubling-up feeling on the right side. Tingling down the back like drops of cold water (30).


Facilitated movements of the joint of the middle finger of the right hand (30). The feet felt like ice and tickled like pins and needles, a condition better by stamping the feet (30). Throbbing pains bother the prover all over; worse in the left hand and in the right leg below the knee. They throb in one place, then stop, appear in another place (30). Throbbing in the arm and legs; noticed generally when quiet (30). “Pins and needles” feeling in the arms better by motion and rubbing; only in the mornings and when awakening (30). “Pins and needles” with respect to both feet (3). Drawing pains in the right toe; the pains are sharp and are worse walking, better sitting, better at night. Forced to draw up the toe once in a while (3). When walking, above the right knee felt sprained. At night, the knees pained like a sprain (6). The calf of the left leg itched (6). The feet burned like fire on a change in the weather (30). Burning in the right hip, worse when he sits (much worse, used to be a little) (30).


Dyspnoea (3). Dyspnoea experienced when the prover walked rapidly (30). Forced to breathe rapidly on fast walking (because puffy and out of breath (30). Left sided dyspnoea (3). Hiccough (6). A cold for week (loose cough) and a good deal of mucus out of the nose and throat (kind of yellow and thick) (30). The expectoration is worse in the daytime but it does not bother at night (30). Coughing in the middle of the night — pain in the upper central anterior chest area, worse lying down (30).


Improvement in sleep (30). At first betterment in sleep, later sleepless (30). Drowsiness worse at 10-11 A.M., it keeps up until 5 P. M., the weakness worse when drowsiness comes and the weakness is worse in the morning (30). Dreams at night (annoying) of accident (friend breaks an arm) (30).


Felt chaffed under the right breast; if became as red as blood and there was a strong odor from it, like strong perspiration (30). Small pimples all over the cheeks. Itching pimples (6). Itching on the calf of the left leg (6). A rash of red pimples develops between the shoulders; a little itching, worse in the evening (30).


During the day passing more urine (3). Nocturia thrice, before the remedy rare (3). Passes urine about every half hour. Sometimes the amount is small, sometimes it is large. On awakening from sleep always large (6). The urine is made colorless. It is voided every two hours (30). Nocturia in large amount twice (3) (6) (30). She is passing her urine as often but the amount is less (30). Oliguria (30). The urine became very cloudy. It is half full of white clouds (30). Frequent urination in the daytime (small quantities) (30). Frequency and a larger amount too (3). Frequent urination day and night (6). Cannot hold her urine well (30).


After producing awful back and belly pains, the prover becomes so chilly she cannot get warm. After this, she broke out in a sweat. The third potency stopped a condition of constant coldness. The face felt hot in the cheeks with a pinkish flush there (30). A creeping chilliness in the back and body all day (30). Nocturnal fever (3x). Very thirsty, worse in the morning, worse at night, with a frequent dryness of the throat (30).


The menses are more free and are dark red at first (30). Menses are forced ahead of time (?).


Better after stool. Better walking in the open air (the morning drowsiness which affects the eyes) (30). The prover wants to be about in the morning and to rest the arms against something (30). Worse in a warm room; becomes drowsy and weak (30). Better on keeping the eyes closed (30).

Donald Macfarlan