Headache after stool. Dull pressive pain worse from heat.


Type : Menstrual. Catarrhal. Periodical.

Location : Brain. Forehead. Over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Both sides. Right side of head. Left side of head. Temples. Vertex.

Character of pain : Boring, burning, bursting, cutting, darting, stabbing, drawing , dull, jerking, lancinating, pressing, shooting, sore bruised, stitching, tearing, pinching, beating, throbbing, cramping.

Cause : Constipation; chronic catarrhal flow.

Aggravation : Morning; morning in bed; morning on waking; forenoon; noon; afternoon; evening; night; night in bed; open air; ascending steps; going to bed; while constipated; after eating; pressure of heat; 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. ; looking downward; lying on right side, before menses; suppressed menses; on moving head; every other day; after excessive pollutions, sitting; after sleep; from spirituous liquors; standing; stepping heavily; stooping; touch; walking; walking in open air; coughing; warm room.

Amelioration: Lying down; when the menstrual flow begins; by food; standing.

Attending Symptoms: Constipation.


Falling of hair.

Chronic catarrh of head.

Persons of scrofulous habit who suffer from chronic diseases.

Paleness of the countenance and languor,

Inclination to vomit.

Symptoms: Headache from constipation; from chronic catarrh of head; better by lying quiet in bed, resting head upon a cushion.

Pale languid face.

Pain in vertex, worse on sitting, burning pain in head with vertigo, worse in morning but relieved by food.

Throbbing headache with constipation.

N.B. Alumen : Headache better drinking cold water. Burning pain and weight in vertex better ice cold clothes pressed on the part.

Burning pain as of weight on the top of the head better by pressure of the hands.

Headache worse on closing eyes.

Location : Forehead. Occiput. Over eyes. Vertex. Temples.

Character of pain : Boring, burning, pressing, shooting, sore, bruised, wandering.


Type : Catarrhal. Periodical.

Location : Forehead. over eyes. Occiput. One side of head. Left side of head. Temples. Vertex.

Character of pain : Cramping, cutting, stabbing, drawing, lancinating, pressing, shooting, tearing.

Extension : From nape of neck through head towards forehead.

Aggravation : Morning, evening; night; night on waking; coughing; with diarrhoea; after eating; lifting; lying; mental exertion; motion; every other day; after sleep; night watching; stepping heavily; nocturnal debauch; every two days; blowing nose; music.

Amelioration : Open air; lying; walking in open air.

Attending Symptoms : Fear of becoming crazy.

Paleness of face.

Coldness of left hand.

Mental depression.

Hearing impaired.

Hair falls out.

Burning in eyes.

Symptoms : Pressure in forehead with fear of becoming crazy.

Extremely painful tearing on top of head and apparently on the whole upper part of brain with paleness of the face and coldness of the left hand.

Pressive drawing ascending from the nape of the neck and extending through the head towards the forehead, considerable oppression remaining in the lower part of the occiput.

N C Das
N C Das