“Great prostration and soreness as if bruised in whatever position the patient lies; the parts rested upon feel sore and bruised. Stupor; falls asleep while being spoken to or in the midst of his answer; face flushed, dusky, dark red, with stupid, besotted, drunken expression. Tongue coated with a well defined streak down the middle, at first white, but very soon turns brown, with red edges.

Sometimes the tongue is large and flabby, with a red dry tip, but not distinctly triangular like Rhus. t. Exhalations and discharge early became fetid and offensive breath, stool, urine, and perspiration, Nervous, cannot get to sleep because she cannot get herself together; feels scattered about, tosses around to get herself together.” (early stage);.

“Congestion of liver during typhoid.”.

“Bap, has gained its greatest reputation as a remedy in typhoid fever, to the symptoms of which its pathogenesis strikingly corresponds. But it is only when it is used strictly in accordance with its symptoms that it will give successful results. When given as a matter of routine there are sure to be failures.”.

“Enteric or typhoid, cerebral form.”.

“Drowsiness, delirium, confusion of ideas.”.

“Involuntary, scanty, stool.”.

“Afternoon exacerbation of fever.”.

“Incipient stage of typhoid.”.

“Decubitus in typhoid.”.

“When Ars. has been improperly given or too often repeated in typhoid.”.

“Great languor, wants to lie-down, general malaise, feels weak, tremulous, sore, bruised, early stage.”.

“Burning, moves to cool part of bed.”.

“Limbs hot, but feel cold to touch.”.

“Marked early prostration.”.

“Fever in hot weather, in autumn.”.

“Typhoids that come on rapidly.”.

“Baptisia will stop the typhoid fever, when it is indicated.”.

“Breath, stool, urine, sweat, all putrid.”.

“Blood oozes from the mouth.”.

“Sordes begin to appear on the teeth much earlier than in the regular typhoid.”.

“Abdomen becomes distended much earlier.”.

“His odors are horrible.”.

“State of stupor.”.

“His countenance is besotted. It is bloated and purple and mottled.”.

“He looks like an old drunkard.”.

“Bapt. has dark, besotted face, drowsiness and stupor, goes to sleep while answering questions; discharges from the bowels dark, fluid and very offensive.”.

“Bapt. is indicated when we have brown or blackish coated tongue and well marked fever. The face presents a dark red, besotted appearance, like that of one intoxicated. The discharges from the bowels are dark, fluid and very offensive. The patient is drowsy, and stupid, he goes to sleep while answering questions, or he is restless, tossing about the bed with the illusion that he is double, or is scattered about, and must try to get himself together again. He complains of the bed feeling too hard. The tongue is often studded with aphthous ulcers.”.

“Baptisia is suitable to all stages of typhoid, early or late.”.

“Drowsy, stupid and languid.”.

Slides down in bed and lower jaw drops (Mur-ac).


“Diarrhoea, horribly offensive, foul, mushy, painless, dark or slaty.

“Sore, Heavy, Aching, muscles.”.

“Bed is too hard, yet is too weak to move.”.

“Dark mucous membranes, exudates, haemorrhage, stool etc.”.

“Foul odor of body.” “Bed sores.”.

“Parts feel numb or too large.”.

“Early in Typhoid: Excitement of the brain, just such as precedes delirium; wild, wandering feeling; the patient cannot confine his mind to any one subject; restlessness; constant desire to move from place to place, disturbed sleep. The patient awakens at two or three oclock in the morning and then is so restless that he tosses about, unable to sleep any longer. During sleep his dreams are of the most extravagant character. He dreams that he is chained to the bed, or that he is swimming on river or undergoing some ordeal which makes a great demand on his strength.

He may suffer from nightmare, from which he awakens with sensation as though the room were insufferably hot making breathing almost impossible. If he still has strength he goes to the open window to get air. The patient makes frequent errors as to his own person, supposing at times that he is double, or that his body is scattered about and that he must toss about the bed to collect the pieces.

Now these evidences of nervous excitement are accompanied by excessive prostration; the back and limbs ache; the back feels stiff; the patient feels tired and bruised all over; he complains of the bed feeling too hard; this makes him restless, and he tosses about the bed to find a softer spot. Weakness develops, progressing so far that he becomes unable to walk: he suffers from an indescribable weak faint feeling with or without vertigo.”.

The face is hot and flushed and has heavy, besotted look, as in the case of one intoxicated. The eyes also are heavy and stupid in appearance. The tongue is at first white, or slightly yellowish; frequently, too, the papillae are raised and project through this whitish or yellow coating. The edges of the tongue are of a deep red colour.

There is dull heavy headache, with sensation as if the head would be pressed in, sometimes the pressure in the forehead seems to go down into the root of the nose. Again the patient complains of a sensation which he describes “as though the skin of the forehead were being pulled back towards the occiput.” As though the skin of the forehead were tense or tight or drawn. Numb tingling feeling in the forehead or scalp.

The head feels enormously large. Always an increase of temperature. Pulse accelerated in direct proportion to the intensity of the fever. Slight sensitiveness in the ileo-caecal region. Yellow putrescent stools.”.

“The properly selected drug will abort typhoid fever.”

“Unusual foetidity. Besotted expression, Mental depression.”.

“Second or third week; when the prostration is profound. Patient is in a stupor. He falls asleep while answering questions. His face is now dark red in colour and has heavy besotted look. The tongue has changed its yellow or white coating to one which has a brown streak down the centre, the edges of the organ still remaining red. All the exhalations and discharges from the patient are exceedingly offensive. The teeth are covered with sordes having an offensive odor. The breath is fetid. Stools are yellowish or dark and are horribly putrid. The urine and sweat are both offensive.”.

Compare: Gels., Rhus-tox., Arnica., Lach., Mur. ac., Bryo., Ars. A. Ail., Echi., Pyrog., also Apis., Hyosc., Merc., Nit. ac., Op. Nux Vom.

Potency: 6th, 30th or higher.

N C Das