The anti- vaccinationists are taunting the health authorities with inconsistency, and ask: IF Vaccination does protect your children, why are you so afraid of mine? This is a question which will sooner or later have to be satisfactorily answered, or the whole compulsion system must collapse. In pointing out these facts American Medicine sensibly asks:”


The Apis was given for an oedematous condition of her feet and lower limbs. It is helping that condition very fast. I wish to add that I made no change in diet. The appetite was good, even when the patient was at the worst. She had a desire for such food as cabbage, kraut, and was allowed to have it, but no matter what she ate, it always had caused an aggravation of the pain.


Examination of the thigh found it smaller than the left one, the muscles were soft and lacking the tone necessary to proper action, while the ileo-tibial band was lax and unable to carry out its important function. Though this condition was doubtless made worse by the use of the plaster cast, that alone did not seem sufficient to account for the state of the muscles and fascia. The site of the severe injury, which occurred a year or more ago, was marked by slight tenderness and hardened tissues.


The doctrine of similars is the heart of Homoeopathy, while the doctrine of infinitesimals is but the addenda of that sometimes are thing, common sense. Arsenic, mercury, strychnine, atropin and other drugs are known to be curative and deadly. Scientific medicine seeks the dose giving a “physiological effect,” which is smaller than the lethal dose; Homoeopathy seeks the curative dose-and finds it as experience demonstrates.


The whole subject has acquired and entirely new importance for the public with the passing of the National Insurance Act, which makes the State directly responsible for the efficient medical treatment of millions of its citizens, and thereby requires it to ascertain that they are treated in the best way possible and that the vast sums of money raised for the purpose are expended to the best advantage.


Consequently, it was pointed out, if Nature did her work in the usual even way, and the bacteria removed little by little, then it would not be long before the man needed re-vaccination to “protect,” while if the bacteria did not properly perform their function the toxin would most probably manifest itself in some chronic trouble, paralysis, cancer or insanity, for instance, to name some of the possibilities.


THE RECORDER, like its esteemed friends, is also liberal; in fact, if patient and doctor agree we are willing that the former should receive the eleven millionth, which, we believe, is the highest potency achieved, the tincture, big doses of calomel and mercury, have all sorts of stuff jabbed in hypodermically, or have Christian Science, faith, hoodoo, or any other old treatment. In fact, we only become illiberal when one sect is allowed to call in the police to enforce its treatment and shoulder its rivals out. That isnt playing the game on the square-on merit.


A young man contracted gonorrhoea and had the routine allopathic treatment given, him but failed to cure him and as time rolled on the case grew worse. He was passing blood and pus all the time and, at intervals, quite a profuse haemorrhage of bright red blood. The bladder had been irrigated morning and evening for the period of two years. He had a constant desire to void urine, always attended with more or less pain; at times there would be great pain in end of penis, often extending into the bladder and at the same time a most agonizing pain in right kidney.


As iodine is a tonic where the sexual power is feeble in the male, and is also a remedy in cases of goitre where menstrual disorder is also present in the case, we may find it curative of both lesions. Here we might associate it with Gelsemium for the extreme nervousness of exophthalmic goitre, with Veratrum for the vascular excitement, and with Apocynum or Macrotys for the menstrual disorders.


Dr. Potter has just given you warning of what is coming. The allopath says that the Gowanda asylum is not needed, that Western New York is well taken care of by the Buffalo institutions. Now, this is simply a forewarning, and unless you place none but Americans on guard the doors of that asylum will be closed, or its halls will be filled with allopathic doctors.


A writer in china Medical Journal says that if you dissolve anounce of Epsom salts in a pint of water, rub your body with this solution, and not wipe it, but let it dry on, not a fly, louse, gnat, bedbug, mosquito, or other small-fry of that nature will touch you. It is up to the reader to verify this.


Johns is one of the few colored families I practice upon now, as increasing practice elsewhere has caused me to give up the colored families, but the fame I derived from the cure of Johns case would have maintained me in colored practice the remaining days of my life had I cared to attend to it.


As an antidote to the effects of vaccination we all know the value of Thuja; I vaccinated my own baby two months ago, and the arm became very red and angry-looking, so I gave him a dose of Thuja 200, and the whole thing subsided very rapidly, and no bad effects were apparent. Another case I remember: a baby had suffered from constipation ever since being vaccinated, and he was then seven months old.