The characters or personalities of these three patients contained similar features, and their experiences prior to the outbreak of illness were strikingly alike. They were upright and good – living men keenly conscious of their own virtue and rectitude; the skin disease followed closely some disaster; and, in the belief that their misfortunes were utterly undeserved, they harboured an acute sense of injustice.

Dr Sarkars speech

Hitherto biological sciences, in common with physical sciences, are following quantitative – analytic – experimental methods in investigation of biological truths; but might it not be that qualitative – synthetic – experimental methods are more relevant and direct approaches to the problem? It is the bounden duty of us, homoeopaths, to educate the people in the matter and try to change their old stereotyped views to the effect that we need specific drugs for individual patients and not for specific diseases.

Food & Diet in Health & Disease from Homoeopathic Standpoint

The Science of Therapeutics and Hygiene and Medicine may have their independent spheres with their distinctive laws or each of them might be a part of a still broader generalisation with a synthetic law covering all of them. It is only our Indian Ayurvedic System of Medicine that has succeeded in laying down such a synthetic and integral law which guides its Medicine, Therapeutic and Hygienic practices. With this preamble we will confine ourselves to the problem of diet and regimen as discussed by Hahnemann and his followers like Boenninghausen etc.


Adenocarcinoma with Hurthle cell change are relatively rare lesions. They behave like adenomas or adenocarcinomes. The cells of these tumors bears a close resemblance to those of the liver and the adrenal cortex. They are compactly arranged to form small alveoli. The tumor may be discrete and well encapsulated or diffuse and invasive.


A homoeopathic remedy will only cure that part of the case to which it is homoeopathic, the other part or parts of of the case must be treated by their similars. The indicated remedy may cover the totality of the present symptoms, but a suppressed disease like gonorrhea, measles, etc., may prevent the indicated remedy from going deep enough until the nosode or the particular disease had a chance to unlock its suppression.