In The Limelight

In The Limelight.
Eli Jones


If you have a case of chronic uterine ovarian disease it is always b……

If you have a case of chronic uterine ovarian disease it is always best to examine the breasts for lumps or tumors, for under such conditions you will find the lumps there is a large proportion of cases, and they will be of a cancerous nature. Remember that in four – fifths of the cases of cancer of the female breast the disease is rooted in the uterus and ovary. From this you will see the intimate sympathy between the breasts and the uterus or ovaries.

It will also be seen from this how foolish it is to out a cancer in the female breast, for it is simply removing the effect without touching the cause. It you have an obstinate case of leucorrhoea that doesnt yield to ordinary remedies, it is always best to examine the spleen for enlargement of that organ. Then gives the indicated remedy to reduce the enlargement.

Remember that intercostal neuralgia is often one of the symptoms of spinal irritation, so is numbness of hands or feet, and also a headache, that commences at the back of the head and goes over to the frontal region. If you have a patient with either of the above symptoms be sure and examine the spine for tender spots. Then you will know that you have a case of spinal irritation, and you can cure it you go the right way about it.

When you have a patient with a torpid, liver, weak digestion and constipation, the remedy indicated is:

Rx. Tr. Euonymous;fl zi.

Simple Syrup;fl. jv.

Mix. Sig. One teaspoonful night and morning.

Dr. John Rae, Lethbridge, Alberta, reports to me the following interesting case, which is a splendid cure, and one the doctor may well be proud of. He writes: “A young lady married a Lethbridge solider Edinburgh, Scotland. He went to France and she went to work in a munition factory in London, England, and there she became totally blind. She was taken to the London Hospital, but was sent out incurable, the professor said that she would never see again. She was next taken to the Edinburgh Hospital with the same result. Her mother – in – law went from here to Scotland and brought her back with her. She was then taken to a French specialist here, but he was unable to help her.

“She was brought to me six weeks ago, and now she can see as well as ever with the right eye, and the opacity is showing favorable signs in the left eye. I prescribed Calcarea fluorica and Kali mur.” A doctor who can perform such cures as the above is a “Godsend” in every community.”

One good cure will often make a doctors reputation in his field of practice.

It is a sad fact that the average regular physician can not cure a chronic disease, for the very good reason that he has not been taught how to cure such diseases in medical college.

A stream is no higher than its fountain head. The professors in the college cant teach a student what they dont know themselves.

The principal qualification for a professorship in a medical college ought to be a mans ability to heal the sick and not a “pull” that he may have, or the many degrees he may have received.

The degree of Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) is honor enough for any man, provided he is a physician, one fitted to heal the sick.

Rhus tox. is said by some doctors to be the remedy to cure rheumatism, but it will not unless it is indicated.

When there is lameness and stiffness and pain, when the patient begins to move about but feels better after he gets “limbered up,” then Rhus tox. will be the remedy.

The pulse of Rhus tox. has a sharper stroke than normal, the tongue has a triangular red tip.

In all inflammatory conditions and in intermittent fever if you find the patient alternately dry, hot, or perspiring, Apis mel. will be the remedy indicated.

In tonsillitis and diphtheria if the pain and suffering in the throat is relieved by swallowing or is worse between acts of deglutition, then Ignatia will be the remedy indicated.

In affections of the throat when empty swallowing or swallowing of saliva or liquids aggravates a great deal more than swallowing solids, then Lachesis will be the remedy indicated.

A good remedy to clear the urine of albumen in the last two months of pregnancy is Fluid extract eupatorium purpureum, 15 drops, three times a day.

When there is a disposition for stool in the upper part of the intestinal canal, and an indisposition in the lower part, give Rr. Veratrum album 3d x, 5 drops at bed time. Do not forget the above remedy in that form of constipation.

It has been said that the Psalmist David was “a man after Gods own heart.” The xxxviii Psalm is supposed to have been written by him. In this psalm we find a pretty good description of the symptoms of syphilis.

He says in the third verse, “There is no soundness in my flesh because of Thine anger, neither is there any rest in my bones because of my sin.”

Fifth verse, “My wounds stink and are corrupt because of my foolishness.”

Seventh verse, “For my loins are filled with a loathsome disease, and there is no soundness in my flesh.”

Eleventh verse, “My lovers and my friends stand aloof from my sore, and my kinsman stand afar off.”

The Psalms are the Poetry of the Bible, and in them will be found a “balm for every wound.”

Dr. Robert Bell, London, England, one of the most eminent cancer specialists in Great Britain, says that the “colon is a breeding place for cancer.” In that statement I think he is exactly right.

In Websters Dictionary we read that the definition of the word “Quack” is a “boastful pretender,” but the modern definition of a quack as given by our regular physicians is entirely different. It means that: “A doctor who can cure a case that they cant cure is a Quack of he worst kind.”

A physician of all men should be a gentle – man. A gentleman will never hurt anothers feelings if he knows it. He is gentle and kind, that is the true definition of a gentleman.

To call a brother physician a “Quack” or an “irregular” doesnt hurt him any, but it degrades the man who uses such terms, which are beneath the dignity of a gentleman.

What a grand world this would be to live in, if we could only forget our “isms” and pathies,” our prejudices, and remember only this one thing, that we are physicians here; heal the sick. Just think how much real good could be accomplished for God, for our profession and our common humanity. One of the first things at the very beginning of my course of instruction to students, I try to impress this fact upon their minds that they must rid their minds of all prejudices against any school of medicine or system of therapeutics. Make up your mind to know the truth, for the “truth shall set you free.”

“I live for those who love me,

For those who know me true,

For the heaven that smiles above me,

And awaits my spirit, too;

For the wrongs that need resistance,

For the cause that needs assistance,

For the future in the distance,

And the good that I can do”.

Eli G. Jones