In Arsenicum iodide we have a pain in the forehead directly above the nose; the frontal sinuses are involved; the patient feels weak, dragged out; the nasal discharge is hot and watery burning and much of it passes down by way of the posterior nares. The head in general feels heavy and dull. The patient himself feels better in the warm room.


A foreign factor that in some way influences the even swinging of the pendulum, the uniform turn of the scales, must logically produce changes in the normal course of both of the mechanical appliances. In like manner does each extraneous disturbing influence act on the life process of any organ. It is force out of the normal physiological latitude of its life activity.


Hahnemanns Organon still lives. It is still on sale in the book shops. It has never been “out of print.” Only a few years ago it was included in “Everymans Library,” and had a large sale. It is still read and still readable by intelligent men. When read today, however, for instruction or criticism, it must be in the light of the development of thought which have occurred since it was written if it is to be understood.


In reviewing may failures and successes, in thirty years of practice, there have been two large outstanding principles of homoeopathic philosophy involved so often, that I am persuaded to put on record here the things that seem to me are essential, in carrying to successful finish any of he chronic diseases which come to us for treatment.


Climatic conditions seem to influence it very little, for we find it, not alone in temperate zones, but in the torrid and the remotest inhabited points of the cold zones, such as Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and North Russia. It is not a malady of fifth or of the poor. It is a disease that spreads when men are closely aggregated temporarily. Thus it is met with most frequently in large capitals and in densely populated cities; where trade meets and where exchange of commodities takes place.