Impotency is often a symptom of this natural decline, but may be premature and in all likelihood, then depends upon one or several causes. Among the latter, pathology of the generative organs may be present to such an extent, that internal remedies, homoeopathic in character, are quite unable to overcome it, in which case other measures, often equally unsuccessful, may have to be resorted to.


The communication or infection appears to take place by means of the power which perpetually spreading around, like an exhalation or emanation from such bodies, even though they are dry, just like those globules the size of a mustard seed that had previously been moistened with a fluid medicine which we employ for the cure of patients by olfaction.


The first section shows all the symptoms shared equally by both remedies. Following this are the symptoms which, though shared by other remedies, are not shared by each other in any grade. Following these is a list of the symptoms found under no other remedy in the Materia Medica, other than the one under which they appear. To repeat, all symptoms below are first degree symptoms.


From the atom to immensity, in every realm of nature and in every part of it, intelligence is displayed. The microscope, the telescope and the test tube, as well as reason, alike reveal it. Everywhere are the evidences of purpose, design and will. Everywhere energy is present. Everywhere action and reaction are taking place. Everywhere law reigns. All these are the powers, qualities and attributes of Mind and Life, and of nothing else. Nothing can conform to law without knowing. Conformity to law implies intelligence. Certainly nothing can originate a law within itself, nor obey a law unless it knows.


A firm engaged in the manufacture of metal alloys, upon complaint of some of the workers, decided to improve the ventilation of a room in which several smelting pots were in daily use melting scraps of brass, copper, lead and zinc. It was decided that the placing of exhaust fans in the side of the building directly above the melting pots would solve the problem.


Some will say that this merely shows that the remedy under discussion belongs to the potash group. It does show this, but discharges are important in indicating the kind of patient who needs the remedy and the kind of discharges listed here points to a patient with deep chronic tendencies toward organic disease.


The double chin seemed very hard and the only relief to the difficult breathing was to throw the head as far back as possible. Examination showed a greatly enlarged and indurated sublingual gland. The child was flabby in appearance, head and neck covered with perspiration, cervical glands were indurated. Being five miles from town and in the night, there was no time to take a blood count, or use the various scientific diagnosis means.


Conversely the same individual may be highly susceptible to one variety of disease but entirely resistant to others. The susceptibility or resistance of the individual varies with his physiological state or by the environmental conditions under which the two factors–invader and invaded–are brought together. Therefore, immunity can never be properly discussed without careful consideration of all modifying conditions which influence it.