Thirst was insatiable, dizziness as if intoxicated, copious sweat, pain confines him to lying on the back, hardly tolerated lying on sides for examination. Temperature 103.8, pulse 112. This man had been exhausted several months with hard work, domestic and economic stress. Emaciation was marked. I expected a large accumulation of fluid. Kali c. 1 M.

Next day felt much better, temperature 101, pulse 112, both decreasing through the day. By 7 P. M. was delirious, active, reaching, making gestures, scaling the wall with his feet, “too hot,” “the cot too hard,” no one in the house could keep him in bed. Temperature 102, pulse 90. This situation was evidently the effect of previous exhaustion. Hyos. 1M. Next day better, temperature 101 to 102, pulse 88.

Fourth day from chill, percussion of left side flat. S. L. Fifth day very restless, uncovers, persists in getting up and changing beds, craves air, Tub. av 1M. Sixth day severe cough, racking, worse midnight to morning, hurts lower right chest, sees things, a baby, things on the wall, “see that woman bathing over there.” Pulse 92, temperature 103. Thirst for cold, milk white tongue, coarse rales, weakness, Phos 1M. In the evening called in haste, said to be dying. Loose cough torments, countenance sunken but pulse 82, of excellent quality, and temperature 102. The usual Phosphorus aggravation. S. L. Ninth day chest signs negative. Where, oh where, was Bryonia?.

Binapani Ghose 25.

Thin, emaciated married lady suffering from Diarrhoea & Flatulent Dyspepsia. The patients brother being an allopathic practitioner sulph-agnanidine, Hewlett tinctures enter inform, etc were taken for some time but with very little success. When the case came under my treatment the patient was having 8 to 10 watery, pale yellow stools in 24 hours containing undigested food particles, great prostration due to diarrhoea and nursing her child at the same time.

China 3x– 6 doses 3cc. daily was given.

On the 3rd day much improvement reported. Number of stools came down to 4. semisolid, flatulence almost disappeared. Another 6 doses of the same medicine was given. On the 7th day reported much improvement, gained strength, partly formed liquid stool, no flatulence. Number of stools some day three, some day four, very bad odour is still present. Passes stool twice in rapid succession in the morning. One dose of sulphur 200 was given on the 14th day.

3 days after her husband reported all here troubles gone. She is having normal appetite, normal stool No flatulence.

Royal E S Hayes
Dr Royal Elmore Swift HAYES (1871-1952)
Born in Torrington, Litchfield, Connecticut, USA on 20 Oct 1871 to Royal Edmund Hayes and Harriet E Merriman. He had at least 4 sons and 1 daughter with Miriam Martha Phillips. He lived in Torrington, Litchfield, Connecticut, United States in 1880. He died on 20 July 1952, in Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United States, at the age of 80, and was buried in Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United States.