Vibrations and Teachings of Hahnemann

First, when any mass or disease is acted upon by any frequency or vibration, it tends to degrade or shorten the frequency of that mass of disease. This means the cure of disease, and is true whether it is a growth, an infection, or any other type of disease. A statement made by Mr. H.H. Holmes of the Bell Telephone Laboratories seemed an explanation of the action of a homoeopathic remedy. He stated that when vibrations are identical and meet each other in opposite directions they are neutralized. In other words the vibration of a disease is met 180 degrees out of phase by the like vibration of the remedy which, of course, is a demonstration of similia.

There are machines now in existence which will duplicate the same energy as that produced by trituration and potentization. One of these machines, as the present time, is in the research laboratory of the Belmont Group of researchers, as well as at Yale University.

Dr. Linus Pauling, president of the American Chemical Society and Chairman of the California Institute of Technology, states “Within every atom and every molecule there flows electric currents and every substance is a system of electro-magnetic fields”. And yet, quoting Dr. Harold S. Burr of Yale University, “every living things is a storage battery charged with energy we call electricity. All of the seeds, plants and animals we have tested show a direct relationship between electric potentials and vigor.”

With delicate instruments capable of measuring power currents of one – millionth of one volt and less, Dr. Burr and his assistants have traced and measured power – patterns through the plant and animal world. They found characteristic individual patterns in each type of life.

Here let me explain that each individual, being somewhat different from every other, would make it necessary to find different remedies to meet different humans, because each individual has its own and specific and characteristic vibration or frequency which must be identical to that of the remedy which is prescribed.

In human beings, Dr. Burr has proved the “right side of the body is almost uniformly positive to the left side by several millivolts, although this bears no discernible relation to handedness.”

Again here we have a demonstration of Hahnemanns statement that some remedies act right – sidedly, such as Lycopodium and others, such as Lachesis, affect the left side of the body. Also here we have proos of the electrical current of the body. A remedy, to be right – sided has to provide an opposite polarity. Lachesis must be the opposite polarity of the body or it could not affect it.

Further, Dr. Burr has made the statement that the right index finger of a woman increases its “positive polarity” by several thousand microvolts on the day of ovulation, then drops to monthly low during the menstrual period 14 to 17 days later. Since similar records from pregnant females show “entire absence of such cyclic phenomena”, it is probably safe to assume that simple electric measurements may someday replace all present methods of birth control and fertility determination.

Dr. Burt has also stated that sudden increases or break – downs of electrical circuits in all forms of life an indication of abnormal and highly dangerous conditions, as borne out by experiments with cancerous tissue.

Drs. Walter R. Miles and Lloyd H. Beck of Yale Universitys psychology department have demonstrated an experiment that leads them to believe that the “sense of smell” is another electric power form, actually a broadcast by the nose of infra – red rays in the 7.5 to 14 micron bands.

Dr. Harold Lampert of the Medical School of Yale University, H.F. Newman and Ralph Eichorn of Beth Israel Hospital, New York City, began to bombard the gall bladders of sick rabbits and dogs with high frequency sound tones of a specific wave length. All of the animals had severe gallstone conditions. Treatments with the sound wave, lasting from five to sixty seconds, crumbled the pebbly gall – stones and enabled them to pass painlessly from the body. Examinations revealed no damage to the surrounding living tissue. These tremendously important experiments are being extended to human beings.

I might go on indefinitely citing eminent authorities who discuss physics in relation to human energy in the cure of the sick. There is but one law of cure and that is the law of cure and that is the law of similia. This is being proven daily by physics and physiology departments of the great universities, seventeen of which I have visited and discussed physics in its relationship to disease. Homoeopathy is destined to be revived by the physics and physiology departments of the great universities, much to the humiliation of our national and international associations, unless we take prompt action to see that this relation of physics to the cure of disease is a pure application of Hahnemanns teachings.

Chairman, Bureau of Surgery