A punjabi gentleman from Quetta came to me for treatment. He was suffering from weeping eczema. His face was covered with sores and fluid was coming out of them. It was really a sad case. I asked him to show me his tongue. Seeing the red papillae near the tip, Arsenic was prescribed and the patient was asked to come after four days. When he came next time, the oozing stopped.


The thing is when the immaterial miasm of Hahnemann attacks and over – powers the vital force i.e. during the incubation period there are no bacilli, bacteria or parasites of Cholera, Pneumonia, Typhoid or Chronic affections of venereal diseases. Cause must precede the attack. The Bacilli etc., come later on as a result or ultimate issue of the disease.


The changes of the media are generally due to some disease of the media themselves or changes of the density of the media, in such conditions are early cataract, etc.; these types of case are called Index type myopia. It is a common experience that in early cataract due to increased density of the lens a previously normal person become myopic, a myopia more myopic and a hypermetropic less hypermetropic.


The creation of Atom Bomb is not the last thing that science has done. It will create more deadly poisons and more deadly weapons which will bring a dreadful state in which the whole creation of God will perish in a moment. Violent poisons which are employed for the protection of human life will one day be the cause of death by their continued employment and reckless use.