Retained Placenta

Rheumatic pains in the hip, knee and foot-joints. Swelling tension and stitches in the knee. Swelling of the feet and upto the knee. Hot swelling of the legs with stinging drawing pain. Pain of the soles of the feet when walking as if bruised. Fine tearing in the toes of the left foot. Podagr. Gout, rheumatic pains in the joints aggravated by heat of bed and in the evening till mid night.

After the birth of a child Sj. K.B. Chettri of Kalimpong came to my house on 12-10-52 in a confused state and requested me to go immediately to his house for the retained placenta of his wife, which did not evacuate immediately after the birth of the child. The child was born at 9 a.m. in the morning but Sj. Chettri called me at 6-30 p.m. Before calling me he went first to some local physicians (Allopaths) of this place, as the case was difficult, every body instructed him to shift his wife to Hospital. But she was in such a condition that she could not be removed from the place where she was lying. It will not be out of place to mention here that the case was a very difficult one.

So, I at once went to his house and found that the new born child was crying. I cut the cord and separated the child. The cord which remains with placenta should be bound to a small iron (moderate weight) without causing any injury, do not apply much force. She was too weak, her hearts condition was alarming and she had intermittent pain in the abdomen. I prescribed a dose of PULSATILLA-30, after half an hour I repeated the medicine again. I noticed that the pain stopped and yet there was no sign of placenta. I tried every medicine suggested in the book but without any satisfactory result. Slowly the gentle lady began to collapse, her legs became as cold as ice, pulse irregular, eyes half opened, in a word. She was almost in a half dead condition.

Every body began to cry. I became sorry for my failure. But doctors remember, this is a true medicine which can save man from the jaws of death. I had little time to consult any book but circumstances compelled me to do so. Really it was a wonderful thing, a dose of Cantharis-200 turned up everything, after half an hour the pain started again and became unbearable, legs became hot, heart came to normal condition, placenta came out without any difficulty, thus the medicine saved her life.

Note: Practical experience from observation.

CANTHARIS increases blood pressure after Pulsatilla (i.e. in the female sexual organ) and plays a most important role in the uterus or whole female sexual organs. It has got curative powers on the respiratory organs. It increases temperature of the body especially during retained placenta.

PREGNANCY: Expels moles, dead foetuses and the placenta. Retained placenta or membranes.



Type: Acute articular rheumatism. Chronic articular rheumatism. Arthritis deformans. Subacute rheumatism. Ascending rheumatism. Arthritis (gout). “Acute and chronic arthritis.”

Location: Smaller joints. Joints of leg, knee-joint. Hip-joint, toe-joints. Lower extremities. Great toe. Muscles, back, neck, loins. Joints of arms. “Rheumatic affections especially of the joints with soreness of the muscles”. Begins in the lower limbs and ascends (descends Kal.)” Nodosities and gout stones of joints. Left shoulder. Right hip-joint. Ankle-joint. Ball of great toe. Heel. Hand, finger-joints. “Hip, knee, foot joints.” Wrists. “Knee-joint especially.”

Pain: Aching. Boring. Burning. Cutting. Drawing. Pinching (thigh). Pressing (joints, shoulder, forearm, wrist, hands, thigh, knee, leg, ankle foot foot joints-sole). Scraping. Sore bruised. (joints, shoulder, upper arm, elbow, wrist. Fingers. Hip. Knee, leg; sole when walking; sprained (joints, ankle) stitching (joints, shoulder, upper arm, wrist. Knee, leg. Tibia, ankle) tearing. Throbbing (right shoulder)

Character: Rheumatism begins in the feet and travels upwards. Acute rheumatism, joints swollen, hot nut not red, pale swellings; pains worse at night and from heat of bed, uncovering relieves. Chronic rheumatism, joints swollen and painful, worse heat of bed, painful, hard nodes and concretions in the joints of feet and hands; periosteum of phalanges painful on pressure. Swelling of ankles, painfulness and sensitiveness of soles (Ant- c. Lyc. Sil.); patient unnaturally cold, lacks animal heat. Cold application gives relief and so he puts feet in cold water. Rheumatic and gouty troubles, chalk stones in joints, deposits in wrists, fingers, toes; deposits go from below upwards. Gouty joints became suddenly inflammed and are relieved by cold.

Gout or rheumatism attacks especially the knee-joint. Patients sit exposing the diseased joint to the cold or fanning the joint. Rheumatism and gout of extremities with pain and swelling. The pains and swellings go upwards and the heart becomes affected. Rheumatism with copious pale urine. Painful stiffness of the back and loins when rising from seat. Pain in the loins after sitting. Sticking in the shoulder when lifting the arms. Sticking in the shoulder joint when lifting the arm.

Pressing pain in shoulder and elbow joints worse on motion. Rheumatic pain in joints of the arms. Gouty nodosities on the hand and finger joints. Laming rheumatic pain in the hip joint. Pressure in region of the right hip joint, more violent during motion. Rheumatic pains in the hip, knee and foot-joints. Swelling tension and stitches in the knee. Swelling of the feet and upto the knee. Hot swelling of the legs with stinging drawing pain. Pain of the soles of the feet when walking as if bruised. Fine tearing in the toes of the left foot. Podagr. Gout, rheumatic pains in the joints aggravated by heat of bed and in the evening till mid night.

Tense hard swelling of the affected joint. Emaciation of the affected parts. Painful gouty nodosities on the joints. Motion aggravates only the pains of the joints. The rheumatic pains begin in the lower limbs and ascend. Gout and rheumatism of the smaller joints with a tendency to travel upwards; warmth of bed increases the pains and cold application relieves the pains. Nodular swellings in the joints (Calc-c. Ben- ac. Lyc. Ammon-phos. Lithium-carb.). “When striking the toes, there is a coldness in the parts and a gouty pain shoots all through the foot and limb; cracking of the joints on moving them.” Gouty pains shoot all through the foot and limb and in joints but especially small joints. Joints swollen, hot, pale. Throbbing in right shoulder. Ball of great toe swollen (Bothrops).

Pains alternating with spitting of blood. “Arthritic nodosities with violent pains which grow worse in the evening, when getting warm in bed and last till midnight.” “Acute tearing pains in joints with great weakness of limbs and numbness and coldness of surface.” “Rheumatic or gouty inflammation of the great toe, with scanty effusion which tends to harden into nodosities.” “Pains change location quickly, accompanied by little or no swelling.” “Erythema nodosum, worse in cold damp weather”. Soreness of the feet and heels from taking cold as from getting wet. Rheumatism of knee-joint.

Rheumatism of small joints. “Joints are seldom hot or swollen.” “Pains shift from joint to joint, from side to side with a general upward tendency.” “Acute tearing pains in joints with paralytic weakness of the limbs and numbness and coldness of the surface (colch).” Drawing pains in joints. Brain feels sore at every Step (Rhus t.). “Ledum is useful for rheumatic or gouty inflammation of the great toe”. “Hot swelling of hip and shoulder joints (Bry.)” Rheumatism after abuse of Colchicum. Haemoptysis alternating with attacks of rheumatism.

Causes: Abuse of alcohol. Hair cutting.

Suppressed discharged. Bruises.

Recent or chronic injuries.

Conditions: Amelioration from cold application and aggravation from heat. Pains and swellings go upwards. Stones and nodosities form on the joints. Rheumatic knee joint. Gouty toe. Small joints chiefly invaded.

Rheumatism or gout begins in lower limbs and ascends. Pains from evening till midnight. Coldness of affected parts. Rheumatism of hip and knee joints. “Rheumatism, pains go from below upward; joints swollen, painful, hot and tense; drawing pains, worse from warmth and motion” gentry. “Gouty rheumatic pains in joints”. “Rheumatic gout, begins in lower legs and ascends” “A misstep causes sensation of concussion to brain.” “Arms and whole body painful as if bruised or beaten.” Gouty nodosities on hands and fingers.” “Gout nodosities on hands and finger joints.” “Gouty rheumatic pain with tight, hard swelling in joints)”.

Aggravation: Warmth of bed, heat, motion. Evening till midnight. Night. Moving the joints, while walking. Wine, covering, bed- covering.

Amelioration: Cold applications. Fanning the joint. While reposing. Holding feet in ice-water.

Similar Remedies: Kalm. Sil. Lyc. Bry. Rhus-t. Colch. Actea Sp. Cauloph. Sabina. Guaiacum. Lac-c. Calc-c. Benz-ac. Ammon-phos. Lithium-carb. Puls. Rhodo.

Attending Symptoms: “Sufferings are worse or come on, after getting warm in bed, compelling the patient to get out of bed, which affords them relief.” The patients are cold all the time, in bed, in the house etc., they always feel cold and chilly. “Pale delicate persons.” “Emaciation of affected parts.” “Wounded parts are cold to touch.” Parts cold to touch, but not cold subjectively to patient.” red pimples on forehead and cheeks. General lack of animal heat. Cannot cover head. Cataract with gout. Long discolouration after injuries. Desire for solitude. Acrid tears. Pale blood from nose. Alternate paleness and redness of the face. Stool mixed with blood. Trembling of hands when seizing anything and when moving the hands. Sweat of palms. Sleeplessness with restlessness and tossing. Coldness and want of natural heat. General coldness with heat and redness of the feet. Burning in hands and feet in the evening. Sweat on forehead. Perspiration causes itching. Skin dry and want of sweat. Long- continued warm sweat on hands and feet. Slight injuries cause ecchymoses. Suffering parts waste. Sensation as of boiling in hip-joint. Eczema on one leg. Rheumatic patients sit with their feet and legs in cold water, cold bath relieves rheumatism, wants the feet in very cold water.



Type: Lobar pneumonia. Broncho-pneumonia. Bilious pneumonia. Latent pneumonia. Infantile pneumonia.

Stage: Second stage.

Location: Upper lobe of right lung. Lower lobe of left lung.

Causes: Change of weather. Disorder of liver. Measles. Whooping cough.

Expectoration: Lumps of mucus. Copious expectoration. Difficult expectoration. “LUmps of mucus fly from mouth when coughing.” Grayish. Lumpy. Mucous. Forcible ejection of small lumps of mucus or inability to raise and dislodge.

Cough: Violent cough, spasmodic, dry, hacking. Worse at night. Dry cough through the day. Dry cough when sitting up. Long continued cough, with loose rattling mucus, flying out of detached lumps of mucus when coughing. The cough re-echoes in stomach. Short cough. Rattling fatiguing cough. Loose and rattling cough. (Pneumonia)

Respiration: Difficult breathing. Difficult respiration with short fits of coughing. Short quick breathing. Difficult breathing; tightness over chest. Cough worse morning, with expectoration deep from lungs. Oppression of the chest and respiration. Hoarse in afternoon.

Pains: Stitches in the left chest during an inspiration. Pain in right side of chest and shoulder with embarrased respiration. Constriction of chest. Very severe pain in the inner lower angle of right shoulder blade running into the chest. Violent stitches in right lung going to lower edge of right shoulder-blade.

Pulse: Pulse is generally hard. Pulse small and rapid, full, hard but not very much accelerated, towards evening.

Patient: Persons of light complexion, blondes. Patients, thin, spare, irritable.

Conditions: Pneumonia of right lung with liver complications (Marc. Kali-c). Small lumps of mucus fly from mouth when coughing. Pneumonia of right side where there is a great deal of mucus. Hoarse at 5 oclock in the afternoon. Bilious pneumonia. Capillary bronchitis of children following measles or whooping cough. hepatic symptoms. Fan-like motion of the wings of the nose. One foot hot the other cold. Stitching pain under right scapula. Loose rattling cough. Expectoration not easily raised. Bright yellow stools or white stools. Yellow urine, yellow skin. Chel acted when Lycop. failed. Soreness of lower ribs of right side.

Fever: Fever with pain in liver or under right scapula. Burning heat of hand, cold feet.

Accompaniments: Low-spirited. Forgetful. Absent minded. Inclination to weep. Sensation of coldness in the occiput. Icy- coldness of occiput. Drowsiness marked. Headache with lachrymation. Loss of hearing during cough. Tongue yellow, imprint of teeth; flabby, large. Prefers hot food and drink. Nausea, better hot water. Eating relieves stomach. Icy coldness of tips of fingers. Colic, navel is drawn in.

Aggravation: Touch. Change of weather. Warmth. Motion. 4 a.m. afternoon. Right side. Early morning.

Amelioration: Rest.

Remedies following: Lyc., Nux v., Sulph.

K B Chettri