Besides the Homoeopathic physicians, the Homoeopathic chemists, manufacturing or dispensing, are responsible for the rise or fall of Homoeopathy, as the purity of drug is indispensably necessary for the therapeutic success. These persons should remember that on their honesty and integrity depend the life of dying patients and also the future of Homoeopathy. Unfortunately the the present generation of Homoeopathic chemists do not deserve our praise.


In the afternoon; in the evening; in the night; eructations ameliorate. Eructations after eating butter; Eructations after drinking; after eating; after milk; after rich food; after supper; Empty eructations. (afternoon) Eructations of food. Eructations tasting of food. Eructations foul; rancid; sour. Temporary relief from belching. Rancid, sour, or putrid eructations. Violent, empty, almost constant eructations.


Violent coryzas, fluent, acrid, ichorous, nostrils very sore, with constant desire to bore into the nose and to pick it. Nose completely stopped with fluent acrid discharge. In any fever, with terrific pain over root of nose; nose and throat feel raw. In scarlet fever and in diphtheria the nose becomes ulcerated with an offensive excoriating discharge; the patient is constantly working at the nose.


Sulphur typifies inertia and relaxation of fiber, with feebleness of tone. His general appearance is slipshod and unkempt. He is often thin and stooped. He is indifferent to the small amenities of life, having a mind above such mundane matters. When interviewed he is often affable, expansive and discursive. His digressions take the form of philosophical discussion.


Habitual abortion, or sterility, when caused by uterine irritability and weakness, is a condition for which the Aletris is almost a specific, if it is prescribed properly. It should be given during the few weeks before the expected miscarriage (three of four doses daily, and continued until the dreadful period has passed by several weeks, and its use resorted to afterwards, upon the slightest appearance of threatening symptoms.


Pain in forehead and temples increasing gradually at noon, of malarial origin with vertigo and pulsation; worse left side; inability to remain standing. Whirling in head like a mill-wheel. Intermittent headache, violent, throbbing headache vertigo, heat in face, closes eyelids involuntarily from sheer oppression. Ringing in ears with deafness. Intermittent headache day after day, week after week, the brain in one continued ache. Headache especially in the evening or else on walking in the sun shine, with lassitude, yawning drowsiness and moroseness.


If we concede that surgery is necessary, let us not neglect out duties as homoeopathic physicians; let us not forget that surgery does not cure. Let the surgeon do his work, and we will continue to take care of the patient, prescribing for him during his incarceration, and if he still needs it, after his release from the hospital. It will be homoeopathy that cures the patient after the menace to life is removed.


The chief characteristic symptom of this condition is a husky voice resembling crowing or croak from which, probably, the name “Croup” has been derived. This crowing is termed as “stridor” and is a sure indication of insufficiency of air supply to the lungs causing great difficulty in breathing. The stridor is noticeable only during an attack. Fever and cough are two of its accompanying features.

Polychrest & Less Used Remedies

Examination showed an area of muscular constriction along the lower spine with somewhat accentuated but normal reflexes and undisturbed skin sensorium. However, the patient was in a state of frenzied restlessness, screaming and crying with pain, unable to lie still, yet aggravated by any motion. There was no urge for stool what-so-ever and urination could be induced only by pouring warm water over the perineum.


This writer also wants all the remedies listed not in alphabetical order but classed under Botanical, Zoological and Mineralogical order and contends that by doing so it will bring the Homoeopathic Materia Medica in line with the other Science and thereby gain its rightful place in Modern Science. Some are keen that homoeopathic remedies in potency should be scientifically analysed to prove its action on disease.


The condition of both patients much improved within 10 minutes. The girl opened her eyes and said “Baba” and began to breathe normally. The brothers breath became normal and he regained consciousness. They were taken to their bed covered with blankets and a cup of warm milk was given to each patient. They fell asleep and next morning woke up perfectly normal.


Anxious mental condition: Ant-t. Ars-a. Spong. Fears she will die of suffocation: Ars-a. Phos. Spong. Cannot go upstairs: Kali-p. Presence of nausea: Ant-t. Ipec. Kali-c. Lob. Uncovers chest: Ferr. Afraid to move or speak: Dig. In old people after Ant-t. Aur-m. Wants cold air: Carb-v. Cannot lie on back: Hyper. Has to stand by open window leaning forward: Cann-s. Feels better in summer: Carb-v. Feels worse in summer: Syph.