Wm. Jefferson Guernsey, M.D., Frankford, Philadelphia,.


Reports of such…

Reports of such resurrection cases as we find in the June number of THE HOMOEOPATHIC RECORDER, page 253, “A Triumph for Homoeopathy,” by Dr. F.H. Lutze, are not only encouraging to the faint-hearted, but reminders of brain-taxing experiences which we have all been through in the past. One such came to my mind instantly, not only on account of its successful issue, but also because it occurred so early in my practice, that it made a deeper impression on my mind then have cures of more recent date. I do not remember to have ever reported the case and so will try to outline it now, though it was so long ago and was before my time of symptom recording, that I have only the vivid impression of it left.

A young man was very low with typhoid fever. He had had several violent hemorrhages from the bowels, passing each time nearly a bedpan full of dark blood. His flesh was clammy and I felt that a few hours would certainly end the trouble. On making my first visit of the day, his mother refused to allow me to see him. I naturally inquired if another physician had been summoned, but she replied in the negative, saying: “He is dying and I will not have him disturbed.” I begged to see him just once more, assuring her that I would not call again, unless she wished it. I found him much the same, though weaker, incessantly muttering in an incoherent fashion, trying to say something, though with great difficult as his facial expression indicated.

I learned over him to catch some of the words and after a time heard him say that they could not bury him, as he was so tall they could not get the coffin into the room. This of course instantly suggested Stramonium, of which I gave him a powder of Finckes 1000. I noted that he soon became quieter and gave him several more of the powders, though I do not now remember how many; but his mother was no more surprised than I, to see the remarkable improvement. This was about forty-five years ago and at last reports, a few years ago, he was living in another city, with quite a family of his own.

Wm. Jefferson Guernsey