Vibrations and Teachings of Hahnemann

In discussing this matter with Mr. L.N. Hampton of the Bell Telephone Laboratories of New York City, I asked how many different vibrations there would be in the human range, and his reply was “Oh, just billions, and billions and billions, and more billions after that.” Further discussion of this matter with Mr. S.S. Knight brought out the explanation of the action of the homoeopathic potency in the treatment of the sick on the basis of physics.



[Read by title before the Bureau of of Public Health, A.I.H. Convention, Atlantic City, June 1951].

Journal of the American Institute of Homoeopathy-Sept, 1953.

The subject matter of this paper has been collected from eminent authorities, it being my privilege to be allowed to sit in on annual meetings of the American Institute of Radiation of Belmont, California, where such men as Hans Barth. eminent German authority on physics, Drs. Carl Young of the University of California, Corbett of the University of Maryland, Cronan of Johns Hopkins University, Ray Miller of Harvard, Linford of the University of Utah, and Jensen of the University of Nebraska, all Ph. D.s whose research coincides with that of Harold S. Burr of Yale University, and William E. Boyed, our eminent homoeopathic scientist of Glasgow.

Another eminent authority who has contributed much to this work is Morton Whitby, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons; Cosulting Surgeon, St. Margarets Hospital, London.

One of the most outstanding authorities who has contributed unlimited time and also considerable of his wealth to this research is Mr. S.S. Knight of Petaluma, California, who for thirty years conducted research for the United STates Steel Corporation and Mr. H.H. Holmes, for years conductor of research for the Bell Telephone Laboratories. This paper embodies part of the reports of the annual meeting of this eminent group of men.

First, let us recognize the fact that the universe is composed of atoms. Thus, all living matter, whether animal or vegetable, must also be composed of atoms. This means, of course, that the human body is an aggregate of billions of atoms, all responding to the laws of physics and chemistry. Iron, phosphorus, sodium potassium, copper and all the other mineral aggregates respond to the same laws inside the human body as outside the human body. Einstein has made the statement the matter and energy are one and the same.

Energy can be converted into matter and matter into energy. Among the most remarkable of statements is that musical chords can be converted into chemical compounds, and chemical compounds again returned to musical notes. The greater the divisibility of matter, the greater its energy output.

Some years ago the Bell Telephone Laboratories of New York City, endeavoring to find some way to send a hundred voice over the same wire at the same time, discovered that human bodies radiate or vibrate. It is well to keep in mind that radiation, frequency and vibration are one and the same. The outstanding scientist for the Bell Telephone LAboratories who made this discovery decided that it might be possible to measure the wave length of the human body as well as its rate of vibration.

He finally succeeded in discovering that the human bodys rate of vibration is eighty million cycles per second which is equivalent to a 3.66 mater wave length. As you all know, the rate of vibration or frequency of electrical energy that produces the ordinary lights which light up our houses is a sixty cycle current, or sixty vibrations per second; thus the rate of frequency or vibration of the human body is far beyond the range of the human eye.

The great importance of this discovery was not realized until such men as Mr. S.S. Knight and others in the field of human research decided that this discovery would be of inestimable value in the treatment of the sick and that, if the human bodys rate of vibration is 3.66 meters, anything different from 3.66 must be disease. With this information at hand, the noted researchers proceeded to build a machine which would duplicate the energy of the human body. A machine was finally built which embodies a damp wave. A damp wave is only a spark or an arc.

Chairman, Bureau of Surgery