It contributes no joy and cultivates no joy; invites from others no contribution that makes for happiness. To the contrary; eluding every advance toward itself or its habitat, accounting such approach an intrusion or interference, it asserts privilege to conduct a joyless life in its own untrammeled way-no difference at what cost to others.

Read before the Annual Meeting of the International Hahnemannian Association, Philadelphia, july, 1926.

Tarentula hispanica is a member of the spider family Lycosa, of tropic or sub-tropic origin, and is commonly known to the world for its fatal poison and the intense sufferings which this brings to its victims. The poison is a glandular secretion and this concentrated essence is a vehicle transmitting to the victim the characteristic nature of the creature which produced it. The provings of this poison and the indicated therapeutic uses following thereon are derived from a prepared tincture of the living spider, whose influence pervades this product.

In the individual human subjected to the influence of Tarentula we perceive a diversion of the powers and capacities mankind, temporarily perverted to the service of a tyrant- lordship; a disporting of the fulfilled nature of a vicious beastling displayed through activities of that higher type, then let us take first an understanding view of the characteristics peculiar to this beastling.

The intelligence of the creature appears as disorderly. Instability is the outstanding feature; Instability of action, of purpose.

Adroit, conceited of its cleverness; yet stupidly assuming that false methods and false motives will escape detection,it elaborates maneuvers to deceive. Appearing in view, even parading its presence; then seeking cover, it hides from detection, unexpectedly to emerge from ambush to attack is victim elsewhere unaware.

All purpose, whatever and however carried out, excludes every consideration of the interest, the desire or the purpose of another. Only self-interest and desires are observed; and these are whimsical, changeful without limit, without calculation or foresight.

Love, perverted in this nature, appears as love of annoying: making its presence an occasion of discomfort, disturbing the peace of others.

It contributes no joy and cultivates no joy; invites from others no contribution that makes for happiness. To the contrary; eluding every advance toward itself or its habitat, accounting such approach an intrusion or interference, it asserts privilege to conduct a joyless life in its own untrammeled way-no difference at what cost to others.

A Through Non-Conformist.

Satisfaction? No such state obtains in Tarentula. It is life is no parallel for the ease-indulging domestic cat which takes all places, times, occasions and devices for thorough enjoyment of its comfort. Tarentula attains no ease, no lazy comfort, no satisfaction. Its habit is restless activity. Seeking no ease to itself, it invades the peace of its environment. Would one seek to accommodate to its mood or desire; it then reverts and will substitute other mood or desire quite to a contrary. Contrariness within itself, as well as contrariness to outer circumstance and will, distinguish this pervert nature.

The guiding-light is darkness; avoiding light, Tarentula shuns all investigation of its way or wish and, withdrawing to whatever convenient lair of the moment, by hidden devious path it makes its way to another point of vantage, resenting with insult any endeavor to change its course or to dislodge it.

This disposition, so pictured as indisposition in the provers and in the patients affected not similarly to Tarentula- provers, presents a mentality selfish, impish, whimsical, mischievous, disporting itself in disregard for ordinary custom and usual expectoration and inconsiderate of convenience or comfort of all others. It may be, in a measure,curbed by the effort is necessary, for avoidance of the perverted expression.

Clever, adroit, furtive sly ways of carrying through courses of action which, were they announced, would be opposed by attendants or associates; these ways, and the doing of unusual things trivial in themselves and fulfilling no purpose engage the individual affected. Here are peering and “peekings” into things and into affairs; hiding things. He is destructive; interfering with plans; menacing the safety of himself and of others.

He loves to assume the false as a basis of conduct; and depends on whims for guidance; this mind does not submit its behavior, its thought, its desires, to the light of wisdom or of truth. It shuns such gauge or investigation and darts from idea to idea with the agility and the seeming purposelessness of the spider. Defense from seeming interference is aggressive,through some sort of vicious thrust, cutting remark or threatened injury.

OBSTINACY is aid to all the whimsicality.].

It is intolerant of contradiction. Ailments appear, following contradiction.

Music is to this nature hateful, and weakening; the demonic vibrations are cancelled-subdued through music and the dance itself express through their rhythm-impulse and action the sadness, excitability, mania, dancing and distress seen in victims of this spider-bite-the picture styled “tarantism” as also in these victims such symptoms, by fit music appropriately played are soothed, relieved, and ultimately subdued.

Provers and patients are “Sensitive to music”; sadness and excitability are primary effects (of music) but amelioration follows. Not only the mental features; pains and bodily conditions also are ameliorated by music.

RESTLESSNESS tormenting, intense, demands continued motion. In bed; rolling from side to side; when able to be out of bed: compels to walk, even though walking aggravates symptoms of the body. Here is is shown the contrariness within himself.

AVERSION TO BEING TOUCHED is manifest; yet rubbing is demanded; Symptoms ameliorated by rubbing. With headache; wants hair brushed or head rubbed. rubs her head against extraneous surfaces; the wall, the bed, the pillow; sometimes in Chorea the face is rubbed against the chest or the shoulder. An impelling demand induces rubbing,when there is no pain it is an insatiable friction-impulse difficult to resist; spasmodic, habitual. It has been explained as “irritation of nerve- endings”.

CHOREA: twitchings and jerking-continuing into night-of single muscles,groups of muscles, entire limb or head; and more general, in body-contortions or in the dance. Ameliorated through influence of music.

Indulgence in many purposeless oft-repeated motions: involuntary motions; or voluntary, yet so induced that will- control is practically impossible against them. Apparently a craving for the sensation must be indulged but is not thereby satisfied; is but momentarily relieved. This may be called”indulging sensuality”. the more it is indulged, the less will it be denied.

Sense-indulgence is further manifest tin sex-sensual dominations:

Hysterical emotions; intense sexual excitements; lasciviousness., Too numerous for detail in a brief outline are the many symptoms centering in the sexual organs and the sex- functions; aggravation of other symptoms after coition; sadness, difficult respiration, cough; general weakness specifically increased by sexual excitement.

Of persons whose life-habits or culture in large degree inhibit the frank exercise of sexual indulgence, sensual domination may gain expression through other symptoms; Sensations and distresses that fix the individuals consciousness upon the pelvic organs; or so-called nervous symptoms not recognized as related to sexual irritation; such may be functional disorders of rectum or of bladder, or some sort of frictional symptom or uncontrollable restlessness of feet, or off legs, having origin in this domination.

Sometimes a sweet cheerfulness and gaiety; while at other sometimes,. anger, irritability. Quarrelsome, excitable; exhilarated or sad; but whatever the emotion-quite unwarranted by circumstances or environment, and unrelated to persons or incidents;- merely an outcropping of the erratic mood.

Aversion to company; but wants someone present. Making persistent demand on those present to minister to complaints. Complaints concurrent and so numerous, they cannot all be met nor ministered to at once. Satisfaction is impossible.

Gratitude and content are expelled from consciousness. Discontented with himself and with all things about him.

Delusions and imaginings are varied; sometimes droll and some times horrible sensations within himself or visions of things unseen.

Delirium, mania, shrieking, singing;erotic mania,or stupefaction, or indisposed to talk.

Sensation of being small (contrast to aur., plat., stram.).

Weeping, causeless, in sleep.

Weakness: 9-11 A.M., 5 P.M., walking, from sexual excitement.

On occasion; Strength increased.

In these states no lack of vitality is expressed. alert activity challenges the endurance of a strong mind and body to follow it, to meet it, to out wit or circumvent it, to soothe the patient from her distresses. Ones resources are heavily taxed for devising means to assuage the distresses and complaints;the forlorn victim herself gives many admonitions: “Take care, dont touch me there”; “Cant you brush my hair; it might take away this awful pain? ” “Dont raise that shade; I cant stand the light”.

Light aggravates: wants to scream.

Noise aggravates.

Smoking ameliorates: cough.

Touch aggravates; finger-tips.

Water on the body excites some symptoms. Ailments from washing hair; from wetting the fingers. Yet the entire condition may be held in abeyance and positively ameliorated through persistent and habitual bathing. Spray baths; continued immersion neutral baths; cold compresses, properly applied, will subdue some of the mental conditions and bodily distress after the aversion and avoidance of water is overcome.

Awaking from sleep, especially in morning, symptoms are worse : Weeping;sadness;vertigo; head symptoms; constriction, heaviness heat, pain noise in eat; nausea: sour eructations: pain in stomach; kidney pain; cough; oppression of chest: chills; sleepiness, yawning.

Tarentula has also: Cheerfulness especially in morning, when waking; cheerful gaiety alternating with sadness.

Symptoms worse during menses;Cheerfulness, excitability, irritability,restless tossing in bed, vertigo, pain in head, pulsating in head, nausea, abdominal distention, pain in sides of abdomen; BLADDER TENESMUS: (the only remedy given in Repertory for this particular), desire for coition; burning pain in female genitals; pain in back, pain in hip; convulsions; general weakness.

Before menses; heaviness in stomach, pain in stomach and in abdomen; dragging-pain in abdomen,and rumbling; itching in female genitals; bearing-down in uterus.

After menses; itching of genitals and uterine bearing-down.

Symptoms aggravated from coughing; pain in head, occiput and temples;bruised pain in head, occiput and temples; heaviness in head; swelling in neck; etching, vomiting; oppression in chest,pain in chest; abdominal pain;cramping, tearing; involuntary urination.

REFUSES TO EAT-while manifesting need of nourishment.

Symptoms worse after eating: Vertigo, hiccough (after breakfast), nausea;l pain in stomach (after breakfast), burning in stomach; vomiting, abdominal distention.

Symptoms in evening; mental, vertigo, some head-pains; some stomach and abdominal features; cough. At night, some head-pains; stomach; and abdominal symptoms; some kidney pain; general- itching; pains in extremities; chill, fever, perspiration; general weakness.

At specific times: 4 A.M., 5 A.M., 9 A.M., 9-11 A.M.; 2 P.M., 3-7 P.M., 3-9 p.M., 7 p.M.

Constriction sensation in head, chest, genitals, thigh.

Congestion and pulsation in head, eyes, throat,pelvis.


FORMICATION, ITCHING in various parts.

HYSTERIA, “positive nervous symptoms,” “semblance to spinal neurasthenia”.

ITCHING, FORMICATION, especially after menses.

Numbness and heaviness.

Motions irregular in extremities:

Gestures; as if knitting.

Disposed to keep hands busy.

Pains are burning, stitching, lancinating, cutting, shooting;sore, bruised, cramping, rheumatic.

The sensations and the behavior of provers and patients are the strongest characteristics; more accurately than functional actual disorder of organs or than tissue alterations in the body, they manifest the influence of Tarentula. Influence of the nature which modern observation and classification have termed hypnotic temporarily adjourns the normal intelligence and desires,and mental domination by the spider is shown through the substituted sensations and behavior. Eventually depleted nutrition and depleted functional vitality result from the discordant activities. Yet the functional and tissue changes are not the characteristics which indicate the specific influence manifesting in the person affected; the individualizing characteristics will be found in the mental attitudes and subjective features.

Relationship of Remedies and Spiritual forces.

In many instances after attaining a measure of success with Arsenicum album, in acute or recent disorders or for repeatedly recurrent distress, the prescriber is led to explore this subtle constitutional background,Tarentula. Arsenicum “covers the case” to a limited degree. The symptoms and the characteristics shown before Arsenicum was called out,together with the tendencies, the lowered resistance and the frailties which feature the patients experience after Arsenicum has cancelled the acute disturbances, display a total condition frequently recognizable as Tarentula. the relation is similar to that exhibited at times between Medorrhinum and Cina, between Calcarea and Belladonna, and among other coupled remedies; the more superficial exciter acts as a contributing influence to rouse the sometimes latent “sleeping dog” or resident tenant.

while the aim and mission of the physician is “to restore the sick to health” and toward this function he requires primarily knowledge of “what is curative in medicines” with what is undoubtedly morbid in the patient”:

Since man is a spiritual being and in this dominion his physician becomes aware of the influences subjecting him to persisting disorder:

It will then be evident that the patient (as in Tarentula”) needs something more from a physician-more than the “most similar” medication-again to stabilize a mental equilibrium. Metaphysical culture is laying the avenues and providing guides toward a dispelling of deep-seated mental discords, as well as for resisting their too-oft neglected onset. Many we not assume to guide our patients to such methodic resistance and sustentation, while campaigning by the indicated similar to its further horizon: thence to retain them newly erect in this life,and not too soon beyond” Shall we as physicians fail them in this guidance we need not be surprised that they turn to other leaders equipped of the later psychology” Patients whose disorders recur within the range of Tarentula are notably of a type accessible to the new healers: They who cast out devils may equally assume to cast out the spider.

Bodily disorders Dispelled or Relieved.

Whatever the bodily derangement; where this remedy (Tarentula) will prove beneficial, some of the characteristics aforementioned will be noted. Bodily conditions in which the remedy has proven useful when the characteristics agree include:

Paralysis agitans Convulsions. Suppuration.

Zymotic fevers and Pimples on face Opacity of cornea.

general sepsis. and head.

Aural discharge Lock-jaw. Swelling of sub-


Aphthae and ulcers Inflammation of Quinsy.

on tongue tonsils.

Diphtheria. Abdominal oedema. Disturbed digest-

Hepatic cancer. ion, gastric and

intestinal, with



Constipation. RECTAL INACTIVITY Diarrhoea.



rolling side to


Renal inflammation Inflammation of RETENTION OF URINE.


Dribbling. Tenesmus DURING Gonorrhoeal

MENSES mentioned- discharge.

in this alone,

in Repertory.

Stricture of urethra Gangrene from Swelling of male

phimosis. genitals.

Indolent tumor of Inflammation of Condyloma of vagi-

testes. genitals. na; of uterus.

Uterine cancer. Induration of Leucorrhoea.

cervix uteri;

of ovary.

Metrorrhagia and Loss of voice. Angina pectoris.

protracted menses.

Gangrene of lungs. Endocarditis. Cardiac murmurs.

Mammary cancer followed Mammary swelling. Carbuncle dorsal.

by sarcoma in


Spinal sclerosis. Cramps in legs. Pustules on legs.

Inflammation of Paralysis; Motive Foot perspiration.

fingers; of toes. power lost,


Swollen joints. Chills, fever, Stings of insects.


Lack of reaction. Complaints from


love, contradict-

ion, reprimands,

punishment, sepsis,



MIND (Continued)

Absent-minded. Discouraged:

Anger,rage,fury evening: (eating,meal)

Anguish. Dullness;Sluggish,

difficult, thinking.

Anxiety about future. Ennui.

Aversion to black; to sombre

things; to green,red,


EXCITABLE:Clairvoyance. from music.

Death: thousands of: nervous.

Delirium: Fears-

during headache: being alone;

almost hysterical: death;

maniacal: impending disease;

muttering nonsense with typhus fever;.

eyes open;

raging, Feigning sick.

Delusions, imaginations: Ideas deficient

absurd figures present;

animals; Impatience.

-frightful; Indifference, apathy to

eternal things.

-fears being assaulted;

-sees faces; Indolence,aversion to work.

diabolical faces around

him; Insanity:

hideous faces; mania;

figures:frightful; periodical (Plat);

ghosts, spectres,spirits; paroxysmal (BELL., dig.,

horrible visions; gels., kali-c., nat.s.,

monsters. phos.).

-Closing eyes; Irresolution:

legs cut off (bar-c., stram) in ideas (nat. m. sulph).

strangers in room (thuj) Irritable:

during menses.

Destructive. Jesting.

Discontented: Kicks (bell, carb. v, lyc,

during menses. stram., stry.,verat.v.).

MIND (Continued) MIND (Continued).

Kleptomania. Throws things away.

Kneeling, unable. Violent, vehement.

Lamenting, Vertigo.

Lascivious, lewd. Morning,waking;

Laughing; after breakfast.

immoderately; involuntarily; night.

sardonic; descending stairs.

mirth,hilarity, loud; during erections.

alternating with sadness with nausea.

Loathing, general. riding horseback amel.

Loquacity after sleep agg.

Moaning, groaning: night (ars.,

cupr., hep., sec., zn while walking.

when contradicted. Coldness;

Mocking. in warm room (merc.,i.r)

Mood alternating, as from cold water (can

changeable s.,croc., cupr., glon.,

Nymphomania. sabad.).

forehead as from cold Playful: water.

pull ones hair;desires to occiput.

(BELL., lach., lil.t.). sides.

Shrieking. temples.

Singing. vertex as from cold water.

Starting from sleep. Congestion, fullness,pulsation-


himself(ars.,bell.,camph., cur., verat.v.). Constriction:

evening. Stupefaction waking.

between convulsions forehead, as from a band.

(aur., bufo., cic.,

hel., hyos., lach.,

oena., op., plb., sec) Eruption, pimples.

Suicidal disposition Falling backward,of head.

Thoughts persistent. Hair bristling.

HEAD (Continued)


Heat: nervous:

with redness of face with pain in nape of neck.

on waking with perspiration.

forehead. perspiration amel.

occiput, sides, vertex. pressure amel.

Heaviness: Pulsating.

morning, waking. after rising.

night. rubbing amel.

after heat. from running (bry., ign.,

after waking (?) nat.c., nat.m. nux-v.,

forehead. PULS.).

sides. after sleep.

Itching scalp. from touch.

Motion: walking.

convulsive extends to face.



nodding, wavering. daytime.

rolling. morning.

rubs against something. afternoon.

impossible (?) 3-7 p.m.

throws about (bell,m caust., night.

merc., phos.) pressure amel.

turning to left (lyc). stopping.


morning, or rising; coughing.

on walking. leaning head back.

night. pressure amel.

air,open: amel. rubbing amel.

with mental confusion, as to forehead.

if would lose senses or down back of neck.

go mad (acon., agar., SIDES; (of Head).

chin., stram., verat.) night.

coughing. right side.

compels to cry out. TEMPLES;

gastric (from flatulence). morning.

hammering. evening.

hysterical. night.

looking fixedly at anything. coughing.


Pain (Continued) HEAD-Pressure (Continued).

VERTEX, open air amel. Stitching.

TEMPLES. Bruised, waking in A.M.

cough on waking. Perspiration, scalp.

occiput: Prickling, temples.

coughing. Pulsating during menses.

extends to temples.

TEMPLES, coughing. Rubbing head:

against something.

Bursting: Shocks:

FOREHEAD. morning, rising.

Lancinating: Weakness.



morning. Agglutin., morn.

TEMPLES. Distorted.

Nail: as from a, Occiput Itching.

Plug: as from a, Occiput Opacity of cornea.

Pressure: Unable to open.


during chill (sep). Pain, morning.

FOREHEAD. evening.

as from a band. turning sideways.

eyes: as if forced out. extending back.

OCCIPUT. burning, smarting.


Shooting: sand, as from:

afternoon (ferr., plat., sil). stitching:

evening. morning.

night. swallowing.


SIDES: Pulsation.

night. Pupils unequal.

TEMPLES: Redness.


night (nit.ac). Staring:

transient (iris): listening to music.

night. Weak.,


(Continued) NOSE.

VISION dim: Coryza with fever.

forenoon (carb-v., sulph.).

foggy: epistaxis clotted:

dark, black. colors caused by foggy.

vision FACE.

stars Discoloration:

weak: black and blue spots.

evening (euphr.) bluish.

bluish circles around.




Discharge. grayish.


Itching. dark red.

waking. Distortion:

buzzing with toothache.

cracking. Eruptions:

ringing: lips.

on rising amel. herpes.

walking(org.n.,mag.c., impetigo around lips.

sulph.) miliary.

whizzing. pimples:

forehead. Pain:

Morning. Heat.

afternoon. Flashes.

Evening. Itching.

in meatus.

aching. Pain:

Lancinating: lower jaw.

morning. stitching.

below ear. Perspiration.


right. Swelling, sub-maxil.



tearing: Biting tongue in spasm.

right. Tongue brown.

Wax increased. red.

Hearing:impaired. dryness.

MOUTH (Continued) STOMACH.

Speech difficult from Chorea. Sensation of something.

Taste bad alive(chel, coloc, CRAET)



Pain: noise agg. (calc.c., Appetite increased;

coff., therid.). ” night.

pulsating. ravenous.

tearing. wanting.


Aversion to bread.

coldness as if water dripping -food.

down. -meat.

Discoloration: Desires ashes.

Purple -cold drinks.

red. -Highly seasoned food.

Gangrene. -raw food (ail, sil,.


Heat. -salt things.


Inflammation, right. Disordered.

Lump rising sensation. Distention.

Pain: Eructations.


Swallowing bitter.

yawning. empty, during hysteria.

tonsils. sour, morning(calc.c.,

puls., sil., tab.).


stitching. Fullness sensation.

Pulsation. Heat:

Swallowing difficult. extends to throat.

(cinnab., nit.ac.,



Heavy night (aesc.,chin.,

Itching. colch., crot.t.).

Pain: before menses.

sides. Hiccough:.

turning head to right (arg. after breakfast (zn).

n., chin.s., psor.). Nausea:

swelling from cough. night.


-Nausea (Continued) STOMACH-Vomiting (Continued).

after lying down. after eating.

after eating. during menses.

during menses during pregnancy.

during pregnancy bile.

after sleep. Pain:


Constriction hypochondrium.

morning: Contraction.

after eating (nux v) Distention:

afternoon. after eating.

night hypogastrium.

after eating oedema.

before menses. Flatulence:

from pressure morning.

burning: hypochondrium.

after eating. Heat.

Cramping: Pain:

before nausea. aching:

lancinating morning.

Pressing. evening.

sore, bruised. night.

tearing. during cough.

before menses.

Retching: pressure amel.

with cough. during stool.

Sinking, night (dios.,lyc). while walking.

Thirst: extends to chest.

burning, vehement. -to sides.

during chill. Hypochondrium.

extreme. left.

unquenchable. morning.

with dread of liquids. lying amel.

Inguinal region.

Uneasiness. as from hernia.

Vomiting: as though hernia wailed.

morning. appear on coughing.

NIGHT, AFTER GOING TO Liver, before chill.

BED Sides.

On coughing. Region of umbilicus.

ABDOMEN-Pain (Contd) RECTUM (Continued).

burning: Diarrhoea.

during menses. after washing head (pod).


Cramping: Pain:.

morning. during stool.

when coughing. after stool.

region of umbilicus amel.

Dragging; before menses burning.

after stool.

Gnawing hypochondrium stitching.

Pressing. Tenesmus:

Sore bruised. before stool.

hypochondrium; right. after stool amel.

liver. Urging:

Stitching: during stool.

evening after rising from stool.

hypochondrium; right. STOOL.

MORNING. Bloody.

hypogastrium Copious.

inguinal region; left. Dark:

sides. fecal.

Tearing: Hard.

Inguinal, cough agg. Offensive.


Pulsation. Soft.

Rumbling:forenoon,evening. BLADDER.

night. calculi.

BEFORE MENSES. Inflammation.

Swelling glands. Pain:


Extends two uterus (merl.).


Difficult stool Spasmodic action of bl.

Ineffectual straining. (calc. p).

Old people. Swollen.

Stool reminisence in rectum Tenesmus:




Urging, constant: Pain.

ineffectual URETHRA.

Urination dribbling: crawling.


involuntary: gonorrhoeal discharge.

during cough. Pain rubbing.

from emotion. during urination.

from exertion after urination.


m., nux.v, puls. sep) Stricture.

while walking.


URINE Leucorrhoea:

blood. burning.

burning. Menses copious:

brown. frequent.

dark red. early.

odor offensive. protected.

sediment: Metrorrhagia.

copious. Pain in ovaries:.

sand: left.

RED in uterus,during urging to.

SUGAR. urinate.


bearing down uterus.

Inflammation. region of uterus.

before menses.

Pain: after menses.

morning. burning uterus.

evening. during menses.


after urination amel

(LYC., cramp uterus. med.) cutting uterus.

aching: sore, ovaries.

during urination amel. uterus.

(LYC) Stitching:.

Sore, bruised. uterus.

Stitching. vagina.

Weariness, region of. tingling voluptuous.



Dryness. Loose.

Roughness. Lying agg.

Tickling, Painful.

LARYNX Paroxysmal;

Burning evening.

roughness,. night.

scraping clearing Rising from bed.

tickling Rough.

hoarseness on waking Smoking agg.

voice lost night amel.


Difficult: Spasmodic:

9 A.M. evening.

while lying. night.

gasping Tickling in bronchi.

panting. in larynx.

Julia C. Loos