The X-Ray Treatment Of Uterine Cancer

Medical literature records a large number of clinical cures and quite a few absolute cures. Reliable observers have made these reports, and so they should not be questioned. The different in results, as observed in present – day reports, when compared with those of several years ago, is due to a better understanding of the subject. To-day we select our cases and at the same time use a better technique.

War Nephritis

Uraemic convulsions, as has already been noted, if not immediately fatal, were shown by experience of several cases of be of good prognosis. Persisting mental changes, which may be regarded as uraemic in origin, however, were associated with persistence of albuminuria and haematuria long after the normal date for their disappearance. The blood pressure in the early stages gave little guidance.


These abnormal people have “fixed ideas,” Which cannot be eradicated. They resent force and will ignore compulsory laws as they always have done. They have enough influence to defeat such bills in legislatures and the only thing to do is to insist on punishment when the neglect causes disease. Prevention has proved impossible

A Case Of Hypernephroma

We take pleasure in announcing that Dr. E.H. Grubbe, the pioneer roentgenologist of Chicago, will contribute a series of papers on X-ray therapy for this department, beginning with the subject of cancer of the uterus. We are also promised a paper or two from Dr. Leroy Thompson, from whose article on iritis we present excerpts in the present number. Dr. Thompson specializes in eye, ear, nose and throat.

Faulty Metabolism Of Food Elements Due To Deficient Vit E

Scientists have for years claimed that scurvy was caused by abstaining from fresh vegetables, or from a too generous use of boiled or canned foods. The absence of a live factor was known theoretically. It remained for Funk and his collaborators to demonstrate experimentally that beri beri could be produced by feeding polished rice, and could be cured by feeding unpolished rice.


Systematize and standardize your examination; do not prognosticate until your search for etiological factors is complete. Take the proper time to care for each individual and that combined with a very small amount of research ability will save you many embarrassments.

Prescription Aids From Boenninghausen

Generally a concordance is to be used alone, taking, as the first rubric, the one which covers the “part affected.” Thus if it be a mental case “Mind” is used first, or if the part be elsewhere in the body then the rubric of “Localities” is first taken, and so on. I use the rubric headings, in reference, as given in the Allen Boenninghausen.

Something Of Interest

Whatever may have been said against the homoeopathic school of medicine by its enemies, there is one fact remains, that is worthy of our consideration, that in every community where there is a good physician of that school of medicine he usually gets the wealthy and intelligent people for his patrons. They are the kind of people that appreciate Homoeopathy for they judge a man by the results of his treatment.