We have had remedies offered for cancer. I think I have got one and that is the entire homoeopathic materia medica. I have had considerable experience with cancer. I have a case now and I reported here nine years ago a case of osteosarcoma diagnosed by the allopath, operated on, and the mans face all indented, the X-ray used, and radium used, and all failing, and he was cured by the 10M. of Phosphorus. He is now in perfect health and the parts are normal as they every were.

If we had more people investigating homoeopathy and the homoeopathic materia medica, then hanging crepe on it, we should get somewhere.

DR. COLEMAN: There is one erroneous statement that has come before the public of late, in the last few years, that cancer is on the increase. That, like the acid theory, has been exploded. That is not true. Cancer is not on the increase. It is simply the statistics, and in the days gone by, before diagnosis of internal cancer could be made by the X-ray examination, the superficial cancers that could be diagnosed physically were the only cancers that were counted.

Now these superficial cancers are not on the increase, no more today than they were twenty-five, or thirty, or forty, or fifty years ago, but the seeming increase of cancer is due to the fact that the gastro intestinal cases of cancer that were not capable of being diagnosed fifty years ago are diagnosed today by the aid of the X-ray, and they have been added to the present cases that can be diagnosed by a physical examination, and they have made a seemingly larger incidence of cancer, whereas actually no more cancer cases today than there were fifty years ago; in other words, cancer is not on the increase and it doesnt have to be on the increase to be a very malignant condition to treat and very dangerous to the life of the community.

Daniel E S Coleman