The complete study of the phenomenon is impossible without a corresponding study of the noumenon. Hahnemann wanted to make a scientific study of diseases and drug – actions and therapeutics without attempting or ignoring the scientific study of life and mind. May be, the proper study of mind and life may require techniques and concepts totally different from those applied to the study of matter.

Headache Repertory

Aco; Ambr; Arac; Ant-c; Arg-n; Ars; Aur; Bor; Bufo; Calc-p; Calc-s; Camph; Cann-s; Canth; Carb-an; Cedr; Cham; Chin; Cimic; Cinnab; Cocc; Coff; Con; Croc; Cycl; Dulc; Ferr-p; Graph; Grat; Hyos; Iod; Kali-bi; Laur; Mag-c; Mag; Merc; Nat-c; Nat-m; Nat-s; Nit-ac; Nux-v; Op; Ph-ac; Pic-ac; Plb; Psor; Puls; Ran-b; Rhus-t; Sep; Sil; Spong; Stram; Tab; Verat; Zinc.


In the stomach the constant nausea is the prominent symptom. This nauseated state may be due to a disordered stomach from injudicious eating or from too great a mixture associated with a white-coated or clean tongue, but it is especially the result of nervous irritability or the accompaniment of the various troubles for which the remedy is useful, particularly haemorrhage from various organs of the body.


Burning in soles and palms. Aversion to butter. Unquenchable thirst. Nausea with salivation. Anxiety preceding vomiting. Vertigo, looking upward. Craving for piquant food. Urging to stool in the forenoon but only discharge of flatus. Diarrhoea, bilious, liquid, gushing stool. Undigested stool. Haemorrhoids. Awakens in a fright as if he would fall.


Drawing up and down the back in the forenoon, must lie down with drawing pain between the scapulae; better by eructation. Stiffness of the nape of the neck as if bruised or from overlifting. Distortion of the cervical muscles. Drawing pains in the arms. Tearing in the arms particularly in the elbow and wrist, at night in bed. Drawing pain in wrists worse evening. Pain in finger joints on motion.


Such patient usually crave for sympathy and usually fasten on anyone they meet to pour out their troubles, they are a misery to themselves, their families, and their friends, and a heartbreak to their doctor, and I must admit that I usually find such patients incurable, although probably you do not. Sometimes there will be some measure of improvement and relief, but usually only temporary.

Migraine And Its Homoeopathic Treatment

The pain locates above the left eye or in the eye – ball proper – severe ciliary neuralgia with sensation as if eye were too large for its socket -, of a lancinating character, usually stitching, increasing and decreasing with the sun, at times awakening patient in early morning. When the pain is at the height of attack there may be bilious vomiting, or also lachrymation and reddening of eye.


Just as we needed a Newton to open the field of modern physics by interpreting the fall of an apple, a common fact nobody paid any attention to, so we needed a Kent to develop, exploit and disseminate the concept of dynamization and its practical application to the treatment of the sick. Too often a valuable discovery in some field remains buried and lifeless for the lack of a promoter.

The Action Of Causticum In Warts

The boy seems to be simple natured. He had a large number of caddy warts on both of his hands. He appeared before me on 4-7-51. He is accustomed to wash clothes for maintaining his family as his father died for some years past in the last Calcutta riot of 1946. He feels weakness of all his limbs. His mind is desperate and fears everything. There is the contraction of his muscles. Sometimes he cries out from his sleep. He is very tired of his body and mind as if paralysed.