The writer has been making…


The writer has been making provings for more than thirty years. Recently he has been collecting the mass of evidence obtained during this extended period from the 30th potency of sulphur. Many persons of both sexes participated, none of whom, however, were aware that a proving was being undertaken. This tended to remove that a proving was being undertaken. This tended to remove the imaginative factor which, in the writers opinion, is as real a thing in life as a block of concrete. In this variation of method he differs from the justly famed Hahnemann. All the symptoms given below were expressed voluntarily by the proves.

By proving one becomes more thoroughly conversant with remedies and more than casually aware of the obvious. One is constantly perfecting ones knowledge of the best indication for a remedy, being able in many instances to do away with repertories thus becoming a more rapid and more accurate prescriber.

An attempt has been made to develop a definitive scale by giving the highest value to those symptoms which occurred most frequently among the provers, with decreasing value to those symptoms appearing less and less frequently. The advantage of this is obvious. Readers will search in vain for the keynote of hot, burning soles. This symptom did occur among the provers but without sufficient frequency to place it in the scale.

Mental symptoms are not included in the scale but are listed here:

Very bad nightmare, a constant re-dreaming.

Screaming in the sleep.

Sees snakes and dead people.

It seems as if “I has the jim-jams.”

Morning laziness.

Nervous and shaky from 3 P.M. to 12 P.M.

Felt like fainting.

Noises annoy (the nerves from tearing paper).

Cranky temper and self – disgust.

Nocturnal restlessness.

Constant thought of dying in the aged.

Low spirited.

Low spirited, melancholy, a “leaving the folks behind” feeling.


Times Count

Symptoms in

Occurred Scale


68 Constant weakness; worse daytime 19

63 Sleeplessness; worse after midnight 18

41 Epigastric bloating (offensive) 17

38 Hard, dry cough; worse daytime 16

38 Itching skin at night 16

38 Burning and flashes; worse headache, worse morning; worse let side 15

28 Dyspnea, left side, at night 14

27 Sour belching; worse morning 13

27 Worse on motion; sharp, sticking pains 13

27 Worse after sleep ( many symptoms) 13

26 Thirst, worse at night 12

24 Sore throat; worse left side 11

24 Expectoration thick 11

23 Nausea in morning 10

23 Rhinorrhoea watery 10

21 Generalized nightly chilliness; worse in back; worse stomach 9

20 Canine hunger; worse morning 8

20 Backache sharp and intermittent; worse at night 8

19 Mouth day; with nocturnal thirst 7

19 Worse during cough (right posterior lung pain); (enuresis) 7

19 Nocturia 7

18 Costiveness 7

18 Worse after eating (belching) 6

17 Painless, morning hoarseness 5

17 Daytime drowsiness; worse in afternoon 5

16 Intermittent abdominal cramps; worse by touch 4

16 Morning abdominal cramps; worse by touch 4

16 Dull steady frontal headache 4

16 Frequent urination at night (large amount) 4

15 Marked morning sour taste 3

15 Worse from touch 3

15 Diarrhea 3

14 Legs heavy and weak 2

14 Lachrymation in right eye; worse in morning 2

13 Expectoration yellow 1

13 Worse on walking. 1.

Donald Macfarlan