Symptoms ever changing, they invade one organ, leave it and proceed to another, takes cold easily. Losing flesh while eating well; eczema over entire body; pains travel, worse from cold and from cold damp weather. Formication in skin, worse becoming cold; wants to be covered in all stages of fever. Heat with chilliness; complaints worse standing, keeping still, must move, better by motion.

Pelvic Inflammation

Sometimes we do not get the symptoms of Apis in the beginning of the case as they come on the surface at last when the case becomes almost incurable. There is no harm in trying Apis only on subjective symptoms. Nat-Mur is the best complementary to Apis, and it should be used in anaemic condition after Apis.

Taking The Temperature

A comparison of the various readings enables those responsible for the selection of tube for the various types of thermometer to sort the short lengths into groups composed of tubes of very nearly the same volumetric capacity, and by doing this it is practicable to work out, within a little, the size of the bulb required for a particular range or a particular purpose.

What We Must Not Do In Homoeopathy – 2

Alone the homoeopaths who have a very long experience, do not make such an error regarding the dose. We try first of all to avoid a second error which will consist in stopping the medicine very soon. We must know to place ourselves on the borderline of these two dangers. To stop the medicine too soon is to cause the patient to fall back in his diseased condition.

Medicine And Man

Homoeopathy depends upon individuality, depends upon considering the patient as first, a human being, and afterwards a subject for curative treatment. This is both its triumph and defeat: triumph, of course, since Homoeopathy has more basic cures to its credit than Allopathy; defeat, since in fact Homoeopathy is not accepted officially, and is actually discredited by many orthodox doctors.

Editorial – Mental Health

Influence of emotions: Sudden financial ruin has often caused grave forms of mental derangements. Disappointed love or great grief or suppressed grief should be considered responsible for many cases of insanity. Certain persons cannot bear insults and become insane when they get insulted. Disappointment in anything for which the person had the greatest craving becomes a powerful cause of insanity.

Hahnemanns Contribution To Medical Science

Hahnemann laid utmost emphasis on the “safety first” principle in therapeutics and devised a unique method of reducing the dosage of even most lethal poisons to such infinitesimal limits that if applied according to the natures law discover and announced by him, only their curative properties of drugs once discovered hold good for all time to come as the experiments to determine them are made on the basis of certain fixed and unchanging laws of nature.

Headache Repertory

Thinking of pain: Agar, Cic. Smoking Tobacco: Arn, Am-c, Cal-p, Carb-ac, Naja. Touch: Calc, Mang, Phos. Urination: Gels, Aco, Ferr-p, Ign, Kalm, Meli, Sang, Sil, Ter, Verat. Vomiting: Lach, Sang, Sep, Sil. While walking: Lyc, Phos, Rhod, Rhus-tox, Thuja. While walking in open air: Ant-c, Apis, Ars, Kali-s, Lyc, Phos, Puls, Rhod, Sulph. Rapid walking: Puls, Sep. Warm room: Chin, Mang, Sulph. Washing head cold: Ars, Bry, Glon, Phos.